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AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam Guide [2024]

AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam Guide [2024]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leader of the cloud market and most organizations have migrated their data to AWS because of its numerous services and advantages like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, etc. Among the numerous certifications available in the field of AWS, AWS Machine Learning certification is among the most popular ones.

According to the job posts on LinkedIn, there are more than 8,000 vacancies for AWS Certified Machine Learning professionals in the US itself.

In this blog on preparation for the AWS ML certification, we will discuss the topics listed below:

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Let’s start by learning a little about this certification exam.

About AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam

AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification (MLS-C01) is designed for Data Scientists and professionals working in the development department. This exam aims to test your skills in areas like design, implementation, maintenance, and deployment of Machine Learning algorithms and solutions to help businesses. With the help of this certification, Developers can have the skills and the ability to find patterns using several algorithms. Further, it also validates your knowledge and capability of running and designing workloads on the AWS cloud.

Now that you are acquainted with the Amazon Machine Learning certification, you will come across the reasons why you should opt for the AWS ML certification.

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Why AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Exam?

AWS is one of the latest and most trending technologies that keep updating regularly to keep up with the new advancements in the market and meet the users’ demands. Over the recent years, AWS has come with several professional and advanced level certifications that are created to help you enhance your knowledge and skills to move ahead in your career.

AWS Machine Learning – Specialty certification, otherwise sometimes referred to as AWS Data Science certification, checks your skills in developing Machine Learning models and algorithms on AWS.

Recently, the demand for professionals with this certification has increased rapidly and it has also shot up the job opportunities for Machine Learning experts.

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To be a certified professional in this combination of the field of AWS and Machine Learning, the first step is to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, so let us discuss if you can become one.

Become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Before getting into this field, it is extremely important that you gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of AWS and also prepare for certification in this field to substantiate your knowledge. You must prepare yourself for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification and acquire it to gain all the necessary skills and experience which will help you move on to Amazon Machine Learning Specialty and get ahead in your career.

It is highly recommended that you take up the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam before taking up this certification due to the reasons mentioned below:

  • It will make you an expert in the several concepts of the cloud and AWS services, such as EC2, AWS S3, cloud security, shared responsibility models, etc., which will be a stepping stone in the process of preparing yourself for AWS Certified ML– Specialty.
  • The cost of the Cloud Practitioner certification examination is US$100 while the AWS ML certification cost is US$300. However, if you take up the Cloud Practitioner exam, you will get a discount offer of 50% on the next exam, making it US$250 for the two certification exams instead of US$300 for just one.

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Before you take up this certification, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the modules that are covered in it. So, let us turn our focus towards the syllabus of this certification exam.

AWS Machine Learning Certification Syllabus

The certification exam is largely divided into the categories mentioned below along with their weightage:

  • Data Engineering: 20%
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: 24%
  • Modeling: 36%
  • Machine Learning Implementation and Operations: 20%

Domain 1: Data Engineering

The sections that are tested and covered in this domain are as follows:

  • Development of Machine Learning repositories
  • Implementation and identification of data ingestion and transformation solutions

Domain 2: Exploratory Data Analysis

This module comprises modeling and other Machine Learning concepts, along with the ones mentioned below:

  • Preparation and sanitization of data for modeling
  • Feature engineering
  • Data visualization and analyzing for Machine Learning 

Domain 3: Modeling

This is among the most vital domain among the rest when it comes to preparation and examination. The sections covered in this domain are listed below:

  • Relating business issues with Machine Learning
  • Training Machine Learning models
  • Identification of the right model for the respective Machine Learning business problem
  • Hyperparameter optimization
  • Evaluation of Machine Learning models

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Domain 4: Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

This domain of the syllabus includes concepts of Implementation and services of Machine Learning, some of which include:

  • Development of Machine Learning solutions for availability, resiliency, fault-tolerance, and performance
  • Recommendation and implementation of the right Machine Learning services for the respective issues
  • Application of basic security practices of AWS to Machine Learning solutions

Master all these modules to skills to prepare for the certification exam and clear it easily.

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Let’s read about the details of the examination, such as the format, duration, etc.

AWS Certified Machine Learning Exam Details

The details of this examination are listed below to help you get a clear understanding of the same:

  • Exam Code: MLS_C01
  • Exam Duration: 170 minutes
  • Exam Format: Multiple choice and multiple response questions
  • Exam Cost: US$300
  • Passing Score of the Exam: 750 out of 1000
  • Exam Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese

You have read enough about the certification. It is now time to learn how you can prepare yourself for it and acquire the AWS certified ML.

AWS Machine Learning Exam Preparation Guide

Following are the steps that you should most definitely take to prepare for the certification exam and clear it in one go:

Step 1: Enroll in AWS ML Courses

Start your preparation by registering for an AWS Machine Learning course. Intellipaat offers numerous courses on Machine Learning and AWS that are curated by industry experts with years of experience in the field. These courses will help you gain in-depth knowledge of the technologies. Moreover, you will acquire all the skills that will help you get through the exam, clear it, and become a certified Machine Learning professional by AWS.

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Step 2: Gain Experience

Our courses consist of numerous industry-grade exercises, projects, and case studies. With the help of these real-time projects and assignments, you will gain hands-on experience in AWS and Machine Learning and become capable of solving real-world Machine Learning business problems related to AWS. This will enhance your learning experience and help you land a lucrative job.

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Step 3: Take AWS Certified ML Practice Exam

Once you are clear with all the required concepts and modules that are important for the certification exam, you must go through various AWS ML sample questions. These questions will give you an idea of the format and the type of questions that may be asked in the actual examination. It will also help you get prepared and boost your confidence when you give the actual exam. So, it is important that after you complete your training and projects, you must take up a few practice tests before you appear for the certification exam.

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Step 4: Sign up for the Certification Exam

Once you complete as many practice tests as you need and are confident enough to take the exam, you must go to the official Amazon website and sign up for the Amazon Web Services Machine Learning Speciality certification exam for the data of your choice.

Now, we will discuss the various job opportunities available for these experts and the salaries earned by them in various parts of the world.

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AWS Certified Machine Learning Jobs

As we know already, there are numerous job opportunities available for professionals in the field of AWS ML. Following are some of the most popular job roles for these experts:

  • AWS ML Architect
  • AWS ML Engineer
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • AWS Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer

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Now, let’s discuss the salary packages of AWS ML Engineers.

AWS Machine Learning Engineers Salary

The salaries of these IT professionals vary due to several reasons, such as job profile, position in the company, the company, the city, the country, etc.

The average salary packages earned by these professionals in various countries as per PayScale:

  • The USA: US$112,837/year
  • India: â‚ą701,354/year
  • The UK: ÂŁ49,913/year
  • Canada: CA$85,240/year
  • Australia: AU$77,871/year

Prepare for the Exam

In this blog, you have read in detail about the Amazon Web Services Machine Learning certification exam, how you can prepare for it, the numerous job opportunities available for you after achieving the certification, and more. We have also discussed the syllabus of the exam so that you get a clear idea of the modules you need to master to excel in the exam and clear it in the first attempt. So get started by signing up for the course and preparing yourself for the exam!

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