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Be it any industry or an enterprise of any size, the need for a flexible and efficient storage solution is always at the top. Azure offers a fast method to collect data, analyze it, and use several methods and tools to enable companies, including some of the Fortune 500 organizations, to deliver their services and products to their users within a minimal time frame.

In this blog, you will gain insights into the topics listed below and learn how to become a Microsoft Azure Administrator:

Let’s start by learning who these professionals are and the steps you need to follow to get into this field.


Who is an Azure Administrator?

Microsoft Azure is a platform for Cloud Computing that lets its users manage a variety of cloud resources and services, such as the storage of data, data transformation, and more. For users to access this data, they must have a stable Internet connection, and they should be able to connect to the portal of Azure.

An Azure Administrator is someone who implements, manages, and monitors Azure solutions and works on the storage, governance, identity, virtual networks, and compute in a cloud environment.

Now, if you wish to enter the profession, first, you must clear the AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administration certification exam or the AZ-104 certification exam. You will learn about the two in detail further in the blog.

Watch the YouTube video below and get a better knowledge of this domain:

Further, check out the skills you need to have to become a Microsoft Azure Administrator.


Azure Professional Skills

To get into an Azure-based profession, there are numerous skills that you need to acquire. You must be comfortable working with UNIX, Windows, and other operating systems, setting up cloud systems, balancing and deploying workloads, and more.

See below for some more skills that you need to acquire to become an Azure professional:

  • In-depth knowledge of Cloud Computing services is important in all jobs based on Azure
  • Basic understanding of functions in databases, servers, networking, and software in the cloud
  • Knowledge of Microsoft
  • Experience in working with Office 365 and PowerShell
  • Prior experience in Google Cloud or AWS can be useful
  • Programming skills in at least one language
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET and open-source frameworks
  • Clear the Azure Administrator certification exam conducted by Microsoft

To prepare for the examination, you must apply for the best Azure Course and become capable of clearing the exam in the first attempt.

Now, you will learn about the skills that are specific to the job role of an Azure Administrator.


Role-based Azure Administrator Skills

Listed below are a few of the must-have skills to get a job as an Azure Administrator:

  • Ability to run virtual machines on the cloud
  • Experience in Kubernetes and Docker for virtualization
  • Managing storage solutions for virtual database files, hard disks, application data, etc.
  • Securing data from unauthorized access
  • Ensuring data backups for restoration
  • Maintaining corporate compliance and configuring archival storage
  • Expertise in security controls of Microsoft

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Now, let’s come to the Azure certification exam.


Azure Administrator Certification

AZ-103 is one of the latest exams released by Microsoft. After this release, Microsoft also released the AZ-104 certification in 2020, which is a replacement for AZ-103.

Earlier, you must have seen that the Azure certifications were divided into two parts, AZ-100 and A-101. However, with the recent release, both the exams are combined into one. Once you clear the AZ-103 or the AZ-104 exam, Microsoft will reward you with the Azure Administrator Associate certification.

The Azure Administrator certification costs about US$165, and for every next attempt, you need to pay the same amount.

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Next, get an understanding of the modules that are covered in the examination.


Azure Administrator Syllabus

Modules that are included in this Microsoft Azure certification exam are listed below, along with their respective weightage:

  • Configuration and management of virtual networks: 30–35%
  • Management of Azure resources and subscriptions: 15–20%
  • Deployment and management of virtual machines (VMs): 15–20%
  • Implementation and management of storage: 15–20%
  • Management of identities: 15–20%

Now, briefly read about the above modules to know what you need to learn in them.

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Configuration and Management of Virtual Networks

This configuration and management of virtual networks section have the highest weightage in the certification exam. Here, you will need to know how to set up enterprise-level networks. You should be able to use network gateways and VNet peering to connect various virtual networks, secure VNets with the help of network security groups, and configure public and private DNS zones for the process of name resolution.

In this module, another important topic covered is the advanced virtual network. Here, you should be able to use Azure load balancer to distribute a load of any application across numerous virtual machines, Network Watcher to monitor virtual networks, and ExpressRoute and the VPN gateway to integrate the Azure network with your company’s network on-premises.

