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Top 25 AWS Services List & Products in 2024

Top 25 AWS Services List & Products in 2024

Let’s see the top 25 AWS services that we have listed in this blog.

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Top 25 Amazon Web Services list

Amazon Web Services is the leading provider of cloud computing platforms currently. According to Forbes, it leads the cloud market with around 33 percent of the market share. Amazon Web Services are highly reliable when it comes to outbreaks or any such technical issues. Also, AWS has 80+ data centers around the world, which gives a huge advantage to organizations as they can select multiple centers to store data. Multiple data centers not only ensure the safety of data from outbreaks but also increase data transmission speed.

Organizations utilize multiple AWS Services to ensure low latency for their users. AWS gives them options to integrate various services so that they can improve their AWS infrastructure and, in turn, the availability of the application.

As we have discussed, there are 200+ AWS services. To make learning simplified, we have compiled a list of the 20 most used AWS products. This list of AWS services is categorized in various domains so that you can understand the basic purpose of their utilization by companies around the world.

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Let’s begin, and see the top 20 AWS services list.

AWS Compute Services

The AWS services listed below are utilized for computing power.

Amazon Compute ServicesAmazon Comput Services

Amazon Compute Services

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2

EC2 from AWS Services is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering. It provides you with secure, scalable, and resizable server instances with desired compute capacity. You can select the OS, its RAM, storage capacity, and processor. In an EC2 instance, you can do anything from installing software and IDE for programming to even hosting a website. With the help of EC2, you can easily boot and run new server instances known as EC2 instances. Major companies that use EC2 in their cloud architecture are Toyota, Netflix, and Salesforce. Learn the difference between AWS and Salesforce in our comparison blog on AWS vs Salesforce.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering from AWS that helps you in hosting a website. As it is PaaS, you do not get complete access to the operating system. Rather, you get a dashboard, and with the help of it, you can upload your code, which will be hosted automatically. Using this dashboard, you can run your EC2 instances and databases and easily integrate other AWS services, such as Elastic Load Balancing.

You have to pay only for services that you utilize on this dashboard. In EC2, you have to pay for however long you use the EC2 instances, but in Beanstalk, you have to pay only for other resources that you integrate and use. Elastic Beanstalk handles the entire deployment process, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, and auto-scaling to application health monitoring. Major companies that use Elastic Beanstalk in their cloud architecture are Samsung, BMW, and Zillow.

AWS Firewall Manager

AWS Firewall Manager

AWS Firewall Manager is a web application firewall that protects web applications or API gateway against common web exploits and bots. It simplifies the administration and maintenance tasks across multiple accounts and resources for a variety of protections such as AWS WAF, AWS Shield Advanced, Amazon VPC security groups, AWS Network Firewall, and Amazon Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall.

It is easy to roll out AWS WAF rules for Application Load Balancers and Amazon CloudFront distributions across accounts in AWS organizations. Firewall Manager makes it easy for a new application and resources to comply with a common set of security rules from day one.

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AWS Organizations

AWS Organizations

AWS Organizations is an account management service that helps you centrally manage all of your AWS accounts. The capabilities of AWS Organizations further extend account management and consolidated billing. It also helps you to adhere to the budgetary and security needs of your organization. As an administrator, it lets you create accounts and invite existing accounts to join the organization.

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Amazon Lambda

Amazon Lambda

Amazon Lambda is another PaaS from AWS. Similar to Elastic Beanstalk, it does not give you complete access to the OS. However, it helps you manage and run code for your application (backend processing). Whenever you upload your code on Lambda, depending on the function defined in the code, Lambda is triggered, and it takes the necessary action.

For example, if the function is to upload an image, then Lambda is triggered, and it uploads the image from an S3 bucket to your website or application. You just have to upload the code, and it takes care of the rest of the processes, such as scaling, runtime, and load management, according to the incoming traffic or requests. Hence, it ensures high availability for your application. Major companies that use Amazon Lambda are Netflix, The Guardian, and Autodesk.

