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Getting trained in the top technology is no longer optional but critical to the success of any professional in today’s hyper-competitive world. Since now you have taken the first step to keep yourself updated with the latest technology, you might be overwhelmed by the huge number of online professional training providers. So to make things simpler, let us concentrate on what are the most essential things that you need while enrolling in any online training institute. By taking those essential aspects into consideration, we started Intellipaat with the singular goal of helping you excel in your career.

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1. Online classes that can be attended from anywhere

Today’s working professionals are always short of time. So Intellipaat is offering high-quality, extremely interactive online training classes that can be attended from anywhere around the world. The quality of the learning experience is as good as any classroom training. Another big advantage of having online training classes is that the best trainers from around the world would be at your service which is just not possible in a physical classroom setup.

2. Trainers with over 14+ years of industry experience

Getting the right trainer can make all the difference when it comes to imparting a world-class learning experience. This is the reason why Intellipaat goes to such great lengths to select the right trainer with over 14 years of experience in the relevant industry scenario. This way what you learn is completely in line with the needs of the industry.

3. Course fully updated to meet industry needs

Having the right training as per the needs of the industry is extremely important if you want to excel in your career. The entire course material of Intellipaat is created by industry veterans. Due to this, the emphasis is always on what the industry needs rather than learning the theoretical concepts. Upon completion of the training, you will be in a very good position directly work in the domain of your training on a fast-track basis.

4. Certification recognized by the industry

When it comes to professional training the certification is as important as the training itself. The Intellipaat course completion certification is recognized by the industry. Over 80 top global MNCs like Cisco, Sony, Ericsson, Standard Chartered, Genpact, and TCS give a lot of importance to Intellipaat certification. Thus this will give you an added advantage when it comes to applying for the best jobs in the industry.

5. Support team at your service 24/7

What good is a learning experience if you don’t have the round-the-clock support team at your service? This is the reason why Intellipaat is putting a lot of effort to make sure that you can clarify your doubts, resolve your queries, getting the right technical support any time of the day. This way there is no impediment to your learning and excelling in your career.

6. Industry-relevant high-value projects

Since the emphasis is on hands-on experience, Intellipaat chooses all its projects with care. Regardless of the technology or tool that you choose to specialize in, you will always work on industry-relevant projects and case studies. This way you know exactly how the technology is deployed in the real-world scenario.

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7. Lifetime upgrade and access to course material

Today’s technology can be upgraded tomorrow. This means you need to learn the upgraded technology to grow in your career. Intellipaat makes this easier on you by providing you lifetime access to all the course material and also a free lifetime upgrade facility so that you are always at the cutting-edge of the technology.

8. One-on-one personalized attention

Mastering a new technology and excelling in it needs dedicated effort both from the learner’s point of view and the trainer’s point of view. So Intellipaat ensures all the learners get the complete attention of the trainer at all times. If there are any queries that need to be resolved, the trainer will go out of the way to ensure you are fully satisfied. You can get into an interactive discussion with the trainer so that what you learn are not just theoretical concepts but practical applications.

9. Attend as many classes in your lifetime

Once you become a learner at Intellipaat you are accorded some very good privileges like the opportunity to attend any number of classes throughout your lifetime. This can be beneficial if you miss a certain class in a certain batch or if you want to learn some aspect again. Also as and when the technology gets upgraded you will be able to attend the classes in the upgraded technology without having to pay any additional fees or charges.

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10. Jobs and placements in over 80 top MNCs

All the professionals take the pain of learning a new technology or tool with the hope that they will land their dream job. Taking note of this fact, Intellipaat is giving great importance to jobs and placements to all Intellipaat learners in the best MNCs around the world. We will help you update your resume, circulate it among our MNCs partners, and equip you for the job interview so that you are able to excel and grow in your career.

Now you know the most important aspects that set Intellipaat apart from the rest of the pack. You would also be surprised to know that Intellipaat is offering training in over 150 technologies and tools from Big Data Hadoop, and Data Science all the way to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain to the Internet of Things. So what are you waiting for? Taking charge of your career and getting ahead in your professional life has never been easier thanks to Intellipaat!

Get in touch with Intellipaat and see your career soar to new heights with its courses on Big Data & other technologies!

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