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Mobile Services

AWS Mobile ServicesAmazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito finds out ways to recognize sole users, recover provisional and unimportant passwords, and help in information management operations.

To initiate Amazon Cognito, follow the below steps:

  1. Register in AWS
  2. Get the token of your application
  3. Develop an identity pool for Cognito
  4. Develop SDK and accumulate and then synchronize the information

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The maximum size of the dataset is 1 MB and that of the identity is 20 MB. Developing a dataset and putting the keys is done by the following commands:

DataSet *dataset = [syncClient openOrCreateDataSet:@"myDataSet"];
NSString *value = [dataset readStringForKey:@"myKey"];[dataset putString:@"my value" forKey:@"myKey"];

As applications in the cloud increase, the cost of Cognito also increases. We will be able to use 10 GB storeroom for the first year.

Amazon Mobile SDK

AWS Mobile SDK allows easy building of AWS applications. A few characteristics of Amazon Mobile SDK are as follows:

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Object Mapper

It helps in admitting AWS DynamoDB from the applications. It assists us in programming for converting the substance into tables and vice versa. The substances allow reading, writing, and removing services on the items and support questions.

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S3 Transfer Manager

It helps upload and download documents from S3 by increasing the performance level and dependency. With this, the operations on file transfer can be further modified. Using BFTask, this tool is repaired and transformed into a better and cleaner boundary.

iOS/Objective-C Enhancements

AWS Mobile SDK helps ARC with BFTask for better utilization of Objective-C and CocoaPods.

Cloud Computing EPGC IITR iHUB

Here ends this AWS tutorial section on Amazon Mobile Services.

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AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify provides developers with tools to build or put together the frontend and backend of a website. Using Amplify, developers can easily build, deploy, and manage full-stack apps. It makes the development process simpler and helps make scalable apps. Also, it supports frameworks and platforms such as JS, React, Android, Flutter, etc.

Amplify provides the following key features to build full-stack Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, and web apps:

AWS Amplify Key Features

Let’s check out the other elements of this tool:

  • Command-line interface (CLI): It provides a simple CLI toolchain to enable features such as authentication, Lambda functions, APIs, analysis, and storage in your web or app directly from AWS cloud services.
  • Libraries: Libraries are available to easily configure both frontend and backend along the development process.
  • UI libraries: UI libraries support frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, React Native, Iconic, and Next.js.
  • Console: Amplify Console is the key feature using which developers can manage resources in a Git-based workflow for continuous development.

Visit the AWS Amplify documentation to understand how you can set up Amplify in your framework or platform.

AWS Pinpoint

AWS Pinpoint is a marketing service for released apps. It analyzes the response messages or notifications that an application gets from the end-user and schedules releases for messages based on the analysis. AWS Mobile Analytics is now included in Pinpoint, and hence, it also tracks app usage by users and collects app revenue data for business operations. Check out this developer guide for AWS Pinpoint.

SNS Push Notification

Push notification is a feature offered by AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service). It helps send notifications to end-users directly in the form of badges, sound alerts, and messages in the notification panel of their mobile phones.

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