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AWS Compliance - A guide to meeting your regulatory requirements

AWS Compliance Overview

AWS makes its clients identify the vigorous controls in place with the aid of cloud compliance at AWS for data safety and sustainability of security in the cloud. Compliance responsibilities get exchanged since the systems are created on top of the AWS cloud infrastructure. Through tying mutually governance-targeted, audit-pleasant service characteristics with appropriate compliance or audit standards, AWS compliance enablers construct predictable applications, helping customers work up and running in an AWS-security-managed atmosphere.

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How does AWS ensure the compliance of resources? Well, AWS comes with two different solutions that help its customers keep track of their resources and have control over them; they are given below:

AWS CloudTrail: It checks all the AWS API calls and encapsulates them in encrypted log files. CloudTrail can also be customized and configured to issue SNS notifications the time when the log files are created.

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AWS Config: This solution provides details about all AWS assets and their configurations. It can also be configured to issue alerts at the time of the regulation violation.

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