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What is Cyber Safety - A Complete Overview
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You will learn the following topics in this blog – 

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What is Cyber Safety?

Digital security is implemented to protect your network/ security from any malicious digital cyber-attacks. Cyber Safety can be implemented in organizations and in individual systems/ networks. It is usually generated against cyber-attacks that are caused through a publically accessible internet connection, phishing emails, suspicious links, downloadable documents or apps, and more of similar nature.

Additionally, Cyber Safety protects the computer/ network from cyber attack’s consequences as well. This is exceptionally helpful when cyber-attacks are generated in such a way that the attack leaves a lasting impression on the organization’s overall functionality.

“Information security” is used quite interchangeably with the term “Cyber Safety”. However, it is to be noted that information security is a part of Cyber Safety and not a separate aspect. Information security usually comprises research data or personal data. Cyber Safety is implemented in various organizations to protect data. This protection is known as information security. Primarily, information security is deployed in areas where digital data is stored and is highly vulnerable to attacks. This includes information systems, apps, and websites. Following the understanding of what Cyber Safety is, the next segment will elucidate the importance of Cyber Safety.

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Why is Cyber Safety Important?

One of the prime reasons for implementing Cyber Safety is the protection of confidential data. Cyber Safety can protect these data to a great extent. These data protection go a long way, especially in cases of government-related data. Breach of such data of national importance can cause serious disturbance to the nation.

Additionally, a breach of personal data would result in personal losses such as reputation damage, etc. There are high chances of an extortion threat. By giving in to the threat, there are chances of financial damages.

Data privacy is important in this digital world. For example, breach of personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, and protected health information (PHI) would make people lose faith in the service and the possibility of recovering lost customers or building faith again is a herculean task. This is usually applicable in the sectors of hospitals and other healthcare institutions, financial service programs, and power plants.

However, the most fearsome aspect of the data breach through any cyberattack is the mishandling of data.

Through the following segment, you will understand the various types of cyber attacks. Based on the understanding of cyber-attacks and why cyber safety is important, you can implement cyber safety measures accordingly.

Types of Cyber Attacks

There are several types of cyber-attacks. 

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Malware is one of the types of attacks that need maximum defense by a Cyber Safety system. Typically, malware enters your system/ network and denies access to the critical components of the network. The other malicious activities of malware include obtaining information by retrieving data from a hard drive and disrupting the system. Furthermore, some malware is capable of making your system inoperable. The most common types of malware include viruses, Trojans, worms, ransomware, and spyware.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft cases have been growing rapidly in the last few years. In Identity Theft, someone steals your identity. This is done to either harm you directly or steal your personal information. If someone knows passwords to any of your accounts, they could easily log in and steal your personal data.


Another way attackers steal your identity is through Phishing. Phishing is a type of attack which might happen beyond cyber safety measures, usually through emails. The e-mail usually begins with warm regards, followed by an interesting story and a malicious link.

Usually, the stories would contain the sentiment that if you would like to proceed with donating money, you need to click the link. Sometimes, the email would lure you into believing that you have won a lottery or some distant relative of yours would like you to give you some money. On clicking the link, either your system/ network would crash as the hacker would have entered your system actively. On the other hand, by obtaining your details through the link, your money will be swindled from your bank account. Or, your data could be breached. The reason why sometimes Cyber Safety measures would not be adequate is that though the malicious virus can be prevented, manually filling of details needs to be decided by you. Cyber Safety works only to the extent of viruses, and not manual choices.

Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is the act of using the internet to harm someone. There are various forms of cyberbullying.

  • Flaming – This type of cyberbullying involves online fights with angry and vulgar messages.
  • Harassment – Online harassment can take the form of insulting, mean, and derogatory messages online.
  • Denigration – Denigration is when someone posts rumors or gossip about someone online, with the purpose of damaging their reputation.
  • Impersonation – Impersonation means pretending to be someone else to get them in trouble.
  • Outing – Outing is when someone shares somebody else’s secrets, images or information online.
  • Trickery – When people trick someone into revealing things and then post them online, it’s called Trickery.
  • Exclusion – Exclusion is when an individual or a group of people intentionally keeps someone out of an online group.
  • Cyberstalking – Cyberstalking is usually done to create fear in an individual using repeated harassment and denigration.


Plagiarism is a type of cyber-attack where someone takes your work and posts it under their name. It is often done by unassuming people on the internet who treat the internet as a free resource. Most of us are never taught about the proper way of citing someone else’s work or art. Whenever you’re using anybody else’s work for commercial or public use, it’s always a good idea to cite the source.

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Effects of Cyber Attacks

Cyber threats can affect your system/ network in the following ways. However, it is to be noted that by implementing Cyber Safety measures, you can prevent the effects of cyber-attacks to a great extent.

  • Whenever there is any Cyber breach, there will be a need to upgrade your Cyber Safety system. This will incur additional expenses. The expense is inclusive of new/up-gradation of Cyber Security Technology, Cyber Safety insurance, public relations support, and more of similar nature. Notifying the affected parties of a particular breach could even result in loss of customers.
  • Cyber Safety breach results in the disruption of operation. When there is any cyber-attack, the operation of business comes to a halt for various reasons. If the business operation is continued, the hacker would continue to get access to the confidential information. 
  • On the other hand, when certain types of Cyber Safety breaches render the computer/ network inoperable, it would sometimes take weeks to even months to recover the computer/ network. Furthermore, sometimes the access to backup data would also be troublesome.
  • Along with data breaches, comes the issue of reputational damage. When an organization faces a Cyber Safety breach of data leakage, customers often land up with a dozen questions on privacy and integrity. Needless to say, if your organization is known across borders, quite a few conspiracy theories would arise inevitably. This will affect the morale of your organization’s workers as well. 

Oftentimes, such a bad reputation can affect the company’s stocks too. Furthermore, any Cyber Safety breach will make your investors/ stakeholders/ anybody of such cadre question you. Moreover, potential shareholders/ investors can change their investment decision negatively.

There are several other aspects that could affect your overall business. Through the following segment, you will get to understand the ways in which you can implement Cyber Safety in your organization. Through such implementation, you can protect your organization’s functionality, reputation, and more of such nature.

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Cyber Safety Tips

  • Create a strong password for all platforms. Try to create unique passwords. Most importantly, the passwords are not related at all. In this way, hackers will not succeed in their password guessing methodology.
  • Always read the terms and conditions of any site. In this way, you will know whether your information will be collected or not.
  • Never type your financial information on any site, especially, if the site lacks padlock on the page.
  • Always ensure that the permissions required by the particular site are reasonable. For example, if your calculator app requests permission to access your gallery/ any of such nature, it is extremely suspicious. In such cases, uninstall the app immediately.
  • Always turn on two-factor authentication on your social media platforms. In that way, you will be alerted whenever there is an attempt to access your account.
  • Always backup your data. By doing that you can protect your data in case of breach too.


It is always important to keep your data private and safe. Cyber-attacks have evolved throughout the years to enter your system/ network undetected. Thus, it is always important to be upgraded and updated on your Cyber Safety system to protect your data.

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