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Cyber Security v/s Network Security
Updated on 05th Jun, 23 832 Views

Let’s take a look at what is going to be covered in this blog.

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There is tremendous hype in cloud-based services such as Amazon Web Services and Azure. Since cloud services are accessed online, hackers can easily corrupt our data and can perform malicious activities.

Introduction to Cyber Security 

Cyber Security is the domain where we secure our data from cybercriminals. The practice of Cyber Security is to protect mobile devices, computers, and other components of electronic devices against data infringements.

Computer networking, software, or different technologies to defend against cyber threats could be called cyber-security. It maintains the assortment of procedures applied to defend the integrity of networks, programs, and data from illegal access.

What is Cyber Security?

Let’s take an example to see how Cyber Security practices help us from data breaches and illegal views. 

There is a customer called Hazel, who shops from a website frequently online. For faster and more hassle-free shopping, Hazel saved her personal information such as email id, address, and credit card information. The required information was stored on the min server. Hazel received an email one-day stating eligibility from her shopping website for a special discount voucher. She was requested to enter her shopping website credentials in order to receive the coupon code. At that time it didn’t seem fishy to her as she thought that it was a check of the account. Little did she realize the danger she would be facing. Hazel was knocked off her feet when a substantial amount of money was wiped off from her account.

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Hazel indeed received a fake email from the shopping website as the third party has accessed her information and pretended to be the website owner.

Hazel could have defended herself by making utilization of numerous Cyber Security techniques.

Cyber Security involves techniques that assist in securing various digital components, networks, data, and computer systems from illegal digital access.

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Introduction to Network Security

What is Network Security

Network security is quite a broad field to scrutinize before diving further let us understand what is a computer network?

A computer network is a collection of computers connected by digital interconnections and using a set of standard communication protocols to share resources located on or provided by network nodes.

Network security is described as the implementation of techniques, processes, and protocols to protect the communication and information of an individual or organization.

So, if you have a computer network, there is a chance that the data being circulated through that network will be leaked or disrupted in some way; we need to avoid this, so we implement these network security protocols.

Networks can be private, such as those within a company, or they can be open to the public. Network security entails the authorization of data access in a network, which is managed by a network administrator.

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What is the need for network security?

The need for network security is quite prominent.

Example: Samuel is the name of a person. Now Samuel wishes to communicate with his colleague Yary and wants to send a message. The message contains trade secrets and company-relevant information that should not be accessed or seen by any third party. He sends the message via email.  Presume Evy, a third party has gained access to the message. Now Evy can view the company information that could be extremely dangerous to the organization. 

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This leads to monetary losses if the competitor company gets access to your sales information, customer information, and company strategies. 

To prevent this we can lock the line of connection between Samuel and Yary so that intruders cannot access it. The lock is (Network security) metaphorical.

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Cyber Security v/s Network Security

Cyber Security is a branch of information security that deals with preserving internet-connected devices, such as devices, operating systems, programs, and data, from potential cyberattacks.

Network security is a subset of Cyber Security that is designed to protect the authenticity of any channel and also the relevant information that can be sent via network nodes. Networking and Cyber Security assist us in securing our data both inside and outside the organization.

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What is the difference between Cyber Security and Network Security?

                Cyber Security                 Network Security
1. Cyber Security is the subset of Information security.1. Network Security comes under the domain of Cyber Security.
2. Protects data residing in devices and servers.2. Protects data flowing over Network.
3. Deals with protection from cyber attack3. Deals with protection for Denial of Service attack.
4. Strikes against Cyber Crime and cyber frauds.4. Strikes against Trojans.
5. Ensures to protect entire digital data.5. Ensures to protect transmit data only.
6. Network protection, applications, up-to-date information, comes under Cyber Security.6. ID and Passwords, internet access, firewalls, backup, comes network security.
7. Cyber Security protects the organization from all kinds of digital attacks from the cyber Realm.7. Network Security is all about protecting the organization’s IT infrastructure from all kinds of online threats.

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We envision a world, which runs businesses on cloud storage. This brings us to the need for Cyber Security and Network Security. Cloud-based services such as Amazon Web Services and Azure have received a lot of attention. Cyber Security is the field in which we protect our data from cybercriminals. Cyber-security refers to the use of computer networking, software, or other technologies to defend against cyber threats. It maintains a collection of procedures used to protect the integrity of networks, programs, and data from unauthorized access. The lock is a metaphor for (Network security). Network security is a subset of Cyber Security that is intended to protect networks.

Networks can be private, such as those within a company, or they can be open to the public. Network security entails the authorization of data access in a network, which is managed by a network administrator.

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