Top 10 Big Data Certifications Recognized By The Industry!

Big Data certified professionals are in huge demand and due to this industry-recognized Big Data certifications are much sought-after by professionals. Here are some of the top big data certifications which will help you stand out from the crowd, attract the attention of recruiters and will offer you the key skills to work in real world big data industry environment.

Top 10 Big Data Certifications Recognized By The Industry!
 24th Jun, 2019

Today big data is indispensable to the organizations who want to derive valuable insights and stay ahead of the game. Every organization is today morphing itself into a software organization. 90% of all data was created in the last 2 years alone. Due to this every organization is today sitting on mountains of data and they don’t know what to do with all that data. They need professionals who can understand this data and make sense of it all.

Today, certifications have become mandatory to measure your knowledge, and organizations have set out specific benchmarks to evaluate your skillset. The salaries of professional big data developers, administrators, analysts, and architects are among the best in the industry. But to prove your skills and command top-notch salaries you need to have the right certifications. All certifications are not created equal. Here are the top big data certifications that are the most sought-after by the industry.

1. Cloudera Certified Professional

Cloudera Certified Professional

The Cloudera certification helps you design and develop data pipelines that will test your skills in data ingestion, storage, and analysis. Cloudera is an authoritative voice in the Big Data Hadoop domain and this certification is your testimony to acquiring the top skills in Big Data Hadoop. There are various certifications that are offered by Cloudera in the fields of Hadoop development, Apache Spark, Hadoop administration among others. You can choose the right big data certification depending on where you want to showcase your skills like development, administration, and so on.

CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA175)

Number of Questions: 8–12 performance-based (hands-on) tasks on Cloudera Enterprise cluster.

Time Limit: 120 minutes

Passing Score: 70%

Language: English

Price: USD $295

2. Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop Certification

Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop certification

Intellipaat is offering the Big Data Hadoop certification. This is recognized by over 80 corporate entities across the world. These include some of the biggest names in the corporate world like Sony, Ericsson, Standard Chartered, Mu Sigma, Cisco, TCS, Genpact, etc. Intellipaat Big Data certification is awarded upon completing the Big Data Hadoop training, answering the quizzes and assignments, and successfully working on the projects given at the end of the Big Data Hadoop training. The Intellipaat Hadoop certification is equivalent to six months of industry experience. Learn more about Big Data in this Intellipaat Big Data & Hadoop Tutorial.

Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop Architect Training & Certification

  • Includes training in Hadoop Dev, Admin, Analyst & Testing domains.
  • Get high-quality videos, PDFs, PPTs, tutorials, interview questions, etc.
  • Excellent support, 24/7 query resolution and doubt clearance.
  • Trainers with over 14 years of industry experience.
  • Intellipaat certification is equivalent to six months of industry experience.
  • 14 real-time industry-oriented projects and case studies.
  • Tie-ups with over 80 corporates for exclusive job placement.

3. Microsoft’s MCSE : Data Management and Analytics

Microsoft’s MCSE Certification

Microsoft is used to utilize its own tools. Thus, this MCSE certification will prepare you to be proficient in Microsoft products and solutions. This certification will tell you that you are qualified for working on the SQL database administration, development, machine learning, and business intelligence reporting among other things.

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Data Management and Analytics helps you demonstrate your broad skill sets in SQL administration, building enterprise-scale data solutions, and leveraging business intelligence data for both on-premises and in cloud environments. Earn your MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014, or SQL 2016 Database Administration, Database Development, BI Development, Machine Learning, BI Reporting or Data Engineering with Azure.

4. Hortonworks Hadoop Certification

Hortonworks Hadoop Certification

Hortonworks is offering a reputed Hadoop certification. As we know Hortonworks is a commercial Hadoop vendor offering enterprises the Hadoop tools that can be used to deploy in the enterprise setup. This Hortonworks certification is offered for Hadoop developers, Hadoop administrators, Spark developers, and other big data professionals. These Hortonworks certificates are highly sought-after in the corporate world making it highly worthwhile to pursue this certification.

The HDP Certified Developer (HDPCD) Exam

The HDP Certified Developer (HDPCD) Exam is for Hadoop Developers proficient in Pig, Hive, Sqoop, and Flume. It is based on the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.4 installed and managed with Ambari 2.2, which includes Pig 0.15.0, Hive 1.2.1, Sqoop 1.4.6, and Flume 1.5.2. Each candidate will be given access to an HDP 2.4 cluster along with a list of tasks to be performed on that cluster.

