7 Big Data Examples – Application of Big Data in Real Life

7 Big Data Examples – Application of Big Data in Real Life
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In this time and era where each and every aspect of even our day to day life has been technologized, there is a huge volume of data that has been emanating from various digital sources.

Needless to say, that we faced a lot of challenges in the analysis and study of such huge volume of data with the traditional data processing tools.

Then emerged the concept of big data, which is basically a concept used to refer to the study and analysis of such data sets.

Since we already discussed that before the concept of big data, we faced tons of challenges, it only makes sense to now discuss in detail how big data has helped us overcome those challenges and what are the applications of big data in various aspects of real world.

Before we get started with it, let’s just once sneak a preview of what this blog includes:

  • Introduction to big data
  • Benefits of big data
  • Applications of big data

Introduction to Big Data

When talking about big data we have all heard the 3V’s of big data. It’s nothing more than a way to define big data better. Big data initially consisted three attributes namely volume, velocity and variety.

While these three attributes pretty much gave the essence of the definition of big data, there is another attribute that was added in the list later on termed as veracity.

Let’s see what these attributes mean:

  • Velocity Denotes the speed at which data is emanating and changes are occurring between the diverse data sets.
  • Volume This refers to the sheer volume of data being generated every second.
  • Variety As more and more data is being digitized, some data is found structured and some is found to be unstructured in nature, with big data in the picture we can use structured as well as unstructured data.
  • Veracity This refers to the discrepancies found in the data.

All of these attributes contribute to the definition of big data but then again where does it all lead us? To answer that question people have largely started taking yet another attribute into consideration, that is, the 5th V termed as value.

  • Value Having access to big data is all well and good but that’s only useful if we can turn it into a value.

Benefits of big data

Areas of concernBig Data benefits
TimelyBig data helps gain instant insights from diverse data sources.
Better analyticsIt has highly improved the business’ performances through real-time analytics.
Vast amount of dataBig data technologies manage huge amounts of data and also the unstructured data.
InsightsBig data helps mitigate risk and make smart decision by proper risk analysis
Predictions and Decision-makingBig data helps mitigate risk and make smart decision by proper risk analysis


1. Big Data Contributions to Learning

Big Data's Contribution to Education

Big data has great influence in the education world. It has been able to provide solution to one of the biggest pitfalls in the education system, that is, the one-size-fits-all fashion of academic set up by contributing in e-learning solutions.

For example, you, yourself are experiencing the luxury of this big data application right now by reading and learning from this blog.

I bet you will not forget about this application now, will you?

Big data has proven to be really important in not only just reframing coursework and the grading development but also in data-driven classrooms which opened up the understanding of what students and learners learn and to what height. Enterprises produce digital courses that use big-data-fuelled prognostic analytics to locate what a learner is learning and what components of a lecture most excellently engages the students in what they are studying.

2.  Big data contributions to Healthcare

Big Data In Healthcare

The big data is in extended use in the field of medicine and healthcare. Big data has provided us with so many benefits in this field that now after being able to combine and utilise big data approaches and solutions by healthcare organisations it just seems impossible, not to mention totally useless to go back to how things were before big data.

Following are some of the many ways big data has contributed to healthcare

  • Big data reduces costs of treatment since there is less chances of having to perform unnecessary diagnosis.
  • It helps in predicting outbreaks of epidemics and also helps in deciding what preventive measures could be taken to minimize the effects of the same.
  • It helps avoid preventable diseases by detecting diseases in early stages which helps in preventing it from getting any worse and it also makes the treatment easy and effective.
  • Patients can be provided with the evidence based medicine which is identified and prescribed after doing the past medical results research.

3. Big data contributions in Private sector

Big data has also played a major role in Private sectors. It provides a large range of facilities to the government sectors. Let’s take a look at the following list which contains some of the sectors that are being facilitated by big data.

  • Power investigation
  • Deceit recognition
  • Fitness interconnected exploration
  • Economic promotion investigation
  • Ecological fortification

4. Big Data Contributions to Communications, Media and Entertainment

Now here is an interesting one, you have been using some of these platforms that utilises the benefits of big data, big time. For example:

Spotify, which is an on-demand music providing platform, uses big data analytics and collect data from all of the users around the globe and then uses the analyzed data to give informed music recommendations and suggestions to every individual user.

Amazon Prime, that offers, videos, music and Kindle books in a one-stop shop is also big on using big data.

5. Weather patterns

There are weather sensors deployed all around the globe and data is collected from them. There have been satellites deployed by joint polar satellite system which they use to monitor the weather and environmental conditions.

All of the data can be used in different ways such as in weather forecast, to study global warming, understanding the patterns of natural disasters to make necessary preparations in case of crisis and to predict the availability of usable water around the world and many more.

6. Big Data Contributions to Transportation
Big Data's Contribution to Transportation

Since the rise of big data, it has been used in various ways to make the transportation more efficient and easy. Following are some of the areas where big data contributed to transportation.

  • Traffic control
  • Route planning
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Congestion management by predicting traffic conditions

And guess what? We too make use of this application when we plan route to save fuel and time, based on our knowledge of having taken that particular route sometime in the past. In this case we analysed and made use of the data that we had previously acquired on account of our experience and then we used it to make a smart decision. It’s pretty cool that big data has played parts not only in such big fields but also in our smallest day to day life decisions too, isn’t it?

7. Big Data Contributions to Banking Zones and Fraud Detection
Big Data in Finance and Crime Detection
Big data is hugely used in the fraud detection in the banking sectors. It detects any and all the illegal activities that are being carried out such as

  • The misuse of credit cards
  • Misuse of debit cards
  • Archival of inspection tracks
  • Venture credit hazard treatment
  • Business clarity
  • Customer statistics alteration
  • Public analytics for business
  • IT action analytics
  • Money laundering
  • Risk Mitigation

So these are some out of many of the applications of big data in real world.

It was just a matter of understanding and getting to know big data and it’s applications to realize how amazingly it’s changing our lives for the better. Now it doesn’t sound like one of those technologies that only IT experts are familiar with, does it?

Rather  it’s something that is a part of our daily life.

I hope you got to learn and take something from this blog.

Thank you for visiting and for more in-depth understanding about Big Data, refer to our Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training.

There will be more blogs coming on some other trending technologies too and nothing makes us happier than to help you learn more so don’t forget to visit again!


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