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Salesforce is among those companies which are highly innovative and rapidly adapt to the new technological shifts. Most of the companies fail as they can’t keep up with the growing trends in technology. But Salesforce has always been one step forward in providing its clients all what they need to function seamlessly in their business. Salesforce Einstein is what Salesforce incepted to leverage AI technologies to drive its business in marketing, sales, analytics, community and various other areas. Salesforce Lightning is another smart feature by Salesforce which we will go in-depth right now.

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Salesforce Lightning gives clients greater adaptability on the platform through a cutting edge interface, tailored functionality, client experiences, and customized processes fitting the particular client needs. The updated desktop application makes Salesforce information more valuable, capable, and simpler to get to. Utilizing Lightning, clients can tweak layouts, widgets, dashboards, applications, tools, and more to see the data most essential to them quickly. They need not worry themselves over information they need.

Here are some reasons how Salesforce Lightning is enhancing customer experience:

Selling features – Over 150 new features and over 55 new Sales cloud pages are provided by Lightning. Garnering insights from many salespeople these features make sales representatives more productive and are hence enhancing the business. Many features that are not available in Classic version of Salesforce are present in Lightning.

Lightning Voice – This has emerged as a game changer for sales personnel. Voice calls enable the sales personnel to connect with the customers and prospective customers within the sales cloud itself. Users can make and receive calls; along with taking notes and logging these calls at the same time. Users can even use their mobile devices for this purpose and lightning works just fine. Sales personnel can choose those calls that are local to your territory.

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Steelbrick CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is built on lightning which allows to monetize from the sales platform. Sales representatives can get discount approval, process complex quoting, generate proposals, and even collect signatures. All this can be accomplished without leaving the CRM.

Salesforce and Microsoft have joined hands and now customers can directly access lightning from MS Outlook. Contacts and calendars of Salesforce and Office 365 of Microsoft are kept up to date in Lightning sync.

Lightning platform hosts Salesforce1 mobile app. Any customization that is done by Salesforce is reflected in mobile app of lightning. Organizations can use their phones and tablets to do their regular business work. Imagine you enter a big sales company and the professionals there working on tablets instead of desktop. The situation is more likely to happen.

The benefits of break out tools and technologies nowadays are that even those who are not tech savvy can use them. A business owner can design websites without learning HTML, CSS, PHP if he knows WordPress. A layman can work with Tableau as no coding knowledge is required though you would need professional training to optimally use the tool. Similarly you needn’t be a developer to build apps in Salesforce. You can build mobile and desktop apps, tailor pages as per your need in Lightning experience using Lightning builder where you can drag and drop Lightning components.
There are over 157 Lightning ready third-party apps in App Exchange. They provide seamless user experience as your firm moves closely towards Lightning. It is to be noted that all these apps are pre-integrated with Salesforce.

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Salesforce is leveraging all possibilities to make customer experience better. Do you know that within Lightning Experience launcher there is a Lightning Readiness tool? This tool is helpful as it tells what efforts need to be put so that Lightning will work for your organization. Classic Salesforce will go out of style in future and Lightning is poised to replace it. More and more developments will turn to be Lightning compatible. Firms nostalgic about classic salesforce can at least try Lightning for its extraordinary UI and be one step ahead in their game. Salesforce has kept their promise of improved customer experience from time to time. Salesforce Lightning is one concept among many they have incepted to achieve this end.

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