You will be tested for your skills in:

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Analysis

Duration: 120 Minutes

Access: 24/7

Cost: US $ 250

5. MongoDB Certified Developer Exam

MongoDB Certified Developer Exam

This is an industry recognized certification that showcases your skills in designing and building applications using MongoDB. Your knowledge of MongoDB fundamentals, its performance, horizontal scaling, fault tolerance, disaster recovery will be tested. You should also be aware of CRUD operations, data modeling, sharding, and replication among other things.

MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam (C100DEV)

The MongoDB Certified Developer, Associate Level exam is intended for individuals with knowledge of the fundamentals of designing and building applications using MongoDB. We recommend this certification for software engineers who have a solid understanding of MongoDB fundamentals and some professional experience developing applications with MongoDB.

Exam Type: Multiple Choice

Duration: 90 Minutes Exam

Based on: MongoDB 4.0

Fees: 150 USD

6. EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certifications

EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certifications

The EMC data science and big data analytics certification is the one for you to get certified in the Hadoop ecosystem including the Pig, Hive, and HBase. You will prove your skills in data science aspects like random forests, logistic regression, data visualization, and even natural language processing.

E20-007 Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification Exam

This exam focuses on the practice of data analytics, the role of the Data Scientist, the main phases of the Data Analytics Lifecycle, analyzing and exploring data with R, statistics for model building and evaluation, the theory and methods of advanced analytics and statistical modeling, the technology and tools that can be used for advanced analytics, operationalizing an analytics project, and data visualization techniques. Successful candidates will achieve the Dell EMC Certification.

Exam Details:

Number of Questions: 60

Duration: 90 Minutes

Pass Score: 60

Price: $600 for video-ILT streaming; $5,000 for instructor-led

Organization: Dell EMC Education Services

7. SAS Certified Data Scientist

SAS Certified Data Scientist

SAS Certified Data Scientist is the most challenging. It is comprised of five exams and four complete credentials. The data scientist credential requires SAS Big Data Professional and the SAS Advanced Analytics Professional certifications.

Designed for individuals who can manipulate and gain insights from big data with a variety of SAS and open source tools, make business recommendations with complex machine learning models, and then deploy models at scale using the flexible, robust SAS environment.

This credential forms part of The SAS Academy for Data Science. Candidates will be accredited as a SAS Certified Data Scientist once they have passed all exams from both the SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional credential as well as SAS Certified Big Data Professional.

8. Data Science Council of America Certification

The data science of America provides you a certification that is a testimony to your knowledge in big data analysis. This will ensure that you are proficient in the various processes of data science and big data along with your knowledge in data analytics, statistics is also proved.

DSCA Associate Big Data Engineer (ADBE) Certification

Big Data Engineering & Development is one of the hottest Big Data career domains today. The ABDE by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is the world’s most credible 3rd–party, vendor-neutral certification for young graduating university and tech–school students around the world, readying themselves for exciting Big Data careers. Proving your proficiency, potential, and promise for developing and engineering Big Data programs, software, and applications is done best through the internationally accepted and recognized ABDE Certification.

ABDE Certification Program Fee: $ 520 USD

9. Oracle Business Intelligence Certification

Oracle Business Intelligence Certification

The Oracle Business Intelligence certification is your definitive step into the world of business intelligence and big data. Oracle is offering multiple certifications in the arena of business intelligence and big data.

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite Certification

The Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification identifies professionals that are skilled in implementing solutions based on Oracle Business Intelligence Suite. The certification covers skills such as: installing OBIEE, building the BI Server metadata repository, building BI dashboards, constructing ad hoc queries, defining security settings and configuring and managing cache files. The exam targets the intermediate-level implementation team member. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended.

Certification Exam Details

Exam Title: Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Foundation Suite 11g Essentials

Duration: 120 Minutes

Number of Questions: 75

Passing Score: 63%

Format: Multiple Choice

Exam Price: USD $245

10. Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate

The MMDSG certification is offered in direct collaboration with Stanford University. this is part of the Professional Development program that the reputed university is offering which can be taken by software developers, engineers, statisticians, data analysts and data miners in order to showcase their skills and upgrade their careers.

With the Mining Massive Data Sets graduate certificate, you will master efficient, powerful techniques and algorithms for extracting information from large datasets such as the web, social-network graphs, and large document repositories. Take your career to the next level with skills that will give your company the power to gain a competitive advantage.

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