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Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito is one of the services offered by Amazon that controls user authentication and access for mobile applications. One of the key functions of Amazon Cognito is that it saves and synchronizes end-user data, which lets an application developer focus on code without worrying about the back-end infrastructure. This further accelerates the mobile application development process. It also supports end-users sign-in in with social identity providers such as Facebook, Apple, Google, and many others.

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider, which offers a variety of templates to choose from. For anyone who is looking to host their applications on the Cloud, Amazon Lightsail is one of the easiest ways to get started for developers, small businesses, students, and other users.

In addition to this, Amazon Lightsail also provides the required facilities to host an application such as infrastructure, scalability, and an easy setup, and this, in turn, proves to be cost-effective for businesses.

Amazon AppFlow

Amazon AppFlow

Amazon AppFlow is an integrated service that helps developers to transfer data between AWS and SaaS applications such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Slack, etc. It helps businesses bring all the data residing in different applications into Redshift and S3.

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Amazon Storage Services

Next, we will check out some of the Amazon Storage services. That is focused on providing storage capacity.

AWS Storage Services

Amazon Storage Services

Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an object storage service offered by AWS Services. It is trusted in the industry for its high performance, scalability, availability, and security features. It stores objects in buckets, and each object can be of size 5 TB maximum. An object can be anything from day-to-day files such as images, videos, text files, etc. to the coding files of any programming language. Here, an object always contains the file and information about the file, which is known as its metadata. Major companies that use Amazon S3 in their cloud architecture are Nasdaq, Sysco, and Autodesk.

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Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Amazon Elastic Block Store

It is a high-performing block storage service offered by AWS Services to use with EC2. In EBS, a block acts like a hard drive, where any type of file can be stored, or even an OS or software can be installed on it. With the help of EBS, enterprises can easily scale their usage up or down in minutes. EBS is used by Adobe Connect conferencing software, Hess Corporation, and Infor.

Amazon S3 Glacier

Amazon Glacier

AWS S3 Glacier is a long-term data archive and backup service from AWS. This is a very low-cost storage service because customers get three options for data retrieval time duration. Also, files that they store on S3 can be configured to follow a life cycle wherein if the data is not accessed for a period of time, it can be easily migrated to AWS S3 Glacier.

However, by any means, the reduced cost does not affect security and reliability. It is designed to store virtually unlimited data with 100 percent of durability. Major companies that use Amazon S3 Glacier in their cloud architecture are Sony DADC, Celgene, and Soundcloud. Sony DADC has migrated 20 petabytes of data from LTO tapes to S3.

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AWS Database Services

Next, let’s read about the Amazon database services offered on the AWS cloud.

Amazon Database Services

Amazon Relational Database Service

Amazon Relational Database Service

Amazon RDS is a service that can be used to create, operate, and manage relational databases for small-scale customers to high-scale enterprises. RDS gives you the following six popular data engines to choose from Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. It automates various administration tasks, such as security patches, backups, setup, scaling, etc., which are usually time-consuming and, in this case, require less human intervention. Major companies that use Amazon RDS in their cloud architecture include Netflix, Unilever, Cognizant, and Blackboard.

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service from Amazon that supports key-value and document data. It is a fully managed database and provides features such as built-in security, caching, point-in-time recovery, on-demand backup, and restore. It can handle more than 10 trillion requests per day and more than 15 million each second.

This service is utilized by Amazon shopping and Netflix. We can notice the time it takes to complete our requests on either of these platforms, which denotes its performance. It is also utilized by many of the fastest-growing startups and enterprises, such as Lyft, Samsung, and Toyota, because of its low-latency data access feature.

