Apache Solr Tutorial for Beginners

This free Apache Solr tutorial covers the introduction to Apache Solr, Solr server, Solr query, search XML document, file using Solr, the schema in Solr, installation of Apache Solr, indexing, querying, applications, analyzer, Apache Solr Streaming Expressions, API for Java application, Solr Cloud, Scope of Apache Solr,  and certification.

Recognized as the fast open-source enterprise search platform, Apache Solr has won the faith of industries over a short span of time. But what made Solr stand out of the crowd? Read below to find:

  • Data loss is minimal because of the advanced transaction log, failover and replication abilities.
  • To process huge amounts of documents the cluster nodes are tested regularly
  • Dynamic clustering allows deep mining into the data.

Apache Solr Tutorial Video:

Apache Solr Tutorial - Learn Apache Solr from Experts

Solr versus ElasticSearch

Apache Solr is not the only player in the market, but there are many other competitors providing similar functionalities to the companies. One of those competitors is ElasticSearch which is also based on Lucene.

Basis of difference Apache Solr ElasticSearch
Nature Open-source Not fully open-sourced
Splitting Shards Possible Impossible
Documentation Well-documented Badly documented

This blog will help you get a better understanding of Solr + Hadoop = Big Data Love

Table of Contents

Introduction and Installation of Apache Solr

: Introduction to Apache Solr Apache Solr is an open-source search server. SOLR tasks depend on the full-text search engine known as Apache Lucene. In simple words SOLR is an HTTP wrapper along with an inverted index that is offered by the Lucene. The inverted index can be defined as a list of words and each word- entry links to the Read More

Indexing And Querying

Querying: Indexing Indexing is the process of pushing the XML files into SOLR index, this process is also known as feeding. The other methods to get the data into SOLR are as below. Data import handler (DIH): it is a powerful language permits you to read from a SQL database, XML files, CSV, etc. the full- imports and the data imports Read More

Applications Of Apache Solr

Apache Solr use cases: Some of the interesting use cases listed for Apache SOLR Training. Drupal integration Hathi trust Auto suggestions Spatial search application DuckDuckGo Clustering support with carrot2 Near real time search Loggly = full text search in logs Solandra = SOLR + Cassandra Category Browsing through the facets Jetnick – open Twitter search Plaxo – online address management Read More


Understanding Apache Solr Analyzers: After defining the field type in schema.xml and named the analysis steps that you want to apply to it, you must test it out to confirm that it performed the way you require, to achieve the same you will be provided with the SOLR admin interface. You will have an option to invoke the analyzer for Read More

Apache Solr Streaming Expressions

Streaming Expressions in Apache Solr: The Structure Query Language (SQL)  engine is built on top of Solr’s Streaming API or streaming  expressions. Streaming expression provides a simple and powerful stream processing language for Solr cloud and Its support for parallel relational algebra and real-time map-reduce. Distributed Joins: Streaming expressions are added to distributed joins. Inner Join Left Outer Join Hash Read More

Apache Solr Cloud Architecture

Understanding Solr Architecture: High availability and fault tolerance are combined with the Solr server,  we called it a SolrCloud. It provides distributed indexing  and searching capabilities. The most important features of  Solr cloud, Central configuration for every cluster Automatic load balancing and failover for queries ZooKeeper integration for cluster coordination and configuration. Apache Solr Cloud Architecture Solr is helps to Read More

Scope Of Apache Solr And Certification

: Scope of Apache Solr Very fast lookups and interesting enhancements to text search Convenient scalability across multiple servers Clean deployment as a web service for indexing and searching It supports to recommended content blocks driven by a node’s taxonomy. Certification of Apache Solr Lucid conduct the Apache Solr Lucene Developer certification exam. The coverage of the exam will include the Read More

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