Various threats on IT systems:

Any threat to the computer system might lead to data or information loss of the system. These threats can occur intentionally, accidentally or by any other means. There are different types of threats such as –

  • Security threat – Data stealing, exploitation of data, virus attack etc.
  • Physical threat – Loss or physical damage to the system
  • Internal – power supply, hardware fault etc.
  • External – lighting, natural disaster such as flood, earthquake
  • Human – theft, vandalism etc.
  • Non-physical threat – Loss of information, data corruption, cyber security breaches etc.

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Attacks on the IT system:

An Attack to the system can cause lot of harm such as data loss or monetary loss to the system. There are different types of attacks such as –

  • Virus – Piece of software to steal and damage computer
  • Spyware – Collects information against user’s own will
  • Phishing – Mostly done through email like fraudulent system
  • Worms – Self replicating from one system to another
  • Spam – Spam emails are computer security threat
  • Botnets – Bots used to target and attack systems
  • DOS attacks – Bombarding server with traffic to overwhelm the system

Difference between threat, vulnerability, attack and attack vector:

Threat Vulnerability Attack Attack Vector
Anything potential to cause harm to the system or organization. A weak or flaw in the system which could be exploited by an hacker. Used to break in the system. Path by which attacker gains access to the system.
Network threats, application threats, cloud threats etc. Poor password, poor security systems, unencrypted protocols DOS attack, OS attack, virus, worms Email attachments, popup windows.

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