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Top 10 Challenges of Cloud Computing
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The reach of the cloud is growing as technologies continue to advance quickly. The ambiguous concept has taken a carve into our lives and we are using it somehow. 

It requires huge efforts to maintain these public services and overcome their challenges, we are here to discuss that only. So, let’s have a look at the milestones of the blog and start our journey.

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The Term “Cloud Computing” 

Do you know how cloud computing came into existence? Well, the development of virtualization led to the creation of cloud computing. 

Virtualization is the process of establishing services in the virtual world by manipulating hardware while cloud computing refers to those services that result from that manipulation.

Let’s try a hypothetical game to grasp cloud computing. Suppose you are the software company owner and are inclined to expand your business. 

Resources like servers, databases, networking, and storage would be required by your company. This is where you will opt for cloud computing to minimize the expenses and infrastructure required by these resources.

Cloud-based Computing is a new world demand where you will find that IT resources are now available on the internet at an optimized cost, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Now instead of spending your whole amount of sum in buying, owning, maintaining, and giving structure to your data, you can simply use cloud computing for that.

You’ll be authorized to access technical tools, such as databases, storage, computational tools, and whatnot.

Who uses Cloud Computing & Why? 

Several well-known companies have already made the transition to the cloud environment, some are halfway and others are on the verge of doing that.

Organizations that are using cloud-based computing are:

  • Netflix
    To manage its customers/viewers, Netflix needed to find a method to store its data in an infrastructure that is scalable in nature. Guess who is the hero here?
    It’s actually a pretty simple guess.
    Netflix was able to move all of its data in minimum time and streaming become a lot easier for its larger user base because of cloud computing.
  • Instagram
    It also had to turn to cloud computing because of its massive growth, servers got millions of requests which led it to move to the cloud to handle its activity, again the reason was scalability.
  • Apple
    Was the Siri part easy to handle by Apple only? No, it was not the case. It was the cloud that allowed Apple to expand and adapt Siri over time without users ever getting hints that there was a change.

Letting these big companies adopt cloud-based computing increased their productivity. Companies like Fitbit, Spotify, and Pinterest are also users of cloud computing. 

These companies have shown others that if they want to expand as a company they have to find out how valuable the cloud can be for them. By getting better cloud services they can expand their market interests and can bring out the best in their products.

Now, you have familiarity with the terminology and its usage. Let’s find out the reasons why companies started to use cloud computing and continue to do so.

Benefits of Cloud-based Computing

Benefits of Cloud-based Computing

A significant change from how organizations have traditionally viewed IT resources is cloud computing. The following reasons are popular for businesses to use cloud computing services:

  • Scalability
    Cloud computing has the ability to scale elastically. It can deliver the appropriate amount of IT resources at the appropriate time and location.
  • Reliability
    Cloud Computing makes data backup and disaster recovery a lot easier and that too with optimized cost.
  • Security
    This service provides a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls that strengthen your security posture overall, helping you to protect your data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats.
  • Speed
    Services and resources can be deployed to the cloud within a fraction of a second. Typically with just a few mouse clicks, it gives businesses a lot of flexibility.
  • Cost
    It eliminates the overall expenses of buying resources such as hardware, software, the stack of servers, etc.
  • Virtualization
    Virtualization and cloud computing share an interesting bond with each other. One aspect that virtualization simplifies for cloud computing is cost optimization, leading to more cost-cutting and savings.

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These are a few of the many benefits of cloud-based computing provided to its users, however, to attain these benefits they have to manage their challenges. Further in the blog, we will be getting to know about these challenges only.

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The Challenges of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become an important part of our life today even if we are an organization, students, or an employee. However, it has many challenges in various aspects of information handling.

Security and Privacy 

As a public service, it becomes mandatory to provide a sense of security to users with their confidential data. Cloud Service Provider has to ensure data integrity, data availability, and data confidentiality. Data should neither be altered nor should be manipulated by others but its owner. It is considered the main challenge in cloud-based computing. It can be reduced by using security applications for proper authentication of users, and encrypted file systems.


The application on one platform should be able to incorporate services from the other platform. This is known as interoperability. For a smooth flow of services, interoperability becomes necessary. It can be handled by cloud technology by using web services.


The application that is running on one cloud platform can be moved to a new cloud platform without changing its functionality & output. It should run similarly on every platform. Making a cloud platform portable is a task that is counted as hard to accomplish.

Service Quality

It is an important factor when considering cloud-based solutions. It has to provide availability and scalability to sustain the demands of the user for a longer time.

Cloud service providers should allow parallel processing as a single service could be demanded by multiple users at the same time. Ensuring concurrency is a must task.

Computing Performance

In cloud computing, low bandwidth does not meet the desired computing performance. However, high network bandwidth is needed for data-intensive applications on the cloud, and this results in high costs. 

Reliability and Availability

Organizations usually use services that are provided by third-party, which brings a sense of dependency. Hence cloud systems need to maintain reliability and be robust in nature. The on-demand self-service should not come to halt.


It means having regulatory standards for cloud usage following some laws. The law does not prevent the adoption of the cloud, however, it does have a significant impact. Having regulations for a huge network like the cloud is a mandatory task.

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Its Future Scope

Talking about the present, cloud computing is all over the place. It offers several services and capabilities but over time cloud service providers will narrow the services that they now provide, to the core capabilities only. Despite and because of the pandemic, its demands have increased immensely.

Companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have slowly defined what cloud computing is and they will carry on their work in the future too.

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The internet’s speed would be the sole restriction. And without the fast network speed, it is impossible to imagine a future for the IT industry. Right? So there is no doubt that the network will definitely be fast as compared to the present. Hence everything about cloud computing automatically will fall into place.

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The long journey of cloud computing challenges has finally come to an end. On the whole, despite of challenges faced by technology, it is here to stay. Businesses can’t even think about going on-premise again as it will cost them a fortune!

Furthermore, why work hard when one can work smarter? And this “smarter” work is only possible because of the very existence of cloud computing irrespective of the challenges faced!

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