7 Big Data Examples – Application of Big Data in Real Life

7 Big Data Examples – Application of Big Data in Real Life
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Big Data is taking the world by storm. With the huge amounts of data emanating from various digital sources the importance of analytics has tremendously grown making the companies to tap the dark data that was considered useless all these years. As the companies are bound to provide results on the fly the importance of big data has proliferated across the industries at a swift pace.

You must be wondering that why is this hype about big data? The reasons why every company is inclined towards adopting big data are –

ReasonsBig Data benefits
TimelyGain instant insights from diverse data sources
Better analyticsImprovement of business performance through real-time analytics
Vast amount of dataBig data technologies manage huge amounts of data
InsightsCan provide better insights with the help of unstructured and semi-structured data
Decision-makingHelps mitigate risk and make smart decision by proper risk analysis

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According to Gartner, Big Data is comprised of high velocity, high volume, and high variety data, which he calls 3V’s

  • Velocity – Denotes the speed at which data is emanating and changes are occurring between the diverse data sets.
  • Volume – Around 6 million people are using the digital media and it is estimated that about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated every day.
  • Variety – Most of the data is unstructured in nature.
  • Veracity – 27% of businesses are not sure if the data they are working on is accurate.

Some of the industries propelled by big data analytics are –

  • Public Sector Services.
  • Healthcare contributions.
  • Learning Services.
  • Insurance Services.
  • Industrialized and Natural Resources.
  • Transportation Services.
  • Banking Sectors and Fraud Detection

Big Data Contributions to Healthcare

Big Data In Healthcare

The big data is in extended use in the field of medicine and healthcare. As the technology raises the cost of health care is also increasing more and more. Big data is a great helping hand in this issue. It is a great help for even physicians to keep track of all the patients’ history. The link to the patient’s history can be accessed only by the patient and his particular physician.

Once a patient gets treated his name and his data will be stored in the database safely forever and whenever required, the doctor can have a view of it. A large number of medical devices are there which are big data oriented. Today data is used to such an extent that doctor prescribes the medicines without even visiting the patient by knowing the heartbeat and temperature through the heart and temperature monitoring watch fitted on the patient’s hand that stays in a remote place.

Nanobots are miniature robots that are being developed which will increase the immunity in the human’s body by fighting with bacteria and other harmful germs. They have their own sensors and will be great in delivering chemotherapy. Nanobots are great biotech robots that will be used in carrying oxygen, destroy germs, and renovate tissues.

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Big Data Contributions to Public Sector

In the public sectors, the major confrontations are the amalgamation and ability of the big data from corner to corner of various public sector units and allied unions. Big data provides a large range of facilities to the government sectors including the power investigation, deceit recognition, fitness interconnected exploration, economic promotion investigation and ecological fortification.

Big data is even used to examine the food based infections by the FDA. Big data results are fast which outputs to quicker well-being. Also in the investigation of a huge volume of communal complaints uses the big data analytics. This same analytics are utilized in the course of health check statistics in urgency and resourcefully for quicker pronouncement manufacture and to become aware of mistrustful or falsified declarations.

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Big Data Contributions to Learning

Big Data's Contribution to Education

Big data has great influence in the education world too. Today almost every course of learning is present online. Along with the online learning, there are many examples of the use of big data in the education industry.  Applications named as the Bubble Score allow teachers to convey multiple-choice assessments through mobile devices and notch up paper tests through the cameras of the mobile phones. Equipment like this usually assists teachers to send out the outputs to rank books and trail development all along distinct characteristics.

Adaptive learning : Further than just reformation coursework and the grading development, data-driven classrooms opened up the understanding of what children learn when they study it and to what height. Enterprises produce digital courses that use big-data-fuelled prognostic analytics to locate what a learner is learning and what components of a lecture plan most excellently ensembles them at those situations.

Problem control : Sometimes, a student submits his friend’s homework instead of his own. In that situation, instead of getting the punishment he gets appreciation and the other innocent student gets the punishment. So in these situations, big data entertains the cross checks of the assignments in order to find out whose writing matches with the assignment’s writing.

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Big Data Contributions to Insurance Services

Big Data's in Insurance Services

Be deficient in modified services, be short of adapted charging and the need of beleaguered services to fresh fragments and to specific market segments are some of the main challenges. Big data is the technology tool that is being used in the production to offer purchaser insights for see-through and simpler commodities, by finding out and foreseeing buyer behavior from side to side information obtained from internet websites including the social media as well as CCTV video recording.

The big data as well enables for the better purchaser preservation from insurance agencies. In the claims administration, extrapolative big data business analytics has been utilized to provide more rapid service given that enormous quantity of information can be worked on particularly in the countersigning period. Scam discovery has also been improved. In the course of gigantic data from digital conduits and social media, real-time controlling of allurements all through the argument series is used to afford insights.

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Big Data Contributions to Industrial and Natural Resources

Big Data in Industry

The high demand of the natural sources on this earth is challenging the high volume as well as the velocity of big data. Similarly, a great quantity of data commencing the built-up industry is unexploited. The unused data avoids advanced eminence of merchandise, power competence, dependability, and improved income boundaries. In the natural wealth industry, big data enables for analytical modelling to sustain judgment creation that is used to consume and incorporate huge amounts of information from geographical information, graphical information, manuscript and chronological statistics. Big data has as well been worn in finding the solution to the development of confrontations and to grow aggressive improvements in the middle of former settlements.

Big Data Contributions to Transportation

Big Data's Contribution to Transportation

In current times, vast volumes of statistics from area-oriented community networks and towering speediness statistics from telecoms have influenced journey policies a lot. Unfortunately, investigation of the appreciate voyage policy has not developed yet. Usually, transportation requirement representation is again oriented on defectively unstated fresh social media architectures.

A number of claims of big data by the public sector, private associations and personal use include :

  • Private sector uses the big data in traffic management, direction preparation, intellectual transportation arrangements and overcrowding administration
  • Private sector uses the big data in income administration, industrial improvements, logistics and for reasonable benefit
  • Personal use of the big data comprises direction forecasting to accumulate on petroleum and period, for tour activities in seeing the sights etc.

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Big Data Contributions to Banking Zones and Fraud Detection

Big Data in Finance and Crime Detection

Big data is hugely used in the fraud detection in the banking sectors. In banking sectors as the big data is implemented, it finds out all the mischief tasks done. It detects the misuse of credit cards, misuse of debit cards, archival of inspection tracks, venture credit hazard treatment, business clarity, customer statistics alteration, public analytics for business, IT action analytics, and IT strategy fulfillment analytics. The SEC uses this big data in order to keep a track of all the commercial market movements.

They are at present using network analytics and natural speech processors to grasp unlawful business activity in the economic marketplaces. Retail traders, Private and public actor banks, prevaricate funds and others in the monetary marketplace make use of big data for business analytics used in big businesses, reaction dimension, prognostic Analytics etc. In businesses big data helps a lot in knowing the shopping patterns of customers and CRM tactics of the competitors so that they can apply them in their businesses in order to improve the sales.

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