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Informatica Power Center 8.6.1 Installation


Step 1 – Click on the link and download Informatica Power Center 8.6.1

Step 2 – Now Unzip the file in Stage directory. In this case is D:\INFRA

Step 3 – After unzipping the files you will go to Server\windows\Disk1\InstData\VM

Step 4 – Double click on install.exe. It will open a dialog box.

Step 5 – Click on run to install informatica power server center.

install 1

Step  6 – Install Informatica power center server,  InstallAnywhere.

install 2

Step 7 – Select the language to install then Click on “OK”.

install 3

Step 8 – Click on “NEXT”

install 4

Step 9 – Select Installation type “Install power Center 8.6.1” then click on “NEXT”.

install 5

Step 10 – Then browse the license key file and then click on “NEXT”.

install 6

Step 11 – Browse Installation Prerequisites and then click on “NEXT”.

install 7

Step 12 – Browse Installation Directory and select the Installation Directory and click “NEXT”.

install 8

Step 13 – Browse HTTPS Configuration and select the defaults and click on “NEXT”.

install 9

Step 14 – Browse Pre Installation Summary then click on Install button to start the installation of the Informatica Power Center.

install 11

Step 15 – Install Power Center 8.6.1

install 12

Step 16 – Select Create New Domain and then click on Next.

install 13

Step 17 – Browse Configure Domain Database Informatica to check the connection click on “Test Connection”.

install 14

Step 18 – Test Connection passed .On the preceding screen click on NEXT,  if the Test Connection passes.

install 15

Step 19 – Browse the Domain Configuration and click on NEXT.

install 16

Step 20 – Install Informatica power center server: Please Wait.

install 17

Step 21 – Configure Informatica services Unchecked “Run Informatica services under a different user account” and then click on NEXT.

install 18

Step 22 – Select Post-Installation Summary.

install 19


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