Quite often people confuse DevOps with Agile methodology. Both the terms are broad and used interchangeably. But considering these two as one may lead to severe issues. What is the difference between these two terms?
DevOps and Agile
In order to understand the difference between the two let us start with a brief introduction of Agile methodology. Agile development is a set of practices where interaction, customer collaboration and responding to change receives priority over other practices. This methodology can be implemented using some of very popular technologies like Kanban, extreme programming, etc. It has a profound influence over different departments of an organization.
On the other hand, DevOps is about a culture where development, business and operations collaborate to give maximum throughput and high-end outcomes. Similar to Agile, there are ways through which DevOps can be implemented such as deep communication and automated deployment. Agile is all about software development while DevOps deals with software deployment and management.

Therefore one thing is clear from this discussion that DevOps is an extension of Agile methodology and it is always fruitful to integrate these two rather than replacing with one another.

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