Keywords are the reserved words which are used for specific purpose. It cannot be used as variable, constants. Keywords in C are –

auto break case char const continue default do
double else enum extern float for goto if
int long register return short signed sizeof static
struct switch typedef union unsigned void volatile while

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Keywords and Comments

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It is useful to place a comment in place to indicate what you are doing. It is added into the program for making the program easier to understand and these are not compiled by the compiler or interpreter. It is useful if you want someone else to be able to ever read your code.
There are two ways to use comment in C which are as follows:

  • Single Line comment
  • Multi Line comment

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Single Line comment

It is used to apply the comment on a single line. To apply single line comment // is used.

printf(“hello Intellipaat"); // It will print the string hello Intellipaat

Multi Line comment

It is used to apply the comment on multiple lines. To apply multi line use /*comment */.

printf("hello Intellipaat"); /*It will print the
string hello Intellipaat*/

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