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Machine Learning Tutorial - Learn from experts

This free Machine Learning Tutorial is an introduction to ML that gives you knowledge on basics of AI, Machine Learning, ML classes, Neural network basics,Activation function & Multilayer Neuron, Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Optimization functions.

Learn Machine Learning in 32 hrs from experts

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subset of AI that enables the ability of machine to perform at ease, where it can learn and develop from the past without being constantly trained. It is mainly used to develop computer programs that gets data by itself and use it for learning purpose.

This tutorial will help you master ML by taking you through a step-by-step approach while learning Machine learning and Deep learning concepts.

Why is Machine Learning popular?

Machine Learning is so popular because:

1) Present day challenges are “high-dimensional” in nature

2) We presently have rich information sources to construct models that take care of issues in high-dimensional space

3) These models can be coordinated into working programming to help the sorts of items currently being requested by industry.

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This tutorial has been prepared for the beginners as well as for the professionals to help them in understanding basic-to-advanced concepts related to ML. This tutorial will help you in understanding about ML from where you will be able to take yourself to a higher level of expertise.

ML Tutorial Video


Before going through this tutorial, you should have fundamental knowledge of information technologies such as Computers, Internet and basic working knowledge on Data and AI. Such basic concepts will help you in understanding the ML concepts in a better way and will move you faster on the learning track.

Become Machine Learning Certified in 32 hrs.


This ML Tutorial covers Introduction of AI, Machine learning Basics, Supervised & Unsupervised learning, Regression & Classification, Linear & Logistic regression techniques, Multicollinearity, Neural network, creating neural networks, Training process flow, Activation function, Multilayer neuron, TensorFlow and its datatypes, creating a model in TensorFlow, Dropout layer, Optimization functions and Steps to create your own Chatbot.

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