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache

AWS ElastiCache is a fast, in-memory cache service provided by AWS. It improves the performance of your web applications by caching the frequently queried data at high speed as compared to data stored on disks. Some of the companies that use Amazon ElastiCache: The Pokémon Company and Airbnb.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed data processing service used to gain key insights into data. It is highly preferred as it is easy to use and cost-effective, and also, you can use standard SQL and Business Intelligence tools that you use on your own systems. You can run complex queries against structured data that may range from a few GBs to PBs (1 PB = 1024 TB) and get the results in just a few seconds. Hence, you can get large chunks of data analyzed in less than 1 minute.

With the help of Redshift, you can query data from RDS for analysis and also query and write data back into S3. It accepts all the following types of file formats: CSV, JSON, ORC, SequenceFile, TextFile, and TSV. Thus, it is not necessary to convert data to a specific file format. These are the companies that use AWS Redshift in their cloud architecture: Pfizer, Comcast, Duolingo, and McDonald’s.

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In this blog on the list of top AWS services, let’s check out the service that is offered for data analysis.

Amazon Analysis

Amazon Kinesis

It allows real-time analysis of streaming data at a massive scale. It reduces the time taken to do the same as you can perform actions immediately as soon as you get insights. You can also send data from Amazon Kinesis to Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, or to an Amazon EMR cluster. Many organizations use AWS Kinesis, including Netflix, Veritone, and Zillow.


Security is of prime importance when it comes to storing data on the cloud. Unauthorized access to systems can turn out to be detrimental for almost all sectors that leverage cloud services. Therefore, AWS Cloud Services has taken special care to provide its clients with measures that can prevent security breaches. Let’s see what.

Amazon Security Services

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AWS Identity and Access Management

AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) helps you manage users’ access to resources and services in your AWS infrastructure. It helps you dynamically provide your users with granular access to various AWS resources. It also provides features such as multi-factor authentication and the analysis of access across the AWS infrastructure. Major companies that use AWS IAM are Walmart, Oyo, and Splunk.

AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

AWS KMS helps you in securing your data by creating and managing cryptographic keys. It gives you a central key known as customer master key (CMS) with which you can control the encryption keys of all your users in your AWS environment. With the help of cryptographic keys, your data will be hidden from normal users, and even if it gets exposed, you can change the key at any time easily.

This service is integrated with AWS CloudTrail to provide you logs to all key usages in the AWS environment, which helps you achieve regulatory and compliance needs. Some of the organizations that leverage this service in their cloud architecture are ExxonMobil, Yedpay, and Thomson Reuters.

Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector

AWS Inspector is an automated security evaluation service that analyzes your applications and EC2 instances for any vulnerabilities or exposure. It also provides you with detailed results of the security evaluations to alert you of the severity of such threats. You can install the Inspector agent in an EC2 instance, and it will send you the results of the security evaluation. Several companies utilize the AWS Inspector service for security purposes, including Betterment, Caplinked, and Coinbase.

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AWS Management Services

AWS offers a few services to enhance the management of your business. They include Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Auto Scaling.

Amazon Management Services

AWS Auto Scaling

AWS Auto Scaling

As the name suggests, AWS Auto Scaling observes your applications and automatically adjusts the capacity of the AWS resources being used. The Auto Scaling service from AWS decreases the cost of your usage of other services substantially. As it scales down the resources that are not in use, it automatically decreases the usage time, reducing the cost in turn.

You can also configure the scaling plan according to the utilization of AWS offerings. It provides you with an interface where you can create your scaling policy or plan for the usage of various AWS services, such as EC2 instances and the tables of AWS DynamoDB. Extramarks got more than 15 percent of ROI by using AWS Auto Scaling.

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Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch

AWS CloudWatch is a monitoring and management service from AWS. With the help of this service, you can create alarms and specify actions whenever an anomaly occurs on AWS. It also provides you with the visualization of data collected from the insights and logs of services. It also helps you maintain and monitor AWS resources in your AWS account. AWS CloudWatch is utilized by some of the major organizations, namely, Panasonic, Pushpay, and Mapbox.

