AWS Certification Salary - Top 10 AWS Highest Paid Jobs

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Top 10 AWS Highest Paid Jobs
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The reason why AWS salary around the globe is increasing significantly is due to its scalability and its ease in executing various web-related processes. After getting familiar with your responsibilities as an AWS professional and getting better at performing the tasks given, your salary will comparativelyshoot up. Here, you will mainly read about the AWS salary, but other than that, we will also discuss the topics listed below:

Let’s start by understanding a little about AWS.


What is AWS?

AWS is a platform on the cloud that offers cloud solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, easy-to-use, and reliable to companies around the world. It is a combination of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The services are not limited to or do not vary with changes in any country or continent. An organization that is up for paying for its services can pay and use all the required cloud services from AWS.

Largely, AWS can be classified into three categories, which are listed below:

  • Glacier
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

As per the analysis, it is revealed that AWS covers one-third of the current cloud market share with 32.4 percent. Azure and Google Cloud are the two other cloud-based service providers that are next in the line, covering 17.6 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

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Further, you will read more about AWS professionals and what they do before learning about the AWS jobs salary.


Who is an AWS professional?

AWS professionals are those who have cleared the AWS certification exam in the respective sub-domains. These professionals have a number of responsibilities depending on the roles they opt for.

Let’s see what is expected of you as an AWS professional and what qualifications you need to meet as per different roles.

AWS Cloud Architect

AWS Cloud Architect is among the most sought-after career options today in the industry of cloud. The responsibilities of these professionals are as follows:

  • Architects need to offer their technical leadership.
  • They must design cost-efficient and scalable AWS solutions.
  • They have to interact with business clients while gathering the requirements and also need to suggest various system architecture optimization methods.

Certification in Cloud & Devops

AWS Developer

The qualifications and responsibilities of AWS Cloud Developers in an organization are mentioned below:

  • They must be able to code in multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, and more.
  • They need to implement new and upcoming services and build business applications.
  • They must have working experience as a developer.
  • They should earn the AWS Developer Associate certification for a better chance to land a job as a Cloud Architect.

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AWS Big Data Specialist

  • They are responsible for designing, analyzing, and maintaining data efficiently.
  • They should have experience in working in Data Analytics.
  • They must pass the AWS Big Data Specialty certification exam.

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AWS Cloud Network Engineer

  • They have to design complex solutions for the AWS network.
  • Networking is a significant part of their work since it helps in maintaining connectivity between the cloud services.
  • They must have in-depth knowledge of networking and offer support for performance maintenance and network optimization.
  • One needs to clear the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty certification exam to get into this profession.

AWS DevOps Engineer

  • AWS DevOps Engineers have to use their expertise in both development and operations fields.
  • They must have working experience in AWS and application deployment.
  • You are required to pass the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification exam for getting a job as an AWS DevOps Engineer in a reputed organization.

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AWS SysOps Admin

  • AWS SysOps Administrators must manage and maintain the complete system of AWS.
  • They need to provision and configure new systems and deploy them as per requirements.
  • They should be proficient in dashboards and cloud metrics for the process of reporting.
  • They have to earn the AWS SysOps Administrator certification and validate their skills accordingly to apply for this job profile.

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AWS Cloud Practitioner

  • AWS Cloud Practitioners need to secure company resources in the cloud.
  • They must have practical experience in working with the AWS platform.
  • These professionals must clear the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam.

AWS Solutions Architect

  • AWS Solutions Architects should focus on using technology to solve business-related issues.
  • They have to create solutions using the AWS platform.
  • They must determine the risk involved in using platforms or frameworks from third parties.

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AWS Certified Security Specialist

  • These specialists are responsible for using advanced methods for securing the AWS platform.
  • They must use encryption techniques to protect data.
  • They should have hands-on experience in ensuring that the AWS platform is secure.
  • For this job profile, you must clear the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification exam.

Read on our AWS Security blog to learn more about the need for security in AWS.

AWS Cloud Engineer

  • AWS Cloud Software Engineers must design and implement the latest software services and systems in languages such as Python, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, and more.
  • They need to mentor other employees and help them understand complex processes.

These are the 10 highest-paid AWS professionals today. After reading in detail about these AWS job profiles, you will now see their respective salaries based on their experience level and geographical location. The statistics given here are as per the salaries posted on Glassdoor.


