Apache Solr Tutorial for Beginners

This free Apache Solr tutorial covers the introduction to Apache Solr, Solr server, Solr query, search XML document, file using Solr, the schema in Solr, installation of Apache Solr, indexing, querying, applications, analyzer, Apache Solr Streaming Expressions, API for Java application, Apache Solr Cloud, Scope of Apache Solr,  and certification.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Recognized as the fast open-source enterprise search platform, Apache Solr has won the faith of industries over a short span of time. But what made Solr stand out of the crowd? Read below to find:

  • Data loss is minimal because of the advanced transaction log, failover and replication abilities.
  • To process huge amounts of documents the cluster nodes are tested regularly
  • Dynamic clustering allows deep mining into the data.

Apache Solr Tutorial Video:

Solr versus ElasticSearch

Apache Solr is not the only player in the market, but there are many other competitors providing similar functionalities to the companies. One of those competitors is ElasticSearch which is also based on Lucene.

Basis of difference Apache Solr ElasticSearch
Nature Open-source Not fully open-sourced
Splitting Shards Possible Impossible
Documentation Well-documented Badly documented

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