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Data visualization

Here we will be using R programming language to visualize data. It is very important to visualize the result in a graphical format, to analyze the obtained output. Apart from that, we will be deriving statistics to get all the unique values, identifiers, factors, and continuous variable.

We can check the overall result through summary of the datasets.

We can use different packages in R to display the result in a graphical format.

  • Ggplot2

It is the package available in R to display the result in a graphical format. By using it, we will be able to plot any complex results with respect to the identifiers.

  • Pie chart

It is an important function available in R language, to create a pie chart and displaying the percentages of each category from the result. We can manipulate each category to display in different colors, so that users can easily distinguish category they wants to see.

  • Word cloud

It is easy to implement word cloud in R to get the most frequently used word in the data set. For that we have to use machine learning algorithm to distinguish words into different category.

For example, suppose we are analyzing twitter data and we have to find the mood of the users through machine learning. Here we can add 4 moods like angry, sad, happy, and neutral. We can display most frequent words used in each category with different colors.


Simple word cloud overview of twitter data

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