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In light of all the benefits that cloud computing has to offer, organizations all around the world are constantly trying to leverage this technology. This is why they are always on the lookout for Cloud Engineers. And since the demand for Cloud Engineers is huge, the pay scale is also huge! But how much of a pay scale are we exactly talking about here? This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog.

Following are the topics that will be covered in this article on Cloud Engineer Salary:

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Before we move straight to discussing the Cloud Engineer salaries, let’s take a glance at what the cloud encompasses.

Introduction to the Cloud

The “cloud” refers to the servers that are accessed online over the Internet. It also includes the software and databases that run on those servers. These cloud servers are located all over the world in data centers. Through cloud computing, users eliminate the need for managing physical servers themselves or running software applications on their own machines.

Cloud Engineers and Their Role

A cloud Engineer is mainly responsible for anything related to cloud computing, which includes design, planning, management, maintenance, and support. These professionals have the following skills and competencies:

Cloud engineers in all roles must have proficiency in the following areas:

  • Linux
  • Database skills
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • DevOps
  • Containerization
  • Virtualization
  • Understanding of cloud providers
  • Security and recovery
  • Web services and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Now that we have covered what is cloud and who is a Cloud Engineer, let’s discuss the salaries in this profession without any further ado.

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Different Cloud Engineer Roles and their Salaries

The title of Cloud Engineer has different cloud-focused engineering roles. Cloud engineering requires many areas of expertise, and based on that, each role can be very specific: Let’s take a look at the different job roles and their salaries.

Cloud Engineer Salaries in India

Job Role

Job Description

Average Annual Salary Based on Location

Cloud Architect

Manages the cloud infrastructure

Delhi: ₹1,000,000

Mumbai: ₹1,500,000

Bangalore: ₹2,000,000

Hyderabad: ₹2,100,000

Chennai: ₹2,000,000

Pune: ₹2,300,000

Cloud Software Developer

Builds and maintains software features and functions, databases, and applications for the cloud

Delhi: ₹500,000

Mumbai: ₹400,000

Bangalore: ₹1,000,000

Hyderabad: ₹700,000

Chennai: ₹879,204

Pune: ₹900,000

Cloud Security Engineer

Builds and maintains features to provide security for cloud-based platforms and applications

Delhi: ₹900,000

Mumbai: ₹600,000

Bangalore: ₹800,000

Hyderabad: ₹800,000

Chennai: ₹1,300,000

Pune: ₹1,000,000

Cloud Administrator

Manages software and hardware associated with cloud-based services


Delhi: ₹500,000

Mumbai: ₹474,996

Bangalore: ₹900,000

Hyderabad: ₹336,000

Chennai: ₹700,000

Pune: ₹700,000

Cloud Network Engineer

Manages and supports network infrastructures and connections between clients and service providers

Delhi: ₹500,000

Mumbai: ₹400,000

Bangalore: ₹500,000

Hyderabad: ₹400,000

Chennai: ₹400,000

Pune: ₹500,000

Cloud Automation Engineer

Focuses on automation, orchestration, and integration of software features, databases, and applications on the cloud

