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iOS Tutorial - A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

iOS Development Tutorial for Beginners

This introduction to iOS free tutorial for beginners helps you learn about the programming language used for the Apple platform. This includes the iOS framework, developer tools, and learning to create, read, and view the code in order to build the iOS app. This tutorial also includes iOS use cases and practical applications. ‘If you had to start over as a Programmer, what technologies, platforms, and paradigms do you need to master now?’ When asked this question, most entry-level applicants and professionals mention mobile application development for both iOS and Android in their list.

Since every organization’s marketing and business needs, in the present time, have arrived at the mobile phones, it has become crucial and relevant to implement their business strategies on mobile phones and create their apps for customer convenience and global outreach. Similarly, it has become equally paramount for individuals and professionals to become proficient in app development as more than 70 percent population in the world use smartphones for everything and anything they do, whether adults, youngsters, and teenagers. They rely on smartphone apps for their daily tasks as well as luxury.

iOS is equipped with the following features:

  • UI elements can be added using codes as well as interface builder
  • Registration in iOS developer program is mandatory to protect it from junk applications
  • Objective C is used for generating iOS codes

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iOS vs Android

Android is trending as one of the strongest rivals. Android has gained momentum in a very short span of time worldwide but what makes iOS users loyal to its products? Let’s compare these two operating systems to understand the reasons behind the sustainable success of iOS over the years:

iOS Android
Closed Open-source
Limited customization Highly customizable
Difficult Easier
OS X, Linux Linux OS family
34 languages supported 32 languages supported

There are more than 1Billion iPhone users around the globe, and this number is growing at a rapid rate in the overall smartphone market. As per recent reports, Apple paid iOS developers $ Billion in the last year. If you have gained expertise in building iPhone apps, your salaries are rising as the number of iPhone users is increasing.

With an aim to develop such a master’s in iOS application development, we have designed an informative iOS tutorial. It is a comprehensive study of iOS Architecture and its programming language, Objective – C.  You will learn the programming basics for creating applications and implementing them in real time. The tutorial consists of easy-to-understand explanations with wonderful real-world examples. You will get familiar with Objective-C programming concepts and learn how to structure an iOS app.

Further, the tutorial focuses on designing a user interface and using storyboards and layout views. There is a step-by-step description of creating a delegate in iOS. It educates you on coding for iOS Address book, iOS Camera, Audio and Video frameworks on SDK and core graphics framework.

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Acquiring knowledge about iOS, one can’t skip mentioning gaming functionality, data management, and security for app integration. Intellipaat’s iOS tutorial provides knowledge on the UIkit framework and foundation framework for individuals who want to improve their coding and application development understanding.

If you find this tutorial interesting, you can also opt for our iOS Development training course, which is an in-depth learning on application development with more than 70% of contents explained through real-time projects, examples, assignments and hands-on exercises.

From installing the development environment to Objective- C memory management to testing, the course gives you the perfect opportunity to create multiple, interactive and innovative apps on the platform. You are guided to prepare an impressive Resume, and once you master the course, we will help you find a job in one of the multinationals.

Recommended Audience

  • Programmers, System Designers, Web Developers, and other Professionals involved in system design and development on various platforms.
  • Entry-level programmers and advanced professionals
  • Students who have a keen interest in Mobile apps and are passionate about Apple iPhone


  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming using any language such as C#, C++, Java, or PHP

iOS Tutorial Video:

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