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What is AWS Pinpoint?

What is AWS Pinpoint?

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What is Amazon Pinpoint?

AWS defines AWS Pinpoint as “Amazon Pinpoint is a flexible and scalable outbound and Inbound Marketing communications service.”

Let me simplify that for you. Imagine you are a budding entrepreneur and your brand has only a few customers, for example, you have only four customers. So, as part of giving your customers the best post-purchase experience, you decide to send them thank you mails and shop again messages.

You want to retain these existing customers, so you will manually send messages and emails to these four people about your upcoming discounts and other offers, right?

Since four is a small number four, you can manage sending notifications manually. But, what if the number is 40,000. It will be impossible for you to send individual emails and messages to 40,000 people.

This mailing and messaging part is inevitable at the same time. So, here comes the rescue for such situations, AWS Pinpoint.

AWS Pinpoint is a smart communication service that lets you manage all business communication requirements. Customers can be contacted via email, SMS, push notifications, or phone calls. Hope now your question, what is AWS Pinpoint?, is answered.

Now, let us explore more about Amazon Pinpoint!

Unique Features of AWS Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint is versatile for marketing, mass, or transactional communications, whether you’re a marketer or developer. Marketers may use the console to visually plan, organize, and execute campaigns.

Amazon Pinpoint APIs may be used by developers to send messages, schedule campaigns, and monitor web and mobile activities. AWS Pinpoint offers a lot of exclusive features. Let us take a look at them one by one.

  • Categorization of Customers:

This feature is important because you should send the right message to the right customer at the right time. You should not send a welcome message to your existing customer; you should rather focus on sending them content that is going to retain them. AWS Pinpoint deals with this intelligently.

AWS Pinpoint creates customer segments from mobile application data and is based on current customer lists and static and dynamic attributes. This helps in customizing the right content.

Marketers can visualize the different stages of customers and place them in different stages of the digital marketing funnel; this would help in organizing multi-step campaigns. AWS Pinpoint can also create a more personalized joyful experience for the customers.

  • Easy Campaign Management

You can launch campaigns to communicate with your customers. AWS Pinpoint can provide personalized messages according to a set schedule. You can make campaigns that send push notifications, emails, SMS text messages, and audio communications, and see how much impact it makes.

You can also set up campaigns in such a way that a specified action will be taken only after the end user gives a particular response. You can also send test emails to team members for quality assurance before launching your campaign or conduct A/B testing to find the optimum content or time for your target audience.

  • Construct a User Journey

A journey is a personalized, multi-step event encountered in Amazon Pinpoint. When creating a journey, you begin by deciding on a segment that determines which clients will take part in it. You can, then, create an organized automated sequence of activities that carry out a variety of tasks.

AWS Pinpoint gives you the freedom to set up and manage definite activities that your customer will go through during their journey of being a client. For example, if your customer is at a viewer stage, then that customer has to go through certain activities, which is entirely different from a customer who is at the billing stage of the purchase.

You can also define activities based on the actions, attributes, and behavior.

  • Exclusive Templates

By using a message template you can save message content and settings for reuse later. SMS messages, push notifications, emails, and voice messages can make use of templates. This can be used for any of the Amazon Pinpoint projects.

  • Personalization

Sending a customized message is crucial for custom satisfaction, and Amazon Pinpoint enables us to convey messages with dynamic, tailored content. While using a message template, content is created using either Amazon Personalize, which deploys a machine learning model, or direct content using Amazon Pinpoint.

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  • Test Mails

Amazon Pinpoint allows you to send test emails before sending them to customers so that you can always have a smooth error-free experience.

  • Analysis of User Behavior

Even though there are so many data analytics tools available today, AWS Pinpoint stands out due to its convenience in analyzing the efficiency of campaigns. It is easy to obtain a clear-cut idea of the engagement activity, extent of engagement, demographics, shopping activities, etc.

  • Mobile and web analytics

It is easy to identify the customers’ potential differences in approach to mobile applications and web applications. This would help you modify your applications to a better customer user interface.

