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Top 10 EdTech Companies in India
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The future of education in India has a great deal of potential to be changed by the EdTech sector. Using technology to bridge the digital divide, the top 10 EdTech companies highlighted in this blog have helped make education more accessible, interactive, and customized. We have included the EdTech giants, such as Intellipaat, Byjus, upGrad, Vedantu, iQuanta, Adda247, Veranda Learning Solution, Edureka, Unacademy, and Simplilearn. 


What is EdTech Sector?

According to the latest survey results published in 2023, the data for potential online learners in the Indian ed-tech industry will be increased by 6.7 times from the data of 2021, making it approximately 10 billion from 2 billion. Based on the primary researcher’s analysis of India’s online education industry, it is projected that the industry will reach US$31 billion by 2031.

Education technology (EdTech) companies refer to the education sector domain, which utilizes modern technologies to enhance traditional learning. 

  • Online learning is facilitated through various technologies, platforms, programs, and apps that the industry uses. 
  • Online learning has transformed the way the Indian education system used to work. 
  • The learning experience is now more interactive, engaging, and personalized as per the capabilities of the learners. 
  • These companies provide various services associated with providing knowledge to learners, which include comprehensive learning guides, well-structured courses, online reading material, online assessments, and many more.
  • EdTech leverages technologies like artificial machine learning, machine learning, cloud computing, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more to create an interactive and immersive learning environment.

Benefits of EdTech Companies

Benefits of EdTech Companies

We have witnessed the application of technologies by educational technology (EdTech) companies in order to offer a forward-thinking and improved approach to the field of education. Subsequently, we would like to highlight several supplementary benefits linked to the EdTech industry.

  • Personalized Way of Learning: EdTech platforms provide many learning opportunities. They can better meet the demands and learning preferences of the students. They are working on several algorithms that monitor students’ development and pinpoint areas for improvement. For instance, Byju combines many interactive learning techniques for students.
  • Accessible and Affordable: EdTech has made education more accessible and affordable. Irrespective of your geographical region and financial condition, they have made quality education possible for everyone. With the help of minimal infrastructure and the comforts of homes, learners can now have top-notch education.
  • Flexibility: EdTech platforms provide flexible learning alternatives that let students set their schedules and paces for learning. They get unlimited access to course materials and lectures, which they may pause or fast-forward through as required. The obligations of working professionals are also targeted with this flexibility. 
  • Dynamic Learning: These educational portals provide extensive interactive learning resources. Simulated settings, interactive games, and virtual reality associations are all part of it. It enhances learning by making it immersive and exciting.
  • Collaborative Learning: Due to the introduction of online learning, collaboration with renowned institutions is now possible. Considering Intellipaat’s partnership with IIT Madras and Microsoft to provide an improved learning method. It also promotes the globalization of the learning industry.

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Top Ten EdTech Companies 

We have made a well-curated list of top Edtech companies in India, which has revolutionized the way of learning. Check out the below-mentioned points to learn more about them.



With the vision of the democratization of the education sector, the company was founded by Diwakar Chittora and Shilpi Jain in 2011. Intellipaat is working on the four pillars of education: High-quality Educational Content, Top-notch Training, Job Assistance for Learners, and Robust 24/7 Support.

Starting from a single Hadoop training course, Intellipaat now offers 150+ professional courses with 700,00+ happy learners. Intellipaat is one of the fastest-growing organizations in the education sector because of its proactive way of working. Intellipaat offers its content through its application and website.



Byju Raveendran founded Byjus, India’s largest EdTech organization, in 2011. With over 100 million active learners covering the K12 and K10 domains of education. With their recent accusation of the Akash Institute of Learning, they have entered the domain of competitive exam preparations.

Byjus offers a unique blend of pedagogy, technology, and high-quality content. They deliver educational content through their application and website.



upGrad is an online education platform that offers industry-relevant programs to professionals looking to enhance their skills and advance their careers. Founded in 2015 by Ronnie Screwvala, Mayank Kumar, Ravijot Chugh, and Phalgun Kompalli, upGrad has emerged as a trusted name in the online education space. 

The platform provides a variety of courses in collaboration with top universities and industry experts. With over 1 million learners and partnerships with esteemed institutions, upGrad has achieved significant milestones and generated substantial revenue. 

Its commitment to quality education and career transformation has propelled its success and made it a preferred choice for learners worldwide.



