Setting up the environment

There are many compiler used for C. But generally Turbo c++ is most popularly used. To install the Turbo C software, you need to follow following steps-
Step 1 – First of all download the Turbo C++ software from
Step 2 – Extract “Turbo C++” file
Step 3 – Double click on the install.exe file and use following steps
Now click on the install folder situated within c:\turboc
Step 4 – Press enter to continue
Step 5 – Change your drive to c, Press c.
Step 6 – Press enter
Step 7 – Choose Start installation by the down arrow key then press enter.

Step 8 – At that time C is installed then press enter to read documentation or close the software. 


Step 9 – Click on the TC situated inside c:\TC\BIN then double click on the TC placed in C:\TC\BIN to write c program.

In windows 7/8 it will display a dialog block to ignore and close the application because full screen mode is not supported. Click on Ignore button.

Now it will showing following console:


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