How to Download and Install Selenium - A Complete Guide

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Selenium Environment Setup

Installing Selenium requires going through the following steps:
Step 1: Install Java
Before moving further download and install Java Software Development Kit (JDK) in the first place. The location from where you can download Java is:
Download Java JDK

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Step 2: Install Eclipse IDE
Next, download and install Eclipse IDE for Java developers keeping in mind the 32 or 64-bit windows versions.
The location to download this exe file is:
The downloaded file will be with the name “eclipse-inst-win64”. Now double click on the file to install it on your system. A new window will appear with several options like this :
Install Eclipse IDE
Click the first option named Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. A new window will appear where you need to change the storage path to:
“c:\eclipse” and Install.
Step 2 Install Eclipse IDE

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Step 3: Download Selenium Java Client Driver
Now download Selenium Java Client Driver. The location to download this tool is
Selenium Java Client Driver
Here you will find the drivers for all the languages but install them for Java only. The drivers come in zipped files containing all the JAR files. There will be two JAR files, a lib folder, and one changelog file. Create a new folder and rename it as ‘Selenium’ in C drive and extract the zip file to this file.

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Step 4: Configure Eclipse IDE
After completing the previous step a dialog box will open asking to choose a workspace. select the default location.
Step 4 Configure Eclipse IDEOr create a workspace in C drive and confirm it by pressing OK.

Step 5: Create a new Java Project
Click on the File menu, then go to New and select Java Project. Save the project as ‘new project’.
Step 5 Create a new Java Project

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Step 6: Create a new Java Class
In order to create a new Java Class, click on File Menu and go to New and save it as ‘Myclass’.
Step 6 Create a new Java Class
Now right click on the newproject and go to select properties. There click on “Java Build Path”. Click on the ‘Libraries’ tab and then ‘Add External JARs’. ow select the JAR files you need from the new pop-up window and select ‘OK’. Add all the JAR files that are inside and outside the “libs” folder. Now click Ok to finish importing the library files. We can also integrate Selenium IDE with different web search engines to automate our testing process.

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