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What is Visualforce in Salesforce?

Do you know why Salesforce Visualforce is getting more popular day by day? As the technical word “Salesforce” has widened its categories and people started to showcase their interest in this field. Furthermore, this happened due to the Salesforce Visual force impact as it provides various development methodologies that can be applied. Numerous development technologies, including jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Flash, and Ajax, are supported by VisualForce pages.

Similar to Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Visualforce is a tag-based markup language. It features user interface frameworks for creating a variety of appealing and dynamic applications. When using Visualforce with Salesforce.com, we must become familiar with a lot of tags. We create VF pages by combining multiple tags and SOQL searches.

The subjects we will cover in this tutorial are listed below:

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What is Visualforce Page in Salesforce?

The web technology and framework used for web development is called Visualforce Page. Therefore, programmers created sophisticated, unique user interfaces for desktop and mobile applications.

Salesforce has more flexibility for developers thanks to Visual Force, which can also add new features and create entirely new apps.

Anyone that has developed web apps will find visual force programming to be simple to comprehend and familiar. HTML tags, composing elements, and optional stylistic elements can be used to construct VF pages. In order to enable a more active and rich user experience, it can also be combined with the JavaScript framework or any other common web technology.

You can link Visualforce pages together to create intricate app functionality since each Visualforce page has its own, permanent URL.

  • Designing Visualforce Pages

Either using Setup or the Visualforce development mode, you can construct Visualforce pages.

  • Activation

Activate the development mode.

  • View & Edit

Edit Visualforce Pages by viewing them

  • Managing pages

Configuring and managing Visualforce Pages

  • Visualforce Uncaught Exceptions

When a page experiences issues while being processed, Visualforce shows more information.

This information can be used to fix coding issues on the page, or at the very least, locate the owner so they can investigate the issue further.

  • Security options for your browser and Visualforce

There are certain Visualforce pages that are operated by *.force.com servers. If you add *.salesforce.com to the list of trustworthy websites in your browser, you must also include *.force.com, *.visualforce.com, and *.force.net.

Why Salesforce Visualforce is Required?

The prebuilt Salesforce applications offer robust CRM capabilities. Additionally, Salesforce offers the option to adapt the prebuilt applications to meet your business. Your company might, however, have intricate business procedures that the current function cannot support. Lightning Platform offers a number of options for knowledgeable administrators and developers to provide bespoke functionality in this instance.

Use Visualforce with Lightning Web Components to modify your organization’s front-end UI and functionality. For the most cutting-edge, effective, and responsive functionality, Salesforce advises adopting Lightning Web Components over Visualforce wherever practical.

With Visualforce, developers have a more potent means of creating apps and modifying the Salesforce user experience. Visualforce is a tag-based markup language. You may create wizards and other multi-step procedures using Visualforce.

With the use of an application, create your own unique flow control.

For optimum, effective application interaction, define navigational patterns and data-specific rules.

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Types of Salesforce Visualforce Components

Here are the types of Salesforce Visualforce Components:

  • VisualForce Action Components

The controller method is called by the active component on the VisualForce page. The display state is also updated using these. We may update the VisualForce page and switch to a different page using the action component. These two features (Command button and Command link) can be utilized between the Apex: form opening and closing tags when working with Action Components. Apex: form followed by a period

  • VisualForce Data components

Through a variety of common HTML elements, VisualForce Data components allow VisualForce pages to shift data into the controller and use that data to extract data from the controller. They make use of a number of HTML tags, including p> and /p>, a>, br>, and others.

Basically, Data components control the Force.com database’s fields and records inside of the VisualForce page.

  • VisualForce User Interface components

Users can obtain the native appearance and behavior of a user interface by using Force.com user interface components. Users are able to add, edit, and remove records using these components.

There are four different sorts of Force.com User Interface components that are ListView components, EnhancedList components, Related list Components, and Detail Components.

  • VisualForce Custom Components

There are very few circumstances in Salesforce projects when a developer must repeatedly write the same code. Consequently, we may develop a VisualForce custom component rather than repeating the same code. The VisualForce Custom component essentially becomes active when you reuse the code snippet inside your Apex tags. After encapsulating the code, you can use it an infinite number of times.

Definitions of unique VisualForce components should be contained within a single apex: component> tag. Additionally, you can alter the component using the apex: attribute> tag so that it can be utilized in various ways depending on the values of various attributes.

  • VisualForce Styled-Components

When building a VisualForce page, they must gain the properties of Force.com’s native user interface. Styled components can be used to build CSS VisualForce. For instance, a min.js file must be included in your JavaScript folder in order for JavaScript components to function properly when you develop a web application using JavaScript and jQuery.

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Benefits of Salesforce Visualforce

Now we will discuss the benefits of Salesforce Visualforce:

  • User-Friendly Design

The same window that shows the finished page’s result may also be used to edit Visualforce page code. Additionally, by preserving their code, we may instantly verify the outcome of an update. Automatic completion and syntax highlighting are included in the Visualforce editor window.

  • Incorporating additional web-based user interface technologies in the integration

Designers can employ Visualforce tags in addition to regular HTML, JavaScript, Flash, or any other code that can run inside an HTML page on the platform. HTML tags used in VF. Merge fields and expressions from the Lightning platform are also included.

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  • Defaults based on information

The platform renders Visualforce components in an intelligent manner. Like, designers may just use a generic apex:inputField> tag for all fields rather than using several types of component tags for different types of editable fields (such as email addresses or calendar dates). Each field’s proper edit interface can be displayed using Visualforce.

  • Platform Hosted

The Lightning platform by default compiles and completely renders Visualforce pages. No matter how much data is being displayed or modified, the page code is always unified or integrated and displays the same performance as regular Salesforce pages.

  • Upgradeable automatically

When other components of the Lightning platform are upgraded, we don’t need to rewrite the Visualforce page. because salesforce metadata is automatically updated and preserved on the pages.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Salesforce Visualforce

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce Visualforce which are listed below:


  • You will need to wait until the entire page has been refreshed from the server because it lacks two-way binding.
  • Simple to use for increased productivity
  • Huge apps naturally split into smaller, easier-to-navigate pages.


  • Limited interactivity exists in Visualforce.
  • Higher state of delay in Salesforce Visualforce.
  • Interactivity is enhanced only for JavaScript capabilities.

Wrapping Up

We hope this blog provides some tips for beginners enabling them to have a better understanding and deeper insights about Salesforce and its components like Visualforce, its types, and its benefits, Moreover, we tried to explain the advantages and disadvantages of Visualforce that can help a beginner to have clear mindset if anyone is trying to explore the field of Salesforce, So that any beginner looking forward to making a career in this field, he/she can better utilize their skills.

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