Delhi: ₹648,000

Mumbai: ₹370,000

Bangalore: ₹600,000

Hyderabad: ₹1,800,000

Chennai: ₹1,600,000

Pune: ₹600,000

Sources: Glassdoor, AmbitionBox, and

Cloud Engineer Salaries in Different Countries

Job Role

Average Annual Salary Based on Location

Cloud Architect

India: ₹1,900,000

The USA: US$100,000

The UK: £70,507

Australia: AU$200,000

Singapore: S$100,000

Canada: CA$100,000

Cloud Software Developer

India: ₹700,000

The USA: US$90,919

The UK: £40,668

Australia: AU$95,359

Singapore: S$72,000

Canada: CA$76,000

Cloud Security Engineer

India: ₹800,000

The USA: US$100,000

The UK: £61,567

Australia: AU$200,000

Singapore: S$63465

Canada: CA$86,000

Cloud Administrator

India: ₹600,000

The USA: US$75,398

The UK: £55,512

Australia: AU$90,000

Singapore: S$80,000

Canada: CA$75,000

Cloud Network Engineer

India: ₹600,000

The USA: US$88,100

The UK: £37,142

Australia: AU$100,000

Singapore: S$36,000

Canada: CA$67,000

Cloud Automation Engineer

India: ₹600,000

The USA: US$100,000

The UK: £41,823

Australia: AU$100,000

Singapore: S100,000

Canada: CA$75,000

Sources: Glassdoor, PayScale, and SEEK

Of course, the average pay scale of Cloud Engineers depends on the supply to demand ratio. Therefore, changes in supply and demand will impact the pay scale accordingly.

One thing is for sure that cloud computing is going to grow even more in the near future. The more organizations adopt cloud computing, the more will be the demand of Cloud Engineers thus increasing the demand for the Cloud engineer job profile. This means that the Cloud Engineer salary will also be huge.

The same conclusion can also be drawn from the fact that the median salary of cloud engineers has seen significant increments in a short span of two years. Organizations wouldn’t pay high salaries for a job profile with a dead future, right?

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Skills Required to Become a Cloud Engineer

Following are some of the skills that are necessary to become a successful Cloud Engineer:

1. Database Skills: It is advisable to invest in studying a database querying language and platform. Programming languages like MySQL and Hadoop can be really beneficial.

2. Programming Knowledge: Knowing programming languages like Java, PHP, and.NET are essential if you want to get into cloud engineering. Traditional programming languages like Python and Ruby are also useful.

3. Linux: Linux is an open-source OS that can be used to create technology without authorization. In fact, many modern apps and websites run on this OS. Professionals who can design, administer, and maintain Linux-based servers are strongly in demand.

4. Ability to Network: It’s critical to integrate networks with cloud services. So, obviously, knowing the fundamentals of cloud networking and virtual networks is essential for cloud computing making the process easy for end-users.

5. Cloud Service Providers: To succeed in the cloud sector, it is crucial to first understand what the cloud service providers are offering. Make sure to learn everything you can about AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, and other leading cloud service providers.

6. APIs and Web Services: APIs and web services are the foundation for cloud architects. For the purpose of tagging, transporting, and describing data, open web services like UDDI, SOAP,  XML, and WSDL are employed. APIs complete the integration process and deploy it on different platforms.

7. Information Security: In cloud computing, it’s critical to monitor the current state of security and have preventative measures in place. Learning cybersecurity is an added advantage in this field, especially if you want to be a cloud security engineer.


Cloud Engineer Salaries Based on Experience

Experience is yet another factor that affects the Cloud Engineer’s salary, be it any job profile. So let’s also see how experience in this field will affect your salary as a cloud engineer.

Evidently, Amazon offers the following salaries to their cloud engineer as per their experience.

ExperienceCloud Engineer Salary
0-3 years₹1,241,000
4 – 6 years₹1,744,817-₹1,900,369

Source: Glassdoor

Major Recruiters of Cloud Engineers

Major Recruiters of Cloud Engineers

The job title is not the only ground on which the salary of a cloud engineer may differ. Cloud Engineer Salary will also vary according to the organizations hiring for Cloud Engineers. So, let’s have a look at the salary of a cloud engineer offered by some of the major organizations.

CompaniesAverage Salary of Cloud Engineer’s
VMware$160,996 per year
Amazon$135,000 per year
Cisco$134,793 per year
Accenture Cloud Engineer$127,329 per year
Microsoft Cloud Engineer$114,986 per year


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These aren’t the only companies looking for cloud engineers. There are many more companies out there, offering more or less than the ones mentioned in this list.


To conclude, these are the major factors that can affect a cloud engineer’s Salary. This brings us to the end of this article, but if you are craving for more, then check out our “What does a Cloud Engineer do? – Roles and Responsibilities” article. In case you want to start your career journey as a cloud engineer, then do check out our Cloud and DevOps Architect Master’s Course.

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