Highest Paying Jobs in India
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This blog on the top 15 highest paying jobs in India in 2021 covers the top 15 job roles that offer the highest salaries in India across multiple domains, such as healthcare, IT, finance, etc., in no specific order. Check out the 15 best paying job roles in India and their salaries according to the postings on PayScale.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India in 2021

It is not news that money is one of the most significant factors and the best source of motivation while choosing a career. This may lead you to the question, ‘What is the highest paying job in India?’ The answer to that question may vary due to various aspects. However, in this blog, you will read about the 15 highest paying jobs in India that remain almost the same in all parts of the country.

Let’s begin by reading about some of the best jobs in India.


Surgeons and Doctors

Surgeons, Doctors, and other professionals in the field of healthcare come under the top 15 highest paying jobs in India. They work in both government and private sectors and play a crucial role in the world. Depending on the specializations these professionals opt for, such as pharmacy, dentistry, etc., the salary can be defined. With rapid advancements in technology, it has become comparatively easier for them to find cures for various diseases, including a few fatal ones.

Even people who live a healthy lifestyle without coming across any disease visit doctors time and again for regular checkups to see if they are alright. India has a large population, so the number of people who suffer from several health issues is not minute, and this is not surprising. But, the ratio of doctors to patients is considerably low, which is why these healthcare professionals are in high demand. This and their skill sets are a few reasons why they are paid much higher than in most other professions.


You must attain a degree in MBBS (Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) from a well-reputed institute that is recognized by the National Medical Council to get into this profession.


The annual package of a General Physician in India is about ₹696,339, which may rise to ₹2,000,000. Whereas, a General Surgeon earns ₹1,070,938 per annum, on average, that can go up to ₹4,000,000 per annum.

Average Salary of Doctors in India.

Data Scientists

‘Data Scientist’ is one of the highest paying IT jobs not only in India but in the world. Compared to most career opportunities available, this field is relatively new, yet it is among the most popular and in-demand careers today with high salary packages.

One reason for their high demand is the influx of data that comes to companies every day. Not just for experienced professionals, but it is also one of the highest paying jobs in India for freshers. These professionals manage and analyze the raw data to make interpretations and help their organizations make informed decisions.


To become a Data Scientist, you must be a graduate in a field related to mathematics, statistics, engineering, or computer science. You can also take it up after completing your B.Tech or BE. Although no prior knowledge of any programming language is required, it can indeed be beneficial if you have it. Further, you can take up a course in Data Science from a well-recognized institute and gain certification in this technology.

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The average salary of a Data Scientist in India is ₹813,911 per year, which can increase up to ₹2,000,000 per year.

Average Salary of Data Scientists in India

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineers

In this era of technology, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) lead the world and help multiple domains. Machine Learning is a sub-domain of AI, and both these popular technologies are already incorporated in organizations. Machine Learning and AI systems have brought about a massive transformation in industries, including healthcare, transportation, telecommunication, and more.

For instance, in the healthcare industry, most organ transplants are happening on the basis of artificial organs created with the help of these technologies, helping in increasing the lifespan of the beneficiaries. This is one of the many reasons why the demand for these technologies is extremely high in most parts of the world.

In India, they have not been adopted to a level it should be. However, their trajectory is only rising at a fast pace. In a few years, it is estimated that we will become highly dependent on AI and ML.


To become a professional in this popular field, you should have a B.Tech or a BE degree or a degree in fields like mathematics, IT, computer science, statistics, Data Science, etc. A postgraduate degree in these fields can also be useful.

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Machine Learning Engineers working in India earn an average income of ₹687,250 per annum, and this can go up to ₹2,000,000 per annum based on experience, skills, and the company they work in.

Average Salary of Machine Learning Engineers in India

Professionals with AI skills earn an annual salary of approximately ₹1,556,582, which can increase up to ₹3,000,000.

Salary of AI Professionals in India

Blockchain Developers

‘Blockchain Developer’ is also one of the highest paying careers available in the world today, being employed in several industries. This technology is integrated with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Blockchain is used in organizations to record data and store it in a ledger.

