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Salesforce VS Salesforce Platform
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What is Salesforce?

Initially, Salesforce provided CRM Software as a Service (SaaS). In addition to a host of software solutions, Salesforce now provides a platform on which developers and users can build and share original software.

Because they occur automatically, you don’t need to worry about changes to the application or infrastructure. It enables your business to prioritize innovation over IT management.

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Table of Contents:

What are Salesforce Licenses?

Customer Relationship Management, often known as Salesforce, is designed primarily for users who want complete access to the essential features and ideas of CRM.

Users are always looking for ways to maximize the potential of the Salesforce app exchange programs. In Salesforce, users with this license level are also free to use any form of ready-made or bespoke application.

Each type of Salesforce license contains extra storage for a certain business firm and is also accessible to performance edition clients, which is a benefit of the license.

It will put into practice the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management system, which offers the company a better level of value and ultimately helps to increase sales and finances.

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What are Salesforce Platform Licenses?

We’ll examine the Salesforce platform right now. It is a lightning platform that falls under the category of user licensing and is primarily aimed at users who wish to access personalized apps. Users of the Salesforce platform are unable to access common Customer Relationship Management functions, which is a big downside.

This user license grants certain users access to all categories of custom apps that are under the development team’s control. Users can install a version of the Salesforce App exchange or use the apps created.

Reports, documents, accounts, contacts, and other basic platform features are available to these users. There are several constraints connected with the lightning platform user license, such as the inability to access user permissions and some standard programs.

The user is not permitted to use the regular tabs and unique items that compose the campaigns and leads, including the opportunities and predictions. Users that have access to the Salesforce licensing platform can also use the Connect Offline feature.

Furthermore, all individual users have full access to all customizable applications existent within the organizational business. This platform’s license includes more storage for performance, as well as limitless users.

Following the introduction of the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management system, the sales department is responsible for allocating the usages of the high-degree values for the business company to learn about the various Salesforce licenses.

The organization’s scope is expanding in various directions, with Salesforce administrators assigned specific tasks for object customization.

Finally developing additional Salesforce regions that can be handled for the creation of new data sets for different levels of departments based on role hierarchies.

The majority of operationally focused users don’t need access to some CRM items and other features that are available in the Salesforce sales cloud, or, in the case of the enterprise version, within the Salesforce sales cloud.

We will now build some of the CRM items, they are:

  • Opportunities
  • Leads
  • Orders
  • Contracts
  • Products
  • Forecasts

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Difference between Salesforce and Salesforce Platform Licenses

Let us now examine the distinction between Salesforce and Salesforce Platform Licenses.

The Customer Relationship Management system and app exchange standard objects are fully accessible under the Salesforce License design criteria, which has a significant bias in favor of allowing this access.

Standard objects are required for the construction of CRM apps, which include;

  • Leads
  • Possibilities
  • Predictions
  • Cases
  • Remedy

The Salesforce Licensing Platform’s design requirements favor allowing access exclusively to customized salesforce applications, with no authorization to provide in the case of using conventional CRM functions.

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We can observe that these Salesforce platform customers have complete access to the Salesforce standard and functionality, which includes-

  • Accounts
  • Custom tabs
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Dashboards
  • Reports

The Salesforce lightning platform covers the main functionalities and provides roughly ten customizable objects that have the same functionalities. These are their names:

  • Alerts
  • Salesforce mobile app
  • Appexchange products
  • Integration via API
  • Email templates
  • Apex

While understanding the points under Salesforce vs Salesforce Platform License, some of the apps that are typically launched in Salesforce include Human Resource Management, bug tracking, software development, and attendance tracking.

Every individual user existing in a company organization and using the sales force must now have a license so that the cost may be swiftly increased.

The key advantage of Salesforce Platform Licenses is that it gives certain customers a less expensive platform as well as credentials that assist in lowering the overall cost of licensing.

Aside from that, it assures that all users have complete access to the documents and data on which they depend.

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Benefits of Salesforce

These are some of the benefits of Salesforce:

  • Time Management
    • Time management is a significant benefit of Salesforce and one of the most effective methods to help a business grow and prosper.
    • You get all you need in one location, thanks to extensive customer information and valuable planning resources.
    • No more sifting through logs and files for vital information.
  • Ease of Use
    • A CRM should be simple to use even for inexperienced users in order to its full potential.
    • Because Salesforce CRM serves a wide spectrum of businesses, many of which have no history in software or technology, this feature is critical.
    • Salesforce fulfills and surpasses the need for simplicity of use by providing a simplified and very intuitive user interface.
    • Everything is presented in an easy-to-understand way to eliminate any annoyance or trouble.
  • Innovation
    • Salesforce is a metadata platform. Metadata is defined as “information about information.”
    • The simple accessibility of the Salesforce metadata layer enables customers to innovate and quickly commercialize while providing a fantastic user experience to clients, partners, and collaborators.
    • Salesforce provides up to three free updates each year with advanced and new features that may be implemented without modifying the system.
    • So, if you want to be years ahead of the competition with advancements, look no further.


There is a lot of information and alternatives to consider when it comes to Salesforce licensing. The effort invested in developing your use case might yield a very high ROI and enable Salesforce to be used in additional areas of your organization.

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