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DP-100 Exam Preparation Guide
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The need for cloud data has skyrocketed in the last few years and it has become easier for companies to access large volumes of data and store them at cheaper rates than before. Earlier, only large organizations were capable of availing the various services that the cloud has to offer.

However, ever since the cloud has become cheaper in terms of entry-level tools and technologies, even small organizations have been able to afford various benefits of the cloud. So, it’s high time we get to know more about data science and how to crack the Dp-100 examination.

The main idea of this blog is to help you understand what Azure DP-100 certification is, how you can prepare for it, the syllabus of the examination, etc.  We aim to cover the topics listed below in this blog:

It’s time to get started.

What is the Microsoft DP-100 exam?

Designing and executing a Data Science Solution on Azure is the subject of the Microsoft AZ DP-100 exam. This test verifies your Data Science and Machine Learning knowledge and abilities, as well as your ability to develop and execute ML workloads on Azure.

To become a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate, you must pass the Azure Data Science certification exam. Although it is not required, you can prepare for this by taking the Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification before opting for this.

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Let us now discuss who Azure Data Scientists are and what exactly they do.

Who is an Azure Data Scientist?

It can be challenging to process a large amount of business data and present it to the other members of the organization. This is where Azure Data Scientists come into the picture. They are responsible for setting up an Azure Machine Learning workspace by applying their knowledge of Machine Learning, Data Science, and Azure.

In this workspace, they entail running various experiments, training, Data Science algorithms and models, optimizing, managing, and deploying these models, etc.

During the Azure DP-100 exam preparation, one of the most vital parts is to have detailed information about the exam syllabus content. So, let’s briefly learn about the same.

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Azure Data Science Certification Syllabus

The certification exam tests your skills based on the four significant categories that are mentioned below along with their respective weightage:

  • Set up an Azure Machine Learning workspace – 30-35%
  • Run experiments and train models – 25-30%
  • Optimize and manage models – 20-25%
  • Deploy and consume models – 20-25%

Set up an Azure Machine Learning Workspace

Here, you are required to do the following:

  • Build an Azure Machine Learning Workspace
    • Create the workspace
    • Configure the settings of the workspace
    • Use Azure Machine Learning Studio to manage the workspace
  • Manage the Data Objects in the Workspace
    • Register and manage the data stores
    • Build and maintain the datasets
  • Maintain Experiment Compute Contexts
    • Build a compute instance
    • Identify the compute specifications for the respective training workload
    • Develop various compute targets for training and experiments

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Career Transition

Run Experiments and Train Models

This requires you to acquire the skills listed below:

  • Build Models with Azure Machine Learning Designer
    • Develop a training pipeline with the help of Azure Machine Learning Designer
    • Insert data in the pipeline
    • Define the data flow of the pipeline using designer modules
    • Make use of the designer’s custom code modules
  • Use Azure Machine Learning Workspace to Run Training Scripts
    • Use Azure Machine Learning SDK to build and run experiments
    • Perform experiments to consume data from any data store and dataset
    • For the training experiment, select the respective estimator
  • Use an Experiment Run to Generate Metrics
    • Use the experiment run to log metrics
    • Extract and view the results of the experiment
    • Troubleshoot the errors of the experiment run with the help of logs
  • Automate the Process of Training Models
    • Use the SDK to build a pipeline
    • In the pipeline, transfer the data between steps
    • Run the pipeline
    • Manage the pipeline runs
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Optimize and Manage Models

In this, you are required to master the concepts and techniques mentioned below:

  • Build Optimal Models Using Automated Machine Learning
    • Make use of Azure Machine Learning’s Automated ML interface
    • Utilize Azure Machine Learning SDKs Automated ML
    • Choose the required pre-processing options and scaling functions
    • Identify the search algorithms
    • Define a primary metric
    • Find data for the process of an Automated ML run
    • Extract the best-suited model
  • Tune Hyperparameters Using Hyperdrive
    • Choose a sampling technique
    • Define the search space and the primary metric
    • Layout options for early termination
    • Identify the model with the optimal hyperparameter values
  • Interpret Models with Model Explainers
    • Choose a model interpreter
    • Create data with feature importance
  • Manage Models
    • Register a model that has been trained
    • Manage the model history
    • Manage drifting of data

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Deploy and Consume Models

Professionals need to gain proficiency in the areas mentioned below:

  • Develop Production Compute Targets
    • Secure the deployed services
    • For deployment, consider various compute options
  • Deploy Models as Services
    • Configure the settings for deployment
    • Consume a service that has been deployed
    • Troubleshoot the problems of the deployment container
  • Build a Pipeline for the Process of Batch Inferencing
    • Publish a pipeline for batch inferencing
    • Run the batch inference pipeline to generate results
  • Publish Designer Pipelines as Web Services
    • Develop a target compute resource
    • Ensure configuration of an inference pipeline
    • Consume an endpoint that has been deployed

Now that you have gained insight into the syllabus of the Microsoft Data Science certification, let us discuss some of the other details of the examination including its cost, format, number of questions, etc.

