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Top 10 Vulnerability Scanning Tools in 2024

Top 10 Vulnerability Scanning Tools in 2024

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What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability Scanning or Vulnerability Assessment is a process of finding loopholes in the security of any system. The process helps identify potential vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Scanning keeps unauthorized access at bay. Vulnerability Assessment helps protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of a system.

Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Vulnerability Scanning Tools can help you to detect vulnerabilities in applications in various ways. There are various types of vulnerability scanners available. They can be paid, open-source, or free.

Let’s look at some of them.


Netsparker has an automation feature that helps in finding vulnerabilities. This web application vulnerability tool is capable of finding vulnerabilities in thousands of web applications within a couple of hours.

Netsparker is a paid vulnerability tool and it comes with many advanced features. It can crawl into applications through its crawling technology and find vulnerabilities. It can also offer mitigation techniques for all the vulnerabilities it finds. The tool also provides security solutions for vulnerability assessment.

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OpenVAS is one of the recent and popular open-source tools providing vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management options. The OpenVAS vulnerability detection tool carries several key features.

This is one of the vulnerability testing tools in the market that includes compatibility with several operating systems, freely accessible, licensed under GNU General public license, and more.

The tool has other popular features as follows:

  • The scanning engine of the tool is regularly updated with the Network Vulnerability tests.
  • The tool is equipped with identifying security issues in the network servers and devices.


Acunetix is a fully automated, paid web application vulnerability assessment tool. It is capable of detecting and reporting vulnerabilities on over 4500 web applications.

The tool supports HTML5, single-page, and Javascript applications along with supporting the auditing of authenticated, complex applications.


Intruder is designed to scan cloud-based storage. The tool starts scanning as soon as a vulnerability is released. It has a fully automated scanning mechanism that can constantly monitor vulnerabilities.

Intruder is capable of managing many devices and therefore can be used for enterprise-level vulnerability scanning. It can also identify network vulnerabilities.

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Aircrack is a vulnerability detection tool is popularly used to assess Wi-Fi network security. Aircrack tools are used in the network auditing process as well.

Aircrack tool supports multiple operating systems such as Solaris, NetBSD, Windows, and more. This tool is helpful in the retrieval of lost keys by capturing data packets.

Retina CS Community

This is one of the current popular open-source web-based vulnerability detection tools. It is one of the vulnerability scanning tools in the market that is gaining popularity for simplifying and centralizing vulnerability management in organizations.

The tool comes with the following interesting features:

  • The tool is feasible. The feasibility is ensured via compliance reporting, patching, and configuration compliance. In addition, the tool provides cross-platform vulnerability tests as well.
  • The tool is cost-efficient and helps the reduction of cost and effort in vulnerability detection to a great extent.
  • Retina CS community tool supports virtual environments. This includes aspects such as vCenter integration, virtual app scanning, and more. The tool includes automated vulnerability assessment for servers, web applications, workstations, and DBs.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)

MSBA is one of the vulnerability scanning tools which is freely accessible. It is one of the vulnerability assessment tools for securing Windows computers. This is because the tool is well-equipped with working with the specifications or guidelines set by Microsoft.

The vulnerability detection tool examines a group of computers for aspects such as misconfiguration, missing updates, and more. The tool looks into security patches as well. This in turn enhances the overall security process.

Nexpose Community

This is one of the recent open-source web application vulnerability assessment tools and is widely used in the scanning of vulnerabilities. The tool assists in a wide range of network checks as well.

It has several interesting features as follows:

  • The Nexpose community tool can be incorporated into any metaspoilt framework.
  • The tool works by considering various aspects of the vulnerability including the vulnerability’s age, the type of malware kit employed in the vulnerability, the advantages of using the type of vulnerability, the priority of fixing the vulnerability, and more.
  • The tool is enabled with the capacity to automatically detect and scan new devices. The new devices are evaluated for the existence of vulnerabilities while accessing the network.
  • The tool is equipped with real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities exposure. This means that the tool is quite familiar with the latest hazards and its relevant data.

Nessus Professional

This Nessus professional is one of the popular vulnerability scanning tools that is created and patented by Tenable Network security. This vulnerability detection tool is one of the branded web vulnerability scanners available in the market. The tool has various interesting features.

  • The vulnerability detection tool can prevent network penetrations through the vulnerabilities at the earliest. Usually, the network penetrations are performed by those interested in the company’s information/data.
  • The tool is enabled to prevent remote hacking by scanning the vulnerabilities.
  • The Nessus tool can be used in a wide range of networks. It can support physical networks as well. It is widely used in OS, Dbs, applications, and more.
  • This tool has a user base counting in millions.

SolarWinds Network Vulnerability Detection

SolarWinds has a Network Configuration Manager that helps in Network Vulnerability Detection. It can automate networks and help deploy firmware updates to all devices on the network.

It can manage, protect, and monitor network configurations. You are alerted of any changes in the configuration.

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Every vulnerability assessment tool comes with a set of key features. It would be correct to say that the assessment tools are unique, just like the network and issues of your company. To find the best assessment tool, it is important to find the applicable and probable issues in your company server.

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