Database management system in AWS

The developers offered a several database management services from AWS. The there are numerous options you can find to run, managed relational data and also managed NoSQL databases, or there is one more option to run the code on online platform in the cloud on Amazon EBS and Amazon EC2.

  • Amazon RDS : A known web service helps in set up, function and scale a relational database in the cloud. It offers resizable capacity and cost-efficient, if you are administrating the time- overwhelming management tasks.

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  • Amazon DynamoDB : DynamoDB is a simple database application and need low latency and expected performance at any level. There is no need for difficult querying capacities such as joins or transactions. It has the capacity of high performance, low cost and simple to operate and set-up.
  • Amazon ElastiCache : The activity of this web server takes place in memory cache in the cloud. The applications can enhance their performance using this web server by permitting you to extract the data fast, managed from in-memory caches. The advantage of this, it will provide two open source in-memory caching engines.

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