Azure App Services

Azure Web App provides a host service that developers can use it to develop mobile or web app. Apart from this the developer can use to build API apps or Logic apps, which provides integration with SaaS. It replaces several separate Azure services, which includes Azure Website, Azure Mobile services and Azure BizTalk services gives you a single product called Azure App services.

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Azure Web Apps

  • Azure Web Apps provides a platform to build an App in Azure without having to deploy, configure and maintain your own Azure VM’s.
  • You can build Web App using the ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js and Python.
  • They also integrate common development environments which could be Visual Studio and GitHub.
  • You must always remember that you need to pay for the Azure compute resources you use.

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Visual Studio integration: there is a dedicated tool in Visual Studio to streamline the work for creating, deploying and debugging.
API and mobile feature: This provide the key CORs support for RESTful APIs and also enables the process of push notification, authentication in the mobile app scenarios.
Serverless code: It runs the script as and when needed without the trouble of infrastructure management. Also, you will be paying online for the compute time your code takes.

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Azure Web Apps: Deploying Web Apps

You can deploy your web apps by using several methods

  • Copying files manually by using FTP
  • Synchronizing files and folders to App Service from a cloud storage service, such as OneDrive or Dropbox

Azure App Service also supports deployments by using the Web Deploy technology. This approach is available with Visual Studio, WebMatrix, and Visual Studio Team Services. If you want to perform deployments by using Git or FTP, you must configure deployment credentials. Knowledge of deployment credentials will allow you to upload the we app’s code and content to the new web app, to make it available for browsing.

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Azure Web Apps

Azure Mobile Apps

It provides a platform to build mobile applications like storing and accessing your data recieving notifications. Mobile Apps help developers to tackle challenging requirements for modern mobile devices apps which include,

  • Storing and accessing structured data
  • Receiving notification in response to custom defined events
  • Authenticating and authorizing users based on Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft account
  • Incorporating business logic

It allows developers to build cross- platform apps that can run on Windows, IOS or Android. These apps can operate exclusively in the cloud or connect with your on-premises infrastructure for authentication. They can also benefit from the built-in push notification engine that can send personalized push notifications to almost any mobile device that is using iOS, Android or Windows

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Azure Logic Apps

  • Azure Logic Apps automate business processes by linking together cloud- based apps such as Office 365, Google Services and Salesforce
  • With the Logic Feature you can use a visual designer to combine connectors available from Azure Marketplace for different integration scenarios.
  • Logic Apps uses a workflow engine to implement business processes that you designed and relies on connectors to provide user access
  • Each step in the workflow is an action that accesses data through a connector

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Azure App Service Environment

  • Business critical apps often require highly scalable, isolated and dedicated environments
  • To accommodate this requirement, you can use the Azure App service Environment
  • Azure App Service Environment can be used to host web apps, mobile apps and API apps that require highly scalable compute resources, isolation and direct virtual network connectivity.

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