You can use this data to set up dynamic and static segments and take necessary actions in the campaign.

  • Transactional analysis

Amazon Pinpoint has diverse analytics for transactional communications. A lot of matrices, such as open rate, clicks, etc., would help you to get sound knowledge of the latest as well as existing trends, which can throw a light on the areas that require improvement.

  • Deliverability

The deliverability dashboard of Amazon helps you to track delivery issues. For example, it helps you to ensure that the emails are sent to the inbox rather than to spam or junk mails.

  • Scale up

Amazon Pinpoint provides a stable client experience that can scale with you, thanks to AWS’s scale and security. So, even if your customer base grows from 40 thousand to 40 crores, Amazon Pinpoint can handle it with ease.

To ensure the highest customer delivery rates, Amazon has agreements with leading email providers, telcos, and spam advisories.

How does it work?

how does AWS pinpoint works

AWS Pinpoint works like a loop. Customer data and usage data is taken, and the audience is first classified into segments according to the data; campaigns are then created based on that information.

Transactional messages, which have to be sent to those who purchase, are also set up by AWS pinpoint. These are then delivered to customers through various channels such as email, SMS, notifications in mobile applications, or any other integrated custom channel.

Engagement data and execution matrices are precisely captured and analyzed; various AWS tools can be used for it. The insights received from data analytics are used to modify existing campaigns or create a new one, if required. This continues.

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Where can AWS Pinpoint be useful?

  • Marketing messages: Use basic templates or highly customized messages, including special deals, newsletters, and other intriguing material, to promote your products and services.

You can establish targeted groups of customers by using Amazon Pinpoint and then send campaign-based messages to them. Custom channels, email, SMS, and push notifications can also be used to create multi-step journeys for a comprehensive customer experience.

  • Transactional messages: By using AWS Pinpoint, you can deliver fast, trigger-based client messages, such as transaction confirmations, one-time passwords, and shipping notifications, across channels instantly from your application. You can also receive messages from your customers via SMS and promote two-way interaction.
  • Bulk messages: By using AWS Pinpoint, you can deliver notifications and announcements to communities of millions of people. After you have sent your messages, use Amazon Pinpoint’s built-in analytics to see how your outreach has affected your business goals.

AWS Pinpoint Customers

Numerous companies rely on Amazon Pinpoint for facilitating their communication; a few popular companies are given below:

  • Met Office: The Meteorological Office, popularly known as the Met Office, is the UK’s official meteorological service delivering weather and climate information to the general public as well as other industries such as aviation, naval and marine, and energy.

According to the technical lead at the Met Office, Jake Hendy, they were able to manage an event that generated over two million notifications. As a result, they are now confident in their ability to respond to future difficulties. He also explained how the company improved in providing better notifications to the users, keeping them informed and aware.

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  • Coinbase: Over 30 million accounts in over 100 countries are served by Coinbase, the world’s top compliant cryptocurrency platform. It was able to send millions of push notifications a week, up to 8 million in 60 minutes. The scalability, security, and flexibility of Amazon Pinpoint combined with other AWS features has kept Coinbase’s customers engaged.
  • Snaq.me: Snaq.me is a Japanese online snack merchant that provides customized healthy snacks. According to the CTO of snaq.me, Hayato Miyoshi, they were using an in-house system to push notifications and found that the data was disorganized and erroneous. But with AWS Pinpoint, they could improve how they send LINE messages and emails to clients and customers to target their notifications.

AWS Pinpoint Pricing

Amazon Pinpoint comes with a free tier that covers the first 5,000 targeted users per month, the first 100 million application events per month, and the first one million push alerts per month. AWS charges based on a pay-per-use basis once a user exceeds the free tier limits based on their metrics.


AWS is the world’s largest cloud provider, and AWS Pinpoint is the future of business communication and marketing services for apps. It analyzes the end-user response messages or notifications received by an application and schedules message delivery based on the analysis.

Pinpoint now includes AWS Mobile Analytics that monitors customers’ app usage and collects app revenue data for company operations.

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