Networking and Content Delivery

In the area of networking and content delivery as well AWS has much to offer. This blog includes Amazon CloudFront and Amazon VPC among them.

Amazon Networking and Content Delivery Services

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a fast and secure data delivery service for users across the globe. It can be utilized to send high-scale data, such as images, videos, APIs, etc., at high speeds and low latency. Amazon’s numerous data centers provide an edge when it comes to content delivery around the world. Major companies that use AWS CloudFront in their cloud architecture are Prime Video, NASA, Rovio, and Discovery Communications.

Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) offers you a platform where you can launch your AWS resources in an isolated network in your cloud. You can define your own public/private network in the cloud by selecting the subnet (a part of the network) and IP ranges (the range of device IPs or network IPs) according to your requirements. It also provides you with a path to place your backend systems or databases in private subnets that you have defined. Enterprises often create private subnets for their services so that their other AWS services do not communicate or integrate with each other. Citrix and IBM Security are some of the companies that utilize this service.

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Application Integration

Next, in this blog on the top AWS services in use, let’s check out those that cater to application integration.

Amazon Application Integration Services

Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service)

Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS is a fully managed messaging service. It is a highly available, durable, and secure publisher/subscriber service, using which you can create messaging services for application-to-application and application-to-person communication. With the help of SNS, publisher systems can transmit messages to your subscriber systems, such as AWS SQS, AWS Lambda functions, and HTTP endpoints. In this way, end-user subscribers get emails, SMS, and push notifications. Major companies, including NASA and FCB, utilize AWS SNS service.

Amazon Simple Queue Service

Amazon Simple Queue Service

SQS (Simple Queue Service) offers a fully managed, pay-per-use, message queuing service that helps you in decoupling and integrating microservices, serverless applications, and distributed systems. In layman’s terms, Amazon SQS is an allocated queue system that enables applications to queue messages. In this service, whenever one component in an application creates a message, it has to be received by another component. The queue can be defined as the temporary storage of messages that are waiting to be processed.

SNS makes the process of sending, storing, receiving, and processing messages between the software components easier and more durable. Developers use this service to avoid dealing with the task of maintaining message queues as it helps in building applications from decoupled components. Major companies using AWS SQS in their cloud architecture are BMW, redBus, and Capital One.

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AWS Free Tier

AWS gives you amazing offers on all its services. It provides you with an opportunity to explore and start working on these services for free. There are three different types of free offers, depending on the service you choose. However, there are some limitations on free offers such as storage capacity, the number of requests, usage time per month, and so on. Let’s discuss the type of free offers and some major services that can be availed in these offers:

  • Always free: In this category, the service will be free to use for a lifetime. AWS DynamoDB can be availed free for a lifetime with 25 GB of storage. AWS Lambda can also be availed in this offer with 1 million free requests per month.
  • 12 months free: Here, you can use the service for free for 12 months. AWS EC2 is available in this offer for 750 hours of free usage per month. AWS S3 can also be availed with 5 GB of standard storage, 20,000 get requests, and 2,000 put requests.
  • Trials: These are the limited-time free offers given on a service. For example, AWS Redshift can be availed for free for 2 months with 750 hours of usage per month. Also, AWS Inspector can be used for free for 90 days or 250 security assessments, depending on whichever occurs first.

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AWS Services offers a wide range of services and products. However, large enterprises utilize selected ones as per their requirements and according to the ease of their integration and implementation. AWS products and offerings are the most popular and trusted among all cloud services because they provide low latency and high security of resources. From this Amazon services list, it is also clear that Netflix, one of the most subscribed and popular online streaming platforms, utilizes most of these 20 services.

We can conclude that AWS is the most reliable cloud platform in the world. If you want to start your career in AWS and learn more about services from this Amazon services list, you can enroll in Intellipaat’s AWS Certification.

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