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The networking services offered by AWS are immense. We can set up the internet route by joining IP addresses, setting up of the logical servers according to the transmission protocols.

The networking services can be used on applications like:

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What is AWS VPC video

Now, let’s go ahead and list few of the key services in AWS. They are the following:

Key services :


Key servicesDescription
Amazon EC2Provides logical servers in the Amazon Web Services.
Elastic Load BalancingSpreads system crowd across your logical servers.
Auto ScalingBalances the servers according to the differences
Amazon Route 53Directs crowd to your server
AWS LambdaCompiles your code on the logical servers according to the incidents

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Key concept :

Here we are going to describe about the key concepts of Amazon Web Services.
Instances and AMIs

The Amazon EC2 gives flexible calculation in setting up of the software systems.The configuration is completed by the MIs. For this MI you have to initiate another machine image as a logical server in the Amazon’s information core. Many instances can be taken from the machine image.

Key Concepts

While initiating an instance, the instance type has to be selected which describes the device abilities of the host system for that case.Use the public  domain name system  or even the Internet Protocol to admission any event. The domain name systems are as follows:

For eastern America:
For Remaining:

You need to manually stop the instances or else they will continue to flow. When any instance becomes unsuccessful, you can always restart a new instance from the machine image. Tailor  your instances with extra tools and settings.  So better store all the tailored settings for  future use so that you can initiate any instance whenever required.

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Virtual Private Cloud

When you will have your AWS account, it will be given a logical network  for your connections which is named as the VPC.  This network is separated from the remaining networks and offers safer network facilities to your system. It is similar to the rational connection,  but provides much expandable architecture.


A subnet is a part of the logical cloud where the instances are to be initiated. It makes collections of the same to provide safety and sound actions. An Internet entryway  has to be supplementary for serving the instances to attain the tune-ups.

Security Groups

It controls the incoming and outgoing crowd  and operates as a defense border.  We may allow more than one such groups while initiating the instances. While making them, we have to specify certain protocols for the incoming crowd as well as for the outgoing crowd . Except them the other type of crowd is removed. The protocols for the incoming and outgoing crowd can be adjusted as well.

Security Groups\

Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zones

This route is vastly  obtainable  and expansible  in the internet service. It is very much dependable and economic for bringing the traffic to your site by converting website names to Internet protocol addresses. It puts the links to the respective suppliers like the EC2. You can modify your link names according to your concern and if in case you do not have one name you can find out using route number 53 . And if you have it , then you  can send it to the 53th route.It also allows to manage  domain names with the help of the hosted zones.  One such zone will avail us with 4 server names.

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Auto Scaling Groups

They are for helping out the logical servers and they increase or decrease according to the requirements.

Auto Scaling Groups

Load Balancer

The crowd is shared among several instances with the help of this load balancer. More quantity of error acceptance can be well obtained by using this balancer.  It automatically directs the crowd to the ongoing instances when they are initiated and ended.  Health  surveys are also done due to its flexibility. The instances which are not working are routed for checking their health.

Load Balancer

Architecture :

All types of subnets include EC2 instances. Those in the public  are entered using the authentication of  the security groups. They also determines the communication among the instances . The responsibility of the load is maintained by the ASG. The AGS spans the mostly present zones against the isolated zones. The crowd is shared among the instances by the ASG only. As soon as the instances are initiated or stopped their load is without human intervention arranged by the balancer. The 53rd route really provides best directing of your field forename to your architecture on the web service.


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