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What is Azure Synapse Analytics?

Azure Synapse is like a forest fire in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Data serves as the fuel to start this fire. Just like fuel is necessary to keep a fire going, quality data is necessary for better cloud-based performance.

There are a number of companies establishing themselves as a new firm in the field of the IT sector because of that there is more demand for storing, maintaining, and transferring the data from one place to another, due to which there is a need for learning Azure Synapse Analytics. This Technology is an evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a powerful processing cloud-based, scale-out, relational database, structured for processing and storing a large volume of data within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This is a completely managed platform as a service that provides various models in the cloud. There are two features that are regularly used that are advanced mashup and modeling features to combine data from multiple data sources, explain metrics, and lock up your data in a single, trusted tabular data model.

Characteristics of Azure Synapse

  • Variety of analytics services with unparalleled time to insight
  • Real-time data stream processing from more than millions of IoT devices
  • Analytics for businesses offered as a service
  • Apply ML algorithm to all of your smart applications 
  • Broaden the insights you can discover from all of your data.
  • With Azure Synapse Link, remove data barriers and run analytics on data from operational and business apps.
  • Secure data using the industry’s most cutting-edge security and privacy features.

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The architecture of Azure Synapse

One-stop analytics solution Azure Synapse Analytics provides the following features:

  • The Synapse Sql dedicated pool of SQL Servers, which provides the essential infrastructure for establishing a data warehouse beneath its hood, is the backbone of the complete analytics data storage.
  • It enables engineers to run native T-SQL queries within their current environment. For unplanned or ad-hoc workloads, it also empowers users with the service-less model by using data visualization to unlock insights from their own data stores without going through the formal process of setting up a data warehouse.
  • ETL and Data integration capabilities from disparate sources using Synapse Pipeline orchestration to churn the data efficiently for warehousing and analytical purposes. The reusable workflows and Pipelines orchestration capabilities are easy to adapt. The support for big data compute services such as HDinsight for Hadoop and Databricks makes this a more powerful ETL tool.
  • It enables the development of big-data workloads and machine learning solutions with Apache Storm for Azure Synapse. This platform processes big data workloads by enabling massively scalable high-performance-compute resources. SparkML algorithm and Azure ML integrations make it a complete solution for training machine learning workloads.

Azure Synapse Service for industries

  • Financial Services: Ensure data is secure with industry-leading features. As it stays ahead for maintaining a competitive edge by employing a modern strategy for handling big data, data warehousing, creating individualized customer experiences, and putting in place strong compliance and governance procedures to safeguard consumer data.
  • Manufacturing Service: Utilizing Azure Synapse Analytics to gain scalable real-time insights. Combining operational and analytical technologies, Industry 4.0 enables real-time access to both new and old data.
  • Retail Service: With an end-to-end analytics service, you can combine data from several channels and gain real-time insights, which will help you better understand your consumers and build a reliable supply chain.
  • Healthcare Service: Pressures on the healthcare sector include a lack of care workers, legislative restrictions, and shifting patient expectations. Deliver individualized treatment, safeguard patient data, and empower care teams.
Azure Synapse Analytics

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Real-Life Application of Azure Synapse

  • Data Warehouse: Seamless interaction with a variety of platforms and data providers
  • Exploratory Analysis: Data exploration and finding out using SQL queries opposite a synapse database
  • Data Visualization: Collaborating with Tableau or Excel for faster and informal decision making
  • Real-Time Analytics: Data unification of different operational sources to deploy real-time exploratory solutions with the help of BI tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.
  • Step up Analysis: Utilizing Azure Databricks to get the most out of your data and improve business outcomes or results that can be drawn from the analysis that we did from the BI tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.

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Moreover, Real life usage of Azure Synapse Analytics is that it can perform very complex queries and aggregations. Moreover, we can use this technology for creating a dashboard that is a combination of sheets or views that helps us to compare a vast amount of data in the same amount of time by providing excellent and user-friendly features that will help us to understand the visualization by using different graphs used by BI tools such as Bar chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Word map, Scatterplot, Gantt chart, Bubble chart, Treemap, Pareto chart, etc. Moreover, we can create storytelling by using Azure Synapse which includes a sequence of visualizations that work together to convey information. We can create stories to tell a data narrative, provide context, demonstrate how decisions relate to outcomes, or simply make a briefcase in a summary format.

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Wrapping Up

Azure Synapse is the one-stop designation for data engineers to have an entire end-to-end data pipeline in one place. And, Synapse can handle all the business insights in less interval time. Therefore you need not have to spend on additional technology platforms to bring data from different platforms into a single place. If you’re convinced and want to realize the business benefits of Synapse, we are ready to assist you.

For more information on Azure Synapse Analytics, visit our Azure Synapse Analytics Community

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