These IT professionals are experts in building and implementing solutions and architectures with the help of Blockchain methodologies.


While hiring Blockchain Developers, recruiters look for specific skills and qualifications, such as a BE or B.Tech degree in IT disciplines, skills in any programming language, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, and Python, understanding of Bitcoin, Etherium, etc., and so on

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Blockchain skilled professionals in India earn an average salary of ₹803,004 per annum. This can go up to ₹2,000,000 per annum with the required skills and experience.

Average Salary of Blockchain Developers in India

Full Stack Developers

Full Stack Developers work on the complete development and maintenance of the website for an organization. They work on frontend as well as backend functionalities of applications, which makes them a crucial member in the organization’s IT field. Moreover, they are responsible for fixing issues that can occur on the website’s frontend and backend. It is among the highest paying computer science jobs in India.


For you to become a Full Stack Developer, you must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in an IT domain. Further, you must have excellent coding skills and should be proficient in frontend and backend languages, namely, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Python, C, Ruby, etc. Moreover, you need to know the basics of SQL and other databases.

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The average annual package of a Full Stack Developer in India is ₹596,650. This amount can rise to ₹1,000,000 with experience.

Average Salary of Full Stack Developers in India

Cyber Security Professionals

Most, if not all, companies today have a significant presence on the Internet, which is why protecting and securing their data and assets becomes important yet more difficult. Cyber Security is not just a requirement but a necessity in all companies that have data online, and this leads to the rise in demand for Cyber Security professionals, making it one of the highest-paying tech jobs in the world.

Cyber Security experts like Ethical Hackers are responsible for ensuring their organizations that their data is secured from malware threats and cyberattacks. They need to ensure that they do not allow external users to access their data. They also make sure that the users are getting only the required access and not more, and so on. They are among the most crucial employees of a company, and the companies require them and their skills more, not vice versa.

It is one of the best jobs in India considering that these professionals will always be required by companies, and thus there will always be enough job vacancies for them.


When applying for a job in the field of Cyber Security, you must be a graduate in computer science, statistics, mathematics, or any other similar field. Additionally, you must have a certification in a respective area, depending on the job profile you want to go for.

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Cyber Security professionals who work in India are paid an average of ₹720,111 per annum, and this can go up to ₹2,000,000 per annum.

Certified Ethical Hackers in India earn an average salary of ₹499,333 per annum. You can read more on our blog on Cyber Security salary in India.

Average Salary of Cyber Security Experts in India

Product Managers

Product Managers play an essential role in any IT organization, but they are not the same as Project Managers. These professionals determine the necessary strategies and coordinate with the team members to develop the required product.

Not only are they responsible for assigning the projects and deciding who works on what but also for helping the members of the team in the project and discussing the scope and milestones while creating the product.

They are required to deliver the plans to achieve the estimated tactical and strategic goals, manage and implement marketing processes, and create the portfolio of the product. It is also among the top highest paying jobs in commerce.

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The qualification expected for a Product Manager is a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, management, or any other related field.


The average annual salary of a Product Manager in India is ₹1,686,467, and this can increase up to ₹3,000,000 per year.

Average Salary of Product Managers in India

Also learn the difference between Product Manager and Business analyst form our blog on Business analyst vs Product Manager!

Investment Bankers

Invest Banker is one of the highest paying finance jobs and also the most promising career opportunities in 2021. They work with financial companies and help them increase their capital using debt management and equity financing. They are responsible for managing their companies’ financial clients. They play the role of brokers and advisors for their clients, helping them figure out profitable markets and make investments.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs for Investment Bankers will rise by 10 percent by the year 2026.


Investment Bankers are required to have a degree in mathematics, economics, finance, business administration, or any other similar subject. It can be beneficial if they also have a master’s degree with a specialization.


The average salary paid to an Investment Banker in India is ₹989,562 per annum. Their income can reach up to ₹6,000,000 per annum with experience and the company they choose to work in.

Average Salary of Investment Bankers in India

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Chartered Accountants

The job of a Chartered Accountant (CA) is to record small and