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In this blog, we are discussing why it is a wise decision to opt for a career in RPA today. We will analyze the salaries paid to RPA professionals based on their job roles, positions they acquire, companies they work for, and various cities in India where these RPA professionals are hired at.

If you want a detailed picture of the salary trends of these IT professionals, watch the following video:


This article consists of the following topics:

Before checking out the salary trends in the field of RPA, let’s first learn a bit about what RPA is and who an RPA Developer is.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the process of automating various stages of the workflow of a business enterprise with the help of robots and reducing human interference. The main aim of RPA is to replace boring and repetitive tasks performed by humans, with a virtual workforce. What makes RPA the most preferred tool among organizations is that it neither requires any coding knowledge nor any direct access to the database of applications.

Below are the sectors where the RPA software is immensely deployed:

  • Accounting
  • Customer service
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Human resources

Who is an RPA Developer?

An RPA Developer is the one who can design automation tasks and has hands-on experience in different RPA tools, such as Blue Prism, UiPath, Pega, and Context. RPA Developers are responsible for creating, designing, developing, and implementing RPA systems. They have majorly three different roles in RPA as given below:

  • Process Designers: Process Designers are responsible to understand the on-going business process that needs to be automated. They have to ensure that the team assigned on the automation project is working smoothly and check the changes that occur after implementing the feedback received from both development and testing phases.
  • Automation Architects: Automation Architects actually develop the RPA project, using RPA tools. They are the core members of the RPA team.
  • Production Managers: Once the RPA project is ready, the Production Manager should ensure that the process is done as per the project plan, and exceptions are handled properly. He/she should also test and debug the process and then report the required changes and improvements back to Process Designers.

Learn on how to become an RPA developer in this RPA Developer Guide from experts in the industry.

So far, we were discussing the meaning of RPA and learning about what job roles are available for an RPA Developer. Now, we will come to the main focus of this blog, Robotic Process Automation salary.

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RPA Developer Salary

RPA Developer jobs and the career opportunities in this domain are increasing greatly, both in startups and in top MNCs that offer high salaries to RPA Developers. Let’s dwell into the salary trends in the RPA domain based on the following parameters:

  • Roles
  • Positions
  • Companies
  • Regions

Now, let’s discuss one by one in detail. 

RPA Developer Salary: Based on Roles

As we have come to know about the various RPA Developer jobs, now let’s discuss the estimated salaries of RPA professionals in India and the United States based on various job roles.

RolesAverage Annual Salary in IndiaAverage Annual Salary in the USA
Automation Architect For freshers & people with 0–3 years of experience: ₹1,000,000
For a senior role: ₹1,955,000
The average salary ranges from US$128,000 to US$170,000
Process Designer For freshers & people with 0–3 years of experience: ₹600,000
For a senior role: ₹1,500,000
The average salary ranges from US$84,000 to US$132,000
Production Manager For freshers & people with 0–3 years of experience: ₹701,000
For a senior role: ₹1,800,000
The average salary ranges from US$68,000 to US$125,000

RPA Developer Salary: Based on Positions

According to the statistics given by Indeed, below are the average salaries paid to the professionals working in different positions in the field of RPA across India and the United States.

PositionsAverage Annual Salary in India Average Annual Salary in the USA
Developer ₹1,080,600+ US$97,631
Junior Developer ₹901,300+ US$61,024
Business Process Analyst ₹731,700+ US$73,380
Senior Developer ₹444,400+ US$108,325
Lead Developer ₹563,600+ US$130,447

RPA Developer Salary: Based on Companies 

Here are some of the companies that pay RPA Developers high and are actively hiring for the same. Flip across the job portals such as LinkedIn, Naukri.com, Monster India, and many more for RPA jobs in India, along with the RPA jobs salary in India.

CompaniesAnnual Pay Offered to RPA Developers
Automation Anywhere₹261,000
RPA UiPath Salary in India₹1,583,000
Ernst and Young₹707,000

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RPA Developer Salary: Based on Regions

Here, we are discussing the salaries paid to RPA Developers in different regions in India as per Glassdoor. We will check out RPA Developer salary in Bangalore, RPA Developer salary in Chennai, RPA Developer salary in Hyderabad, RPA Developer salary in Mumbai, and RPA Developer salary in Pune. 

CitiesAnnual Salaries Paid to RPA Developers

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Do you have more questions? Please comment, and we will get back to you soon.

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