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DevOps Certification
Updated on 24th Mar, 23 3072 Views

Why DevOps Certification?

DevOps ensures faster and automatic deployment of code/application, which makes it an absolute necessity for every or any product based company to implement the Devops Lifecycle.

This in turn increases the demand for more people that are skilled in DevOps and are DevOps certified. For example, LinkedIn alone has released 5000+ job vacancies in India.

Watch this video on DevOps Tutorial for Beginners

“We’re seeing such a shortage of DevOps talent that salaries of $200,000 or more for running a team are not unusual,” says Rona Borre, CEO of Chicago-based IT recruiting firm Instant Technologies.

A fresher skilled with DevOps and possessing DevOps certification rakes in between 4-8 lakhs in India. In US, the average salary of a DevOps professional is about $128,000 which is around 20% more than what a regular software developer makes.

If you are aiming to become a Devops Professional right now, it is probably the best thing you can do to your career.

In this blog, I am going to guide you, how to get DevOps certified and become a DevOps Engineer.

The opportunities are in ample, and with the right training, you can get DevOps certification that will add a lot of value to your profile.

Before talking more about DevOps Certification, let us see who can achieve this certification

Target Audience

Devops Certification is intended for the following:

  • IT Professionals
  • System Administrators
  • Software Developers

Various roles in DevOps

With every IT organization wanting to embrace DevOps, there is a rapid increase in the number of job openings for a person skilled in DevOps.


  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Architect
  • DevOps Developer
  • DevOps Consultant
  • DevOps Test Analyst
  • DevOps Manager

The role one gets depends on the experience. For instance, a fresher with DevOps skills becomes a DevOps Engineer, an experienced professional becomes a DevOps Architect. So based on the kind of experience you bring to the table, you can apply for the respective DevOps profile.

Go through this Monitoring DevOps Tools blog by Intellipaat for some more information on DevOps Tools.

Why is DevOps certification important?

A DevOps certification is a trust factor for the interviewer that you have the skills that a DevOps engineer needs. This gives you an upper hand during interviews and increases the probability of getting hired by 50-60 percent.

In conclusion, a DevOps accreditation will help you grow out of the old IT methods into the advanced IT world, opening doors to a lot of job opportunities.

Now that you know the importance of the DevOps certification, look into these most asked DevOps Interview Questions.

The DevOps certificate is important, yes! But how to get DevOps certified?

How to get DevOps Certified?

For getting DevOps Certified, one has to know in-depth about all the tools involved with DevOps.

We at Intellipaat, offer a DevOps Certification course which will make you master various aspects of software development, operations, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated build, test and deployment.

Certification in Cloud & Devops

Pre-requisites for the course

There are no prerequisites for taking this DevOps course. Any IT Professional with basic IT knowledge & some Linux concepts can take up this course.

For Linux concepts, we also offer a free Linux Admin course, through which you can prep for your DevOps Classes.

If you are a beginner and want to learn more. Check out our tutorial on DevOps!

Why Intellipaat’s DevOps Certification Course?

Intellipaat is a corporate training partner with 80+ MNCs like Nasscom, IBM, Cisco etc. We exactly know what the industry needs in terms of the Skills for DevOps.


With our experience, and after going through various DevOps Job Descriptions, we have curated a course for DevOps.
With neat and systematic training sessions, Intellipaat stands out when it comes to offering the best course. The course covers every important topic that a good DevOps engineer needs to be thorough with.
The hands-on practical sessions helps you with real time projects.

The module wise assignment tests designed meticulously helps you test your knowledge and keep a track on your performance.

The best and most important part of the course is the Capstone project that evaluates your overall understanding of the course. Once you clear this project, you are now good to go get the job of your dreams.

Check this Intellipaat DevOps Full Course video :

What is included in the DevOps Certification Training?

DevOps certification training

You will go through in-depth training on the following topics:

  • In-depth knowledge of DevOps methodology
  • Implementing Software Version Control
  • Containerizing Code on production using Docker
  • Creating CI/CD Pipelines using Jenkins
  • Configuration Management using Puppet and Ansible
  • Automating build and test using Selenium and Maven
  • Container Orchestration using Kubernetes
  • Performance Tuning and Monitoring using Nagios

In addition to this, you will also get first-hand training on various DevOps tools such as Git, Puppet, Jenkins, Chef, SVN, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Nagios and many more.

The DevOps certification training by Intellipaat is modulated keeping in mind the latest software industrial needs and provides a deep knowledge on DevOps.

Course Schedule

Name Date Details
DevOps Course 03 Jun 2023(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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DevOps Course 10 Jun 2023(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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DevOps Course 17 Jun 2023(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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