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Top 10 Online Computer Courses to Get a Job in 2024

We are in an era that brings a myriad of opportunities to anyone who is willing to invest time in upskilling and learning new technologies. At the forefront of the job market are computer-related skills that are vital in almost every industry. To help you get a good career, we will make you explore the top 10 computer courses in demand.

If you are struggling to agree upon a training program that is suitable for you, we have listed the latest computer courses for your consideration.

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Top Online Computer Courses for High-paying Jobs

Seeing that it is an extensive field, there are several types of computer courses that you can look into. Let’s check them out.

Data Science

Data is growing and more so with the advent of digitization. The demand and shortage of skilled Data Science experts are becoming a serious constraint, according to Harvard Business Review. The most fundamental skill of Data Scientists is the ability to work with code and the knack for statistics. LinkedIn currently records 21,000+ job openings in the United States for professionals with Data Science skills.

Skill sets Predictive Analytics using Python, statistics, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, data visualization, etc.

The average annual salary in the United States: US$123,652

The average annual salary in India: ₹1,000,000

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Big Data Engineering

The primary job of a Big Data Engineer is to build large-scale data processing systems. Big Data Engineering involves creating, evaluating, testing, and maintaining Big Data solutions within an organization. Big Data Engineering is one of the best computer courses for jobs that you can consider for your career. LinkedIn has over 34,000 jobs available for Big Data professionals.

Skill sets Python, Spark, Scala, R, MySQL, NoSQL, Hive, Apache Kafka, etc.

The average annual salary in the United States: US$102,864

The average annual salary in India: ₹779,887

You can take up the Big Data Course by Intellipaat to get certified as a Big Data professional.

Data Analytics

Data Analysts are adept at logical thinking and working with statistical techniques to generate structured data. The data analysis process benefits organizations in various marketing, production, and administrative operations. While Data Scientists and Data Analysts are closely related, there are differences that set them apart, such as Data Analysts need not necessarily concern themselves with heavy coding unlike the former. However, being aware of the latest data trends is advisable. Like Data Science, there is a talent gap in the Data Analyst space that can be filled by skilled candidates.

Skill sets: Statistics, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, data visualization, Predictive Analytics, etc.

The average annual salary in the United States: US$62,453

The average annual salary in India: ₹427,303

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Artificial Intelligence

Because of its many applications, Artificial Intelligence is nowadays being introduced across various industry verticals. Big tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture, and others are employing this technology on a large scale innovatively. It will be no surprise if more and more industries make use of Machine Learning and AI and Data Science to take it to new heights. The future scope of Artificial Intelligence is seeing serious growth in the job market as well. As of now, there are over 41,000 jobs in the United States that are listed for AI experts alone. Artificial intelligence is used in every sector hence it is necessary to have an Artificial Intelligence Certification to pursue your career in AI.

Skill sets: NLP, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, neural networks, graphical models, Keras, TensorFlow, deep neural networks, etc.

Average annual salary in the United States: US$114,121

Average annual salary in India: ₹1,556,582

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

According to Forbes, SEO is a critical strategy for the majority of marketers in 2021. Learning SEO is a valuable skill to add to your resume. Not only is it a sought-after profession, but it also offers great career growth to anyone who is looking to toil away in the Digital Marketing sector professionally. While Google algorithms can be a mystery, it is not too difficult to master SEO.

Skill sets SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, branding, marketing analytics, etc.

The average annual salary in the United States: US$69,301

The average annual salary in India: ₹362,422 to ₹400,000

Learn Search Engine Optimization online by taking up the SEO Course by Intellipaat.

Software Development

Software Development

Software development will always be at the core of the evergreen IT strategy. Software Developers, as you might already be aware, are skilled in various programming languages and are crucial contributors to any software development process, as well as mobile and web app development, in any organization. While there is no such course as a software development course that will teach you everything under the sun, there are, however, many online courses with certificates that will open up opportunities for you to the software development world such as the wide selection of programming languages course, Web Development course, mobile app development course, web design course, computer security, and networks course, etc.

Skill sets: C++, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Unity, Java, .NET, ReactJS, Native, etc.

Average annual salary in the United States: US$107,725

Average annual salary in India: ₹500,000

Looking for the latest courses after graduating? Check out our blog on the list of top 10 professional courses after graduation!

Cyber Security

Statistica has found Cyber Security jobs to be the most in-demand jobs in 2023. Every organization from a fintech business to e-commerce depends heavily on online data and transactions, which makes it crucial for them to have a strong Cyber Security system in place to prevent unprecedented network and cyberattacks.

A Cyber Security course online will cover everything from understanding vulnerabilities and cyberattacks to taking preventive and countermeasures. Learn Cyber Security if you are interested in the security and network aspect of IT.

Skill sets: Firewalls, networking, virtualization software, Wireshark, Syslog, tcpdump, assembly language, Java, C/C++, disassemblers, scripting languages, etc.

Average annual salary in the United States: US$99,834

Average annual salary in India: ₹720,111

You may have compared all the salaries and will be impressed with the cyber security salary. Enroll in Cyber Security Training to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Web Development

With the growth in digital literacy, the need for Web Developers is rising. The ability to build interactive websites for various businesses allowing them to function and operate at a global level is what the Web Development process entails. This is the reason why Web Development jobs are always available. Web Developers get highly paid. Freelance and work-from-home opportunities are great in this field of work due to the convenient setup, which only requires a computer system and an Internet connection.

Skill sets: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .Net, etc.

Average annual salary in the United States: US$78367

Average annual salary in India: ₹380,607

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Web Design

Web Design

If you are good with visuals and aesthetics, web designing may be for you. It is all about creating attractive logos, web designs, web pages, and brochures, and working on other print media. The profession requires some knowledge of web developing elements such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, etc. Additionally, Web Designers are essentially skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, etc.

Skill sets: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, XHTML, etc.

Average annual salary in the United States: US$65,490

Average annual salary in India: ₹362,103

Master’s in Computer Science opens doors to endless opportunities. Join us as we uncover the world of computer science postgraduate programs.

VFX Training and Character Animation

The gaming industry is booming, along with other animation projects, movies, short films, etc. VFX and character animation are at the heart of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) which are used massively in video games.

As a learner, you will be able to dive into advanced innovative techniques, VFX effects, software skills, character development, animation, and many more. The scope for VFX professionals is massive thanks to the rising popularity of movies, animated films, and video games.

Skill sets: Maya, Adobe Photoshop, ZBrush, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender, etc.

Average annual salary in the United States: US$85,946

Average annual salary in India: ₹312,383

Check out our list of Short term courses with high salaries to get a head start in your career.


Technology has been made so convenient over the years, and all this has been achieved through the countless contributions by computer professionals. Their sets of skills and expertise are only honed through years of practice and the right foundation.

If you are interested in pursuing job-oriented computer courses, you have to ensure that you are choosing one of the online computer courses. This not only means that you will be receiving quality training and education but also paves the way to a number of high-paying jobs for you to choose from.

All the courses mentioned in the above best computer courses list can be taken up online, offering flexibility to your routine and also saving you time. After carefully analyzing your interests and career path, sign up for one of these online courses.

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