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Salesforce Salary Across The World in 2024- Salesforce Salary

Salesforce Salary Across The World in 2024- Salesforce Salary
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Why do we use Salesforce?

In this blog focused on Salesforce salary, let us first understand what Salesforce CRM is. It stands for Customer Relationship Management. It helps companies build a system to maintain cordial relationships with their customers. It also helps efficiently manage business processes. A CRM system consists of the following components:

1. Sales and lead management

2. Marketing

3. Automation of the workflow

4. Human resource management

5. Customer service and support


Before, companies used to build different software systems for all the components to run a successful business model. This software required a lot of time and money to be developed and deployed. This is where Salesforce came up with a feasible solution for building an effective CRM comprising all the components.

Now, companies are no longer required to follow the traditional process of implementing business models. They can focus on developing the business idea and looking into the requirements, instead. Rest all, they can establish using Salesforce.

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The Demand for Salesforce Developers in India

Salesforce developer jobs are in great demand all over the world including India. In India, there is a rapid increase in the demand for salesforce developer careers. The salesforce company has stated that it has hired more than 1000 new candidates in the past years. This is on top of the already existing footprint of this domain in the nation.

It’s a sign that India is about to experience a surge in growth and demand for Salesforce developers. By 2024, it is predicted that the number of jobs in the salesforce market would increase to 4.2 million. The below-mentioned graph below represents the eventual increase in net job gain.

Demand_for_salesforce _developers_Salesforce_Salary_Blog

The Average Salary of Salesforce Developer in India

In this section, we shall talk about the salary offered for salesforce developer roles in India. It comes as no surprise that working in Salesforce pays well. Here is something that proves that salesforce workers can receive great wages. According to Glassdoor, an insightful employee review website, the average compensation for a Salesforce Developer is Rs. 6,15,673 in India. 

Salesforce developer salaries in India

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Major Profiles in Salesforce

There are different job roles in the field of Salesforce such as salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Business Analyst, and Salesforce Architect. The Salesforce salary completely depends on the job profile of an individual. The below image depicts the major profiles of Salesforce:


Salesforce Salary for Different Profiles in INDIA

In India, the following are the salaries for various roles in salesforce based on their experience level. Check out.

Profile NameAverage Salary0-1 Year Experience1-3 Years Experience5+ Years of Experience
Salesforce Administrator Salary₹785,000₹625,000₹845,000₹1,700,000
Salesforce Developer Salary₹810,000₹825,000₹910,000₹2,400,000
Salesforce Consultant Salary₹9,11,970₹750,000₹1,200,000₹2,400,000
Salesforce Business Analyst Salary₹825,000₹820,000₹115,000₹2,200,000
Salesforce Architect Salary₹785,628 ₹720,000₹908,000₹1,800,000

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Salesforce Salary for Various Profiles in the US

This section gives you an overview of the salaries for various roles in salesforce in the US.

Profile NameAverage Salary0-1 Year Experience1-3 Years Experience5+ Years of Experience
Salesforce Administrator$125,000$84,000  $102,000$118,000
Salesforce Developer$120,000$89,000$112,000$132,000
Salesforce Consultant$132,000$85,000$105,000$122,000
Salesforce Business Analyst$122,000$97,000$110,000$132,000
Salesforce Architect$123,000 $91,000$115,000$128,000

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Salesforce Salary for Different Profiles in the UK

The following are the salaries of salesforce developer roles in the UK.

Profile NameAverage Salary0-1 Year Experience1-3 Years Experience5+ Years of Experience
Salesforce Administrator£33,855£24,267  £32,786£40,612
Salesforce Developer£43,016£30,000£39,999£59,305
Salesforce Consultant£45,557£40,800£47,005£55,955
Salesforce Business Analyst£62,500£50,000£54,678£61,345
Salesforce Architect£80,000£73,456£77,098£82,345

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Salesforce Salary for Different Profiles in CANADA

Profile NameAverage Salary0-1 Year Experience1-3 Years Experience5+ Years of Experience
Salesforce AdministratorC$64578C$55,361  C$62,742C$71,872
Salesforce DeveloperC$78,506C$55,000C$75,616C$85,469
Salesforce ConsultantC$81,536C$64,265C$79,513C$91,550
Salesforce Business AnalystC$85,000C$75,108C$83,000C$106,763
Salesforce ArchitectC$123,400C$104,600C$120,569C$199,875

Salesforce Salary for Different Profiles in AUSTRALIA

Profile NameAverage Salary0-1 Year Experience1-3 Years Experience5+ Years of Experience
Salesforce AdministratorAU$77,810AU$67,655AU$76,365AU$80,758
Salesforce DeveloperAU$86,771AU$66,880AU$78,697AU$100,975
Salesforce ConsultantAU$88,210AU$65,340AU$83,842AU$100,228
Salesforce Business AnalystAU$81,779AU$64,239AU$79,766AU$88,706
Salesforce ArchitectAU$130,000AU$92,457AU$102,121AU$142,096

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Advantages of Using Salesforce

The major advantages of using Salesforce are given below:

1. Cost-effective: The Salesforce CRM software is available online at an affordable cost. Also, we can customize it according to our business requirements.

2. Easy to deploy: Salesforce provides a platform to develop and deploy an application after coming up with a business model.

3. Fast: While a traditional system takes a year to deploy a business model, by using Salesforce, we can deploy it within weeks.

4. Easy to integrate: Integration of Salesforce with other software is a simple task. We can integrate it with Gmail, Outlook, Oracle EBS, WordPress, etc.

5. Efficient: We can deploy a business model using Salesforce with less time and effort. This makes it more efficient for us as we can save time in development and invest it in the productivity of the business.

6. Easy to access: We can use all the services of Salesforce from any location around the world via the Internet.

Financial Growth of Salesforce (2017–2022)

Salesforce has depicted immense growth over the past few years, and it will go on the increase. In 2019, it has boosted the revenue of different sectors by 29 percent.


New research on Salesforce says, ‘By 2021, AI-powered CRM activities could increase global business revenues by $1.1 trillion and create 800,000 net-new jobs, according to predictions in a new study. Salesforce customers are estimated to account for $293 billion of this revenue and more than 155,000 net-new jobs by 2021. The global market in CRM is estimated to jump from $7.9 billion in 2016 to $46.3 billion by 2021.’

From these revenue stats, we can estimate the Salesforce salary and scope to be very high in the coming future. Therefore, it is worth making a career in Salesforce.

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By just seeing the Salesforce salary trends, we can imagine the scope and demand of a salesforce career. Salesforce has stood as one of the most popular careers with high career prospects in the future. Anyone with skills in the salesforce is eligible to get into various roles and receive great career benefits including higher wages.

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