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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification Exam Preparation[2024]

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification Exam Preparation[2024]

AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional exam applies to designing a cost-effective, fault-tolerant, and scalable distributed system on the AWS cloud. The certification requires at least two years of hands-on experience working on designing/deploying the cloud architecture.

What AWS skills will be validated by the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam?

Once you clear the exam, you will be able to:

  • Effectively demonstrate how to design and deploy secure and reliable applications on AWS technology
  • Define solutions based on architectural design principles as per customer needs
  • Migrate multi-tier applications to AWS platform
  • Provide the best-practices-based implementation guidance to your organization throughout its life cycle
  • Plan, design, and deploy AWS applications on an enterprise-level
  • Define and implement AWS cost-control measures, etc.

To learn more about AWS Solutions Architect Certification, watch this video:

Prerequisites for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam

  • Practical knowledge of AWS services, including networks, computing, databases, and storage
  • Hands-on experience with AWS configuration, deployment, and management
  • Identify technical requirements for AWS-based applications and determine which AWS services meet specific technical requirements
  • Understand the best practices for creating reliable and secure applications on the AWS cloud platform
  • Make architectural suggestions for implementing, deploying, and provisioning applications on AWS Console
  • Knowledge of the fundamental architectural principles built on the AWS platform
  • Leverage AWS technologies to design a hybrid architecture
  • Apply the five major pillars of the AWS framework
  • Knowledge of the global infrastructure of AWS and AWS-related networking technologies
  • Ability to work with AWS tools and connect them with traditional services
  • Ensure carrying out the best practices on the architectural design across the enterprise
  • Hands-on experience with a scripting language, Windows, and Linux
  • Handle and architect continuous integration and deployment, etc.

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How to prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam?

There isn’t a better way to prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam than enrolling yourself in a definitive AWS course that covers the fundamentals of the advanced concepts of Amazon Solutions Architect. Although you may find several AWS training institutes in and around your area, we recommend you to carefully go through the course topics and compare it with the actual AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam’s curriculum. Furthermore, you may also find extensive online resources to help you prepare for the exam.

Go through AWS Training in Chennai to learn about the curriculum and skills assessed in the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification exam.

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification Training

If you enroll yourself in a definitive AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional training, you will develop a structured way of learning the topics. To maximize your skills, engage with your trainer. Do not shy away from asking any question, how much ever basic it might sound.

During your AWS Solutions Architect certification training, you have to focus on the following key concepts:

  • Understand the underlying concepts and AWS platform capabilities
  • Learn the best practices of using AWS to design solutions
  • Learn deployment through AWS auto-scaling and load balancing
  • Understand how to utilize cloud for operations as wells as development
  • Focus on microservices and serverless usage

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Learning Path

amazon solution architect learning path

How long it takes to get AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification?

It depends on the individual. However, if you fulfill the basic prerequisites for the certification, i.e., AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification and an AWS account, you have already won half the battle. Now, the duration for the exam preparation will depend on your core skills, years of experience, and the mode of learning.

If you choose to enroll yourself in an industry-validated AWS Professional Certification, then you can speed up your learning. You may complete the entire syllabus in a week or two. All said, you must practice as much as you can.

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What is the difference between the AWS Solutions Architect Associate and Professional exams?

Exam typeAWS Solutions Architect AssociateAWS Solutions Architect Professional
Exam time130 minutes170 minutes
Exam costUS$150US$300
Exam formatMultiple choice – multiple answerMultiple choice – multiple answer
Passing score72%75%

AWS professional certification exam

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Best Tips for Clearing the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification Exam

  • First, you must understand that the Associate-level and the Professional-level exams differ vastly. To give a thorough read on the differences.
    • The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam is designed to measure the ability of an individual to deliver solutions in a real cloud.
  • Questions that appear in the exam will test your real-world business problem-solving skills. Therefore, work on as many AWS projects as you can to gain hands-on experience.
  • Most of the questions will be scenario-based that will take a longer time to read. Hence, it is important that you manage your time properly so that you can attempt as many questions as possible. The best way is to prepare via practice tests.
  • One way to save time during answer evaluation is to identify the most important distinguishing features for each real-world problem.
  • However, the best tip to score well in the exam is to solve these real-time business problems using the AWS cloud.

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  • Use Stack Overflow to answer questions and organize your AWS Certified Solutions Architect knowledge
  • Practice CloudFormation and automate deployment in AWS
  • Use AWS whitepapers and tutorial videos. There are many online repositories where you can take help from.

We have compiled a consolidated list of modules that you must focus on while preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam.

The AWS Professional certification exam assesses whether you have actually demonstrated your AWS Associate skills. In addition, you will encounter many questions about local (on-premise) and cloud network connections. During the exam, you will also face multiple-choice questions based on real-world business scenarios, where you have to choose the option with minimal cost and maximum security.

By enrolling in our AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Course, you will be able to cover the entire course curriculum within the stipulated time, execute various real-world projects, identify your skill gaps and learning opportunities, discover the best practices to approach a business problem, and so on. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our AWS Solutions Architect certification course to accelerate your career!

If you have any questions about the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification, please clarify them with the AWS certified professionals in our AWS Community!

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