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In this C Tutorial you will learn C starting from introduction of C, Installation, C First Program, Data types in C, Variable and constant in C, Keywords and Comments, Operators, if statements, Loops, Array, Functions, Pointers and Dynamic memory allocation, Strings, Structure and Union, File Handling in C, Storage Classes, Programs in C. This C tutorial is your first step to learn C and master this top programming language.

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The core functionalities of C which have made it a widely accepted programming language:

  • Considered as the mother of all the modern programming languages
  • Used for low-level system programming, i.e., kernel, drivers, etc.
  • Is a middle-level language as it supports both the lower and upper-level languages.

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C vs C++

C++ is the successor of C, but there are some cases when programmers prefer C over C++. The following table will give you a quick view of the comparative analysis of C and C++:

C C++
Structural language Object-oriented language
Function-driven Object-driven
Middle-level language High-level language
Functional programming supported Supports partial functional programming

This C tutorial includes all the aspects of this programming language so you learn C the right way. As part of this C tutorial, you will have enough hands-on coding and theoretical knowledge so you learn C.

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