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Why Artificial Intelligence is a Hot Technology?

Why Artificial Intelligence is a Hot Technology?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most happening technologies in the 21st century. GO is an ancient Chinese game that is highly intricate and difficult to play in itself. It is highly complicated that Chess is trivial when compared to that. Lee Sedol was the reigning champion in the game. Google came up with AlphaGo AI Deep Learning engine that defeated the champion in a 4-1 series. This was when the exploit of Artificial Intelligence became viral across the scientific community worldwide.

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The story doesn’t end there as the capability of AI is much higher than that Go game and AlphaGo. This was demonstrated when a subsequent AI engine developed by Google called AlphaGo Zero defeated AlphaGo in a 100-0 series in the Go game. The difference between AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero is that when it comes to training, AlphaGO Zero received zero training. The entire learning was based on the self and pursuing an exploratory path. This was the defining moment of the capability of Artificial Intelligence. No one thought Lee Sedol could be defeated until AlphaGo did and no one thought AlphaGo could be defeated until AlphaGo Zero.

In this blog, we will be covering various aspects of why AI is the technology to look out for.

Let’s take a look at the list of contents:

Everything is connected

In today’s world everything is connected and due to this rapid digitization, the artificial intelligence domain is also growing at an astounding rate. Thanks to the all encompassing nature of our digitally-driven world, most of the objects in our world are connected through the internet. This makes artificial intelligence all the more potent.

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Computing is Cheaper

This is one other important factor that makes the Artificial Intelligence dream very potent. The amount of processing that is needed for AI is huge. Thus the dream of an AI-driven world was not possible even a decade ago since there was not much computing power that was available at an economical rate. Thanks to powerful technologies like the AWS cloud we are today in the midst of an AI revolution. The AWS platform has reduced its prices over 50 times making it highly affordable to run a computing network at scale. Artificial intelligence needs huge computing power and thus the central processing units give way to graphical processing units.


Data is the New Oil

Big Data is everywhere. Due to the ubiquitous nature of big data we are in the midst of a data revolution. All this data is directly feeding the artificial intelligence revolution that we are witnessing. Machine learning and especially Deep Learning are directly dependent on the amount of data that we are feeding it. Thus more data that the system gets, the smarter it gets and the more cognitive are the consequences.

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Machine Learning is the New Normal

Industry after industry, machine learning is disruptive making it highly worthwhile to deploy a technology to harness this domain. Today regardless of the domain or industry vertical, we can see that artificial intelligence and machine learning are the new normal.

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Unlike any Other Technology

Artificial Intelligence is unlike any other technology that we are seeing today. The power that this domain holds is immense as there is no upward limit to what the technology can do and currently, we are just scratching the surface.

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Ability to Disrupt Every Industry Segment

The power of artificial intelligence is such that it has the ability to disrupt every other industry vertical due to the sheer ubiquity of this domain. Due to the expansive nature of the artificial intelligence domain and the sub-domain of deep learning it is obvious that within the next 5 years every industry segment will be disrupted without any exception. Such is the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning in particular.

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Limitless upside

The opportunities are limitless for any artificial intelligence application. Due to the unlimited potential, there is for an artificial intelligence domain we can see that we are at the beginning of a rapid upward growth trajectory. It is just the tip of the iceberg, where we go from here is up to us when it comes to artificial intelligence.

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What makes Artificial Intelligence so exceptional?

While every technology enthusiasts profess that their preferred technology is unique AI is truly unique. We put out several factors why this is so.

Self-improvement – No other technology has been like AI in this regard. For every machine, model, hypothesis discovered until now there has been a clear input output that can be measured. In other words its performance could easily be determined in advance. Due to time and durability that performance of other non-AI machines would eventually trickle down in quality and quantity. Enhancements would only occur when humans replaced machine parts or design new and improved versions. This is completely in contrast with AI systems however. Here the machines don’t require human intervention to enhance their performance. In Machine Learning and Deep Learning AI becomes more and more sophisticated as it takes in new data and processes it.

Ability to predict – Mathematical approaches could and can predict the outcome of future events. But a machine to display such a feat was addressed only with AI where such predictive mathematical algorithms could be executed. Reinforcement learning along with convolutional neural networks are making AI systems capable to efficiently react in smart situations.

Autonomous – AI here can take good action decisions based on its internal states and in correspondence to what it senses in its environment. This is how AI systems work similar to humans. Current AI systems especially Machine Learning systems required humans to give feedback in feature extraction process. But AI systems are increasingly becoming autonomous. Therefore, mankind is inching closer and closer to make Strong AI systems a reality.

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Other reasons why Artificial Intelligence is set to rule the future

Day-to-day mundane tasks – AI and Machine Learning will affect day-to-day tasks in the days to come. It will be along the lines of efficiently doing calendar invites, deciding on emails to answer, ordering food and so on. They will eventually be used in tasks like analyzing correlation, identifying connections and so on.

Human personnel can instead do creative tasks – AI can be automated to handle tasks like organizing, sorting and responding etc. Human personnel who are involved in doing routine mundane tasks can take up creative problem-solving AI skills which its lacks.

Intelligent marketing – IBM Watson and other cognitive technology can be a great help in this regard due to their ability to process unstructured data like video, audio, text, images and so on. Sensing personality, emotion and tone will help the companies make highly personalized recommendations.

Chatbots – Gartner estimates that by 2020, 85% of customer service professionals will lose their jobs to automation by AI chatbots. Chatbots will answer all of customer queries may it be structured or unstructured. They can automatically answer questions, give recommendations or point you towards next step in the customer support channel. Chatbots can therefore get information customer emotions and engagements.

You now know how the ability to predict is important and why it makes AI unique.It is because of these reasons and the importance of AI that major players in Silicon Valley are investing in the technology heavily. AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero systems we discussed before was built by Google. Watson is IBM’s brainchild which has made significant strides in AI. CRM giant Salesforce incepted AI system called Salesforce Einstein which lends AI capability to small and medium businesses. Amazon’s Transcribe turns audio into text, Amazon Translate translates text, and Amazon Comprehend analyses text for sentiment and key phrases.

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In this blog, we have discussed several aspects of why Ai is the future and why you need to learn the prospects that it will be delivering in the coming days. We need not put out more examples to depict how important AI technology really is to the world as the transformation due to it is quite evident and inevitable. . The world is yet to witness the prowess of AI in the years to come.

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