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RPA Developer Salary in India - 2024

RPA Developer Salary in India - 2024

In this blog, we will discuss why it is a wise decision to opt for a career in RPA today. We will analyze the salaries paid to RPA professionals based on their job roles, positions, companies they work for, and various cities in India.

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This blog covers the following topics:

Before checking out the salary trends in the field of RPA, let us first learn a bit about what RPA is and who is an RPA developer.

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the process of automating various stages of the workflow of a business enterprise with the help of robots and reducing human interference. The main aim of RPA is to replace boring and repetitive tasks performed by humans to be done by a virtual workforce. What makes RPA the most preferred tool among organizations is that it neither requires any coding knowledge nor any direct access to the database of applications.

RPA is extensively deployed in the following sectors:

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Who is an RPA Developer?

An RPA developer is someone who designs automation tasks and has hands-on experience in different RPA tools such as Blue Prism, UiPath, Pega, and Context. RPA developers are responsible for creating, designing, developing, and implementing RPA systems. RPA developers have three major roles. They are mentioned below:

  • Process designers: Process designers are responsible for understanding ongoing business processes that need to be automated. They have to ensure that the team assigned on the automation project is working smoothly and check the changes that occur after implementing the feedback received from both development and testing phases.
  • Automation architects: Automation architects develop the RPA project by using RPA tools. They are the core members of the RPA team.
  • Production managers: Production managers ensure that the process is done as per the project plan, once the RPA project is ready, and the exceptions are handled adequately. Project managers also test and debug the process and then report the required changes and improvements back to process designers.

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What does an RPA Developer Do?

One of the major things that an RPA developer has to do is finding solutions to all the various problems that come with the automation of a process or task. They need to understand the depth of the problem and decide what to do about it. An RPA developer has to decide if a process should be automated or not, and in case it does, they are responsible for seeing it through.

An RPA developer has the basic responsibility of designing, creating, and implementing a robotic automation process. An RPA developer has to make sure that the robotic automation process works in perfect harmony with the human employees. Different people from different departments of an organization face difficulties performing certain tasks; it is an RPA developer’s job to understand their challenges and set up an automated process to help them.

RPA developers also work with companies to understand what are those tedious repetitive tasks that they would like to be automated. Once RPA developers have a good understanding of the task, it is their job to automate that particular process.

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Factors Affecting RPA Developer Salary

RPA developer jobs and career opportunities are increasing greatly in both startups and top MNCs, which offer high salaries to RPA developers. Let us take a look at the salary trends in the RPA domain based on the following parameters:

  • Roles
  • Positions
  • Companies

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RPA Developer Salary in India

The average salary of an RPA developer in India is ₹566,119. RPA developers are paid differently in different regions of India as per Glassdoor. There are a lot of new job vacancies popping up for RPA developers.

We will take a look at RPA developer salaries in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and New Delhi.


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RPA Developer Salary—Based on Roles

Now that we know about the various RPA developer jobs, let us discuss the estimated salaries of RPA professionals in India and the United States based on various job roles.

RPA Developer Salary—Based on Positions

According to the statistics provided by Indeed, below are the average salaries paid to the professionals working at different positions in the RPA domain in India and the United States.

PositionsAverage Annual Salary in IndiaAverage Annual Salary in the United States
Junior Developer₹901,300+US$61,024
Business Process Analyst₹731,700+US$73,380
Senior Developer₹444,400+US$108,325
Lead Developer₹563,600+US$130,447

RPA Developer Salary—Based on Companies

Here are some of the companies that pay high salaries to RPA developers and are actively hiring for the profile.

CompaniesAnnual Salary Offered to RPA Developers
Automation Anywhere₹261,000
Ernst and Young₹707,000

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How to Become an RPA Developer?

RPA developers need to be able to comprehend the challenges and provide solutions for the same. RPA developers have a lot to do with coming up with solutions. RPA developers need to be able to think outside the box. They need to get into the nitty-gritty of the entire process or task.

To start with, RPA developers need to have a degree in computer science. They need to have a good hold on programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and .NET. They also need to know a database language such as SQL.

Having an understanding of an automation tool, such as UiPath, is definitely a requirement for RPA developers. Since the entirety of this job is dependent on automation, it is important that RPA developers are well versed in machine learning and artificial intelligence. RPA developers are also required to have a good command over scripting languages such as HTML, JavaScript, etc.

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RPA Developer Career Path

Once you have qualified as an RPA developer, you can apply for the following job roles:

  • RPA tester
  • RPA project manager
    • Automation architect
    • Process designer
    • Production manager
  • RPA developer
    • Junior developer
    • Senior developer
    • Business process analyst
    • Lead developer

RPA Developer Certifications

Becoming an RPA developer has become simpler now; there are a lot of courses available online in the form of blogs, tutorials, and certification courses. Recruiters give preference to applicants who have a certification in the domain.

Getting certified will also help you get a salary hike of a minimum 25 percent. You can unearth your potential and stand out from the crowd by enrolling in a certification course.

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RPA is a booming career path that will only take you further in your professional life. It has been in demand for some years now and the trends look promising for the years to come. Your opportunities will grow as you get proficient in the skills required to become an RPA developer.

As your mastery over the skills grows, so will your salary. RPA developers are paid differently based on roles, positions, and locations; on average, RPA developers stand to make about ₹566,119 p.a. in India.

Having a degree course in computer science is important to become an RPA developer, but even if you’re a fresher, you can enroll in certification courses to upskill yourself and get a head-start in your career. There is a lot of scope for RPA developers and it is only going to get better.

Do you have more questions? Please comment, and we will get back to you soon.

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