Unacademy is a central online learning platform that offers various courses to help students achieve academic excellence and career success. Founded in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh, Unacademy has rapidly grown to become one of India’s largest online learning platforms. 

With a diverse catalog of courses, including UPSC preparation, engineering, medical entrance exams, and more, Unacademy provides high-quality education accessible to learners nationwide. The platform has achieved significant milestones, boasting millions of learners and thousands of educators. 

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Vedantu, a K12 segment leader, offers a live tutoring space to the learners. The venture was founded by four visionary minds: Vamsi Krishna, Anand Prakash, Pulkit Jain, and Saurabh Saxena. Vedantu was launched in 2014, making it the first of its kind in the educational sector. 

Vedantu employs a teaching approach that involves two educators, thereby ensuring the provision of high-quality education and timely resolution of students’ inquiries. Presently, Vedantu caters to the academic needs of young learners ranging from 3 to 18 years of age.



Simplilearn is a renowned online learning platform that offers a wide range of professional certification courses to individuals seeking to upskill or switch careers.

Established in 2010 by Krishna Kumar and Prashant Parmar, Simplilearn has garnered a commendable reputation as a dependable provider of high-quality training programs across various domains, including project management, data science, digital marketing, and cybersecurity.

With over 2,000 courses and a learner community spanning 150 countries, Simplilearn has achieved impressive milestones and generated significant revenue. This cements its position as a leader in the e-learning industry.



iQuanta, a prominent edtech company, has made a substantial impact on the education sector. It was established in 2015 by the Math Wizard Inderjeet Singh. It has garnered recognition for its diverse array of courses, with a primary focus on competitive examinations such as CAT, GMAT, and banking. Boasting a team of highly skilled professionals, comprising seasoned faculty members and devoted support staff, iQuanta has earned a commendable reputation for delivering excellence in education. Its online platform attracts learners from across the globe, providing them with comprehensive study materials, interactive sessions, and personalized mentoring. 

Noteworthy accomplishments of iQuanta include creating numerous high-ranking achievers in competitive exams and aiding thousands of students in realizing their academic aspirations.



Adda247 is the foremost vernacular test preparation platform in India, founded by Anil Nagar. It serves a vast student base of over 50 million individuals from Tier II and Tier III cities. Supported by renowned investors such as Westbridge and Infoedge, Adda247 is dedicated to democratizing quality education. It offers online courses for a wide range of major exams in over 10 regional languages across the country. Its commitment lies in extending accessible educational opportunities to the masses. This empowers students with comprehensive resources and guidance in their preferred regional languages.

Veranda Learning Solutions

Veranda Learning Solutions

Veranda Learning Solutions is a prominent edtech company revolutionizing online education. Founded by Kalpathi AGS Group in 2018, it offers a wide range of courses spanning various disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the humanities. Veranda Learning Solutions boasts a dedicated team of 200+ highly qualified employees, including experienced instructors and technical experts. The company serves a diverse community of learners worldwide, catering to both K-12 students and adult learners. 

With a learner base of over 500,000 individuals, Veranda Learning Solutions has earned accolades for its innovative teaching methods, personalized learning experiences, and consistently high student success rates.



Edureka is a well-known online learning platform offering comprehensive, up-to-date courses and certifications in diverse technology domains. 

Founded in 2011 by Lovleen Bhatia and Kapil Tyagi, Edureka has earned a solid reputation as a trusted e-learning provider. With an extensive collection of top-quality courses, they cater to learners worldwide, delivering flexible learning options and engaging hands-on projects. 

Edureka has achieved remarkable milestones, boasting a large and dedicated learner base, strategic partnerships with leading organizations, and a proven track record of facilitating successful career transitions. 

Its subscription-based model has generated substantial revenue, and Edureka’s unwavering dedication to providing exceptional education has contributed to its robust online presence and prominent rankings on search engines.

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India’s EdTech landscape is thriving, with numerous top-notch companies revolutionizing the way education is delivered. The top 10 EdTech companies in India in 2023 include Intellipaat, Byjus, upGrad, Unacademy, Vedantu, Simplilearn, Toppr Learning, Whitehat Jr., Meritnation, and Edureka. 

By offering a diverse array of courses, personalized learning prospects, and inventive teaching approaches, these institutions have made noteworthy contributions to the field of education. Their dedication to delivering exceptional education and employing technology-based platforms has positioned these educational technologies (EdTech) enterprises as key players in molding the future of learning.

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