Check out our blog on Azure Monitor to learn more.

Management of Azure Resources and Subscriptions

Although it may seem simple, it is one of the most significant sub-fields of the exam syllabus and in real life. Without the knowledge of this, as an admin, you will have loopholes in the security of company data, and this, in turn, will result in a massive loss. Therefore, you need to know how to apply several policies to resources and subscriptions for maintaining your company’s governance. With the help of Azure, you can enforce the necessary policies in your organization and put a stop to the actions that your company wishes to prevent.

Moreover, you should be proficient in monitoring resource consumption. Otherwise, you may end up with an exceptionally large amount of bills to pay. Another important topic in this module is controlling role-based access. This particular topic will allow you to understand how to provide the right amount of access to the respective users so that no one gets any privileges that they do not require.

Certification in Cloud & Devops

Deployment and Management of Virtual Machines

An easy module compared to the others is the deployment and management of Azure VMs. To excel in this section, you must be proficient in deploying VMs in a company. Additionally, you should have the skills to use Azure Resource Manager to deploy the VMs, Desired State Configuration to automate changes in the configuration, and policies to back up the virtual machines. Further, you must set up auto-scaling and high availability.

Implementation and Management of Storage

The next module is to implement and manage storage. However, storage is not the only topic of importance in this section. You will be tested on setting up file shares with the help of Azure File Sync. Also, you should know how to use a Recovery Services vault to implement data backups.

Management of Identities

The ultimate module in the syllabus of the certification exam is the management of identities that focuses on the Active Directory (AD) of Azure. Azure’s AD is Microsoft’s managed version of directory software. It is necessary that you know the process to add users and groups to the directory. Azure AD also has other features that you must become an expert in, including multi-factor authentication and synchronizing the AD available on-premises with Azure Active Directory.

Now that you are familiar with the concepts that you will be tested on in the certification exam, learn about the job opportunities you will have once you become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator.

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Azure Administrator Jobs

As per LinkedIn, there are over 51,000 vacancies for Azure professionals, all in the leading companies in the United States. In India, whereas, there are more than 19,000 job openings for these experts.

Following are some of the job profiles related to Azure that recruiters hire the most:

  • Azure Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Azure Cloud Solutions Consultant
  • Azure Customer Engineer
  • Azure Services Sales Specialist
  • Azure Technical Support
  • Azure Cloud Engineer
  • Azure Systems Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Azure AD Engineer
Companies Hiring Azure Professionals

Clearing the certification exam is a must to assume any of the job roles mentioned. However, to get selected for these jobs, you must also prepare a good Azure Administrator resume, consisting of all the demanding skills mentioned in the job description. Intellipaat will help you do this and also will update your skills so that you land a high-paying job at a reputed organization.

After reading about the various job opportunities that will be available to you once you acquire the necessary skills and become a certified Administrator in Azure, you may be wondering what these jobs demand. Let’s take a look at some of the job descriptions so that you understand the roles better.

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Azure Administrator Job Description

Read about some of the job descriptions for Azure professionals posted by recruiters of leading companies.

Cloud Solutions Consultant at Oracle – Berkeley, California

Cloud Solutions Consultant Job at Oracle

Source: Indeed

Azure Customer Engineer at Microsoft – Hyderabad, Telangana

Azure Customer Engineer Job at Microsoft

Source: Indeed

Let’s now move on and discuss the salaries of these Azure professionals.


Azure Administrator Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an Azure Administrator is US$90,477 per annum in the United States.

Azure Administrator jobs salary in India is approximately ₹563,000 per annum, which is much higher than most of the other IT salaries. These professionals’ salary range in India is between ₹333,000 and ₹1,307,000 per year.


Prepare for the Exam and Become a Certified Azure Professional

So, prepare for the Azure Administration exam from Microsoft and become proficient in this domain. This blog on ‘How to become an Azure Administrator?’ discusses who these professionals are, the necessary skills in this domain, the certification that you need to clear to get into this field, the job opportunities available after clearing the certification, and more.

If you have any queries on the job profile or the certification exam, post them on our Azure Community!

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