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Selenium Career Opportunities Selenium Jobs in 2023
Updated on 01st Mar, 23 1439 Views

Selenium Career Opportunities

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the web testing field, then you have landed on the right page. We will explain the various Selenium career opportunities that await trained and certified testers. The need for Selenium Web Testing has become one of the most integral parts of many businesses.

When there is a discussion about web testing tools, Selenium is surely one of the best in the field to help developers with automation testing. Hence, the demand for Selenium Web Testers is on the rise, and it is only going to increase in the future exponentially.

Selenium rose to become the most popular of all web testing tools, with a humongous 300 percent growth in terms of job postings during the previous three years, says Business Wire.

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Popularity of Selenium WebDriver

When we converse about which one is the best among all the available automation testing frameworks, Selenium always paves its way to the conversation. Selenium is one of the best automation testing frameworks as it is widely used among developers internationally. Selenium IDE can be integrated with different search engines to automate testing. We know that there are so many automation testing frameworks, but why do we choose Selenium and why is it preferred over other automation testing frameworks? Well, let us discuss the advantages of Selenium that make it the poster boy!

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A Non-proprietary Software

Selenium is an open-source tool, which is publicly accessible and free. Developers do not need to pay any upfront fees to use it. So, we can save a lot of money. With Selenium, we can customize the code for better management of it and amplify the capability of built-in functions and classes. Selenium WebDriver is a proven web automation framework because of its test scripts generation capability.

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Multi-browser Compatibility

Selenium supports multiple popular browsers for web automation. It can be integrated with a testing framework like TestNG in selenium to create a .xml file that will map to the Test Cases in a .java file to make sure that the application works exactly as it is required to, in all browsers, which allows a large audience to access and use the web application in their preferred browser.

Selenium WebDriver offers a faster API that is easy to explore. Most of the APIs are based on one of the two popular architectures, namely, REST and SOAP. Hence, for example, if the target API is based on SOAP, we can use SOAP UI to test it.

Selenium Testing is a desired skill in the application development and software development areas in Australia, UK, India, and the US, where job openings and pay scales witness a snowball effect.

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Selenium Job Salary Perspectives

Let us now talk about how Selenium job salaries vary w.r.t. different companies, the number of years of experience in the industry, and the skill set of an employee. Among these, skill sets and experience aspects matter the most in the automation testing field as they define the variation in job salary among employees even within a company.

However, in India, the average pay scale of Selenium Automation Test Engineers is around ₹442k and the Senior Automation Engineer salary scales up to ₹800k per year. Interestingly, there is no upper limit to these figures, according to Glassdoor.

In the US, on the other hand, the average annual salary of a Selenium Tester ranges between US$21k and US$162k, says Glassdoor.

There is always a huge chance for an increase in salary with an increase in one’s industry experience. Nonetheless, one should remember that there is no shortcut to experience; one must keep oneself indulged in this field to grab a lucrative career. Selenium Testers can have towering growth throughout their careers. Starting as trainees, they can always grab new skill sets to upgrade themselves, look forward to senior positions and, thus, succeed in their career path.

Selenium Job Salary Perspectives

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Selenium Future Scope: Major Companies Hiring Selenium Testers

If we are ready to dive deep into Software Testing and gain advanced-level expertise in it, then Selenium would be a cream puff for us. We can always enhance our skills for professional growth. Research by Forrester states testing as the ‘most popular phase of software delivery in which Artificial Intelligence can be applied.’

As there will be a continuous demand for software for various objectives in most companies and as no software has ever been produced without bugs, indulging with this open-source and easy-to-use tool will ensure us a fruitful career. There are a plethora of MNCs that rely on Selenium and use it extensively for testing purposes such as Facebook, and Microsoft. Cognizant, HP, Accenture, etc. They employ Selenium Testers with deep knowledge and Selenium certification.

Selenium Future Scope: Major Companies Hiring Selenium Testers

Automation testing is an innovative field and, in a software development process, the development and the testing fields are ever in need of talented testers who can help with easy releases of new versions and the maintenance of the software. As there are various benefits that Selenium brings to the table, it is a widely chosen tool, tempting us to think of making a career in Selenium Testing.

Now, if we have decided to make a career in automation testing, then what are the roles we are offered with? Let’s go to the next section to answer this question!

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Selenium Jobs in 2023:

2023 already brings a fortune as it is expected to have 27,453 new openings for software testing jobs across India, as per According to Naukri, around 5,297 Selenium job openings are waiting to test our skills and employ us.

These stats clearly show that there are great opportunities waiting for us to make advancements in our careers, only if we invest enough time and effort in upskilling and practicing constantly.

Now, let us talk about the ways to upskill ourselves in the testing domain. In the next section of this blog, we will also see various Selenium jobs that we can grab with our Selenium Testing skills!

Become a Test Architect

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Selenium Job Roles: Upskill Yourself with Intellipaat

Selenium job roles vary from company to company, ranging from a mobile development company to a web application development company. Also, our experience in the industry matters when it comes to undertaking a specific Selenium job role.

Some of the popular Selenium job roles that an automation testing company can offer us are:

  • Selenium Automation Engineer
  • Selenium Tester
  • Senior Quality Engineer – Automation
  • Mobile Testing Lead
  • Java Selenium Automation Engineer
  • Selenium Test Analyst
  • Senior QA Automation Engineer
  • Software Development Test Engineer
Selenium Job Roles: Upskill Yourself with Intellipaat

The key skills required to take up any of these job roles are as follows: security testing, regression testing, Performance Testing, Java and Java APIs, testing QA automation, knowledge of automation frameworks, Selenium, functional testing, and JIRA.

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