Business Objects vs Informatica: Which BI Tool suits you the Best?

Business Objects v/s Informatica
  • Updated on: 27th Feb, 16

With the increasing volumes of Big Data there is a need to convert it into Business Intelligence. At the back-end the data has to be worked on in order to make it favorable to convert it into business insights and this is accomplished by an ETL tool. Informatica and SAP Business Objects are two important ETL tools available in the market today. An ETL tool helps to combine the three distinct database functions of Extract, Transform and Load into a single tool in order to pull data from one database and place it into another. We will compare these two ETL tools in this blog.

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This is the age of information… and information is real power!  But we are now often buried under too much of information. It’s difficult to make sense of it without any special tools. Business intelligence allows all scale of businesses whether it is small, medium or large to make better decisions by accessing and properly analyzing Big Data.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator (BODI) is a complex ETL tool which provides rich set of options in data manipulation, data transformation, cleansing and migration. It has been recently renamed to BusinessObjects Data Services – BODS

Informatica PowerCenter is an enterprise data integration platform working as a unit. With its high availability as well as being fully scalable and high-performing, PowerCenter provides the foundation for all major data integration projects and initiatives throughout the enterprise.

Businesses today need insights and they need it fast. Business intelligence tools are finding increased deployment among enterprises regardless of their industry vertical. Every business intelligence tool has its own set of strengths as there is increased competition between BI tool vendors to edge out the competition. In this blog you will directly compare SAP BusinessObjects and Informatica and get a clear idea how they perform.

But the first question arises here is which business tool to go for?

The two leading business intelligent tools in the market are-Informatica Power Center and Business Objects Data Services.

Informatica enterprises data integration is a platform in order to help organizations access, transform, and integrate data from a variety of systems for its own need.

SAP BO Data Services delivers a single enterprise-class solution for integration of data, data quality, data profiling, and processes text data that allows one to easily integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to business groups for various processes.

 So let’s have quick glance on the advantages of both the tools.

Advantages of Informatica

  • It has most substantial size and resources on data integration tools vendor market.
  • It has consistent track record, solid technology, learning curve is straightforward,
  • Its ability of addressing real time data integration is one of its key advantages.
  • High specialization in ETL and Data Integration and remain focused on these topics, and not on BI as a whole.
  • B2B data exchange is a key focus.

Advantages of SAP BODS

  • Data modeling is good and good data-management support.
  • SAP Business Objects provides tools for data mining and quality.
  • Better profiling because of too many acquisitions of other companies.
  • Learning curve is quick and it is easy to use.

Comparison of Two Tools

Impact and Lineage Analysis.Highly advancedadvanced
Auto documentationIntermediateadvanced
Quality of data.GoodAdvanced (automatically generates data formats).
GUI interfaceIntermediateBuilt in scheduler with more features.
Data Streams splittingAdvancedHighly advanced
Complex TransformationsVery goodIntermediate
Job DistributionExcellentGood
Performance at larger volumeVery goodGood
Data RecoveryVery goodIntermediate

So based upon the business needs and keeping in mind the advantages and limitations of the Informatica and SAP Business Objects Data Services, one can choose one of the two leading BI tools to boost the productivity and getting insights of consumer’s behavior in order to make successful strategic plans for the organization.

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