The Success Story of Sucheta

Sucheta’s journey with Intellipaat is the story of one of the most inspiring career transitions. In this blog, we will outline the experience of Sucheta to her eventual success and how Intellipaat helped her achieve that.

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Career Transition Story

Upskilling with Intellipaat has helped me kickstart my career at the age of 58. I was able to upskill myself a begin a freelance career as a technical trainer with the help of the knowledge and skills I gained at Intellipaat. Intellipaat is a very helpful and supportive institute to start your journey in any technology field. I was working as a corporate trainer for Java. When health concerns took the best of me in 2018 and I had to discontinue my training. I found Intellipaat’s Big Data Architect Master course to be of great interest to me and enrolled in it in 2019 at the age of 58. After two years of struggling with my irregular health and barely managing course assignments, I retook the same course after my recovery in 2021.

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Journey With Intellipaat

Thanks to Intellipaat’s knowledgeable trainers, their support staff, and the lifetime LMS access they provided me, I was able to gain proficiency in Big data subjects like Storm, MongoDB, Tableau, Cassandra, Spark, Hadoop, Python Data Science, and PySpark.

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Today, I aspire to kickstart my career as a freelance trainer for Big Data technologies like Spark, and PySpark, thanks to the skill and confidence I acquired through Intellipaat.

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