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About the Azure Data Scientist Associate Exam

Let us briefly discuss the details of the Azure Data Science certification, such as the exam cost, exam structure, the duration of the exam, etc., so that you get a clear idea of the format and structure before taking up the exam.

  • Exam Code: The code of the Azure Data Science certification exam is DP-100.
  • Cost: Microsoft Data Science certification costs €165. However, the amount can vary with respect to the country you apply from.
  • No. of Questions: The exam can have 40-60 questions divided into two sections; the first section contains questions that can be reviewed later while the second section contains questions that cannot be reviewed.
  • Type of Questions: The following type of questions are asked in the examination.
    • Multiple choice questions with single correct answer
    • Multiple choice questions with multiple answers
    • Scenario-based questions
    • Arrange in correct order type of questions, and
    • Fill in the blanks to complete the code.
  • Duration: The duration is 210 minutes wherein 30 minutes is to go through the exam guidelines and review and the other 180 minutes is to complete the examination.
  • Languages: The exam is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
  • Passing Score: The passing marks of the DP-100 certification exam is 700 out of a total of 1000.

If you fail the DP-100 exam the first time, you must wait at least 24 hours before taking it again. If you pass the first time, you will not be able to retake it. Furthermore, if you fail on the second try, you must wait at least 14 days before retaking the exam, and the same procedure must be followed until the fifth attempt.

In a year, you are only permitted to attempt 5 times. If you fail the test on your fifth attempt, you must wait 12 months before attempting it again.

After reading in detail about the DP-100 examination, it is time to learn how you can prepare for it to become capable of cracking it in the first attempt and become a certified Azure Data Scientist Associate.

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How to prepare for Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure?

The steps that you need to follow in order to prepare for the Azure Data Science certification exam are listed below:

  • Enroll in a training program for the certification exam
  • Gain expertise in Azure Machine Learning Designer, a drag-and-drop feature-oriented tool used to develop, test, and deploy the solutions of predictive analysis
  • Master Azure Machine Learning SDK
  • Acquire basic knowledge of Data Science techniques and predictive analysis models
  • Use the free resources from Microsoft
  • Go through various tutorials and blogs available on the internet regarding this certification
  • Take various practice tests made available by Microsoft, using the US$200 credit provided to you when you first sign up for a free Microsoft account
  • Take lab sessions and gain practical experience of the various tools

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Registration Process

Mentioned below is the process that you can follow to register for the AZ DP-100 certification exam:

  • Go to the official Microsoft website and sign up
  • Find the certification name on the list
  • Click on ‘Schedule Exam’
  • You will be able to select the examination during the registration process if the certificate is available in your country
  • Choose the language of the proctor, greeter, and proctoring software

Further, you will read about the various jobs available for Azure Data Scientist Associates and the range of salary earned.

Become a Cloud and DevOps Architect

Azure Data Scientist Associate Jobs

As per LinkedIn, there are over 9,000 vacancies for Microsoft Data Scientists in the United States while in India, there are over 1,000 jobs open for them.

There are numerous jobs available for these professionals. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • Azure Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Azure Software Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data & Applied Scientist

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate Salary

The average income of a certified Data Scientist with skills in Microsoft Azure is approximately US$95,102 per annum in the US as per PayScale. This amount can rise up to US$110,000 per year with better skills, experience, etc.

In India, these Microsoft Certified Azure Data Science Associate earn an average salary of ₹1,180,000 per year and it can increase to ₹2,000,000.

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Step Towards Building Your Career

In this comprehensive blog, you have learned in detail about the DP-100 certification exam, how you can register for it, the steps you can follow to prepare, the exam syllabus and other details.

By now, you must have realized that this certification is for professionals with an understanding of Data Science techniques and a keen interest in becoming an Azure Certified Data Scientist Associate. So, if you wish to become one, take the first step and start your preparation!

If you have any doubts regarding the certification exam, you can post them on our Azure Community and our experts will get back to you!

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