AWS Certification Salary

Here are the top 10 AWS salaries earned by professionals based on their skills and experience in various parts of the world.

AWS Salary in USA

AWS Cloud Architect Salary

In the United States, they earn US$107k per annum on average. This amount may range from US$79k per annum to about US$142k per annum.

In India, AWS Cloud Architects get around ₹1,600k per year.

AWS Developer Salary

AWS Developers in the United States earn an average annual salary of US$92k. The salary of these developers may range from US$79k to US$114k per annum, depending on numerous factors.

Their income in India is about ₹470k per annum. It starts from ₹276k and can go up to ₹1,308k per annum.

In Australia, AWS Developers earn an average of AU$140k per year.

AWS Big Data Specialist Salary

The average salary of Big Data Specialists in the United States is US$46k per annum. However, their salary may range from US$32k to US$69k per annum.

In India, these specialists are paid an average of ₹1,096k per year.

In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, they can earn up to £37k per annum.

AWS Big Data Specialists earn an average income of AU$150k per annum in Australia.

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AWS Cloud Network Engineer Salary

The AWS Networking Specialist salary is about US$72k per year in the United States. It may fall anywhere between US$49k and US$132k per year.

They earn about ₹504k per annum in India, and this amount ranges from ₹400k to 653k per annum.

In the United Kingdom, the average annual income of these experts is about £50k.

Learn about different certifications and its costs offered by AWS in our blog on AWS certification cost!

AWS DevOps Engineer Salary

The salary earned by a DevOps Engineer working in the United States is approximately US$100k per year. This amount may range between US$72k and US$146k per annum.

On average, AWS DevOps professionals earn around ₹496k per year in India, and this salary can lie anywhere between ₹333k and ₹973k per year.

In the United Kingdom, the average salary of these professionals is £75k per annum.

They earn approximately CA$80k per year in Canada.

AWS SysOps Admin Salary

AWS SysOps professionals employed in the United States are paid about US$63k per annum. Their salary may range from US$61k to US$66k per annum.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary

Cloud Practitioners earn an annual income of US$110k per year in the United States. This salary may range from US$96k to US$130k per year.

They earn about ₹274k per annum in India. Their starting salary is about ₹217k per annum, which may increase to ₹411k per annum.

In the United Kingdom, AWS Cloud Practitioners earn a sum of £31k per year. The range of salaries of these professionals there lies between £19k and £46k per year.

For more information, you must check out our blog at AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Salary.

AWS Solutions Architect Salary

The United States pays US$111k per annum to AWS Solutions Architects. The salary falls in the range of US$82k–143k based on the skills, experience, and position levels in their organizations.

In India, these professionals earn an average of ₹639k per year. The salary may lie between ₹344k and ₹1,783k per year, depending on the above factors.

On average, AWS Solutions Architects earn a salary of £73k per year in the United Kingdom. This salary may range between £60k and £86k per year.

The average annual income of an AWS Solutions Architect working in Canada is CA$100k.

These AWS professionals, if employed in Australia, would get about AU$138k per annum.

In Singapore, they get an income of S$128k per year. However, the salary range starts from S$80k per annum and goes up to S$200k per annum.

For more information, you can check out our blog on AWS Solutions Architect Salary.

AWS Certified Security Specialty Salary

AWS Security professionals employed in the United States are paid about US$78k annually.

AWS Cloud Engineer Salary

The AWS Engineer salary is approximately US$101k per year in the United States. The salary range can start from US$65k and go as high as US$112k per year, depending on their skills and experience.

In India, AWS Cloud Engineers can earn an average of ₹512k per annum, and the range of their salary starts from ₹512k and goes to ₹8,000k per annum, which is much higher when compared to most other job salaries offered in the country.

These engineers earn £50k per annum on average in the United Kingdom. However, their salaries can range from £47k to £67k per annum.

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Get Certified as an AWS Professional

This ‘AWS Certification Salary – Top 10 AWS Highest Paid Jobs’ blog has given you an insight into the various job roles available for AWS professionals, along with the salaries they earn based on their knowledge, skills, experience, and geographical location. To get into any of these job roles, you need to clear the respective certification exams. Our AWS courses will prepare you and help you pass them with ease, so enroll in the desired training program and get certified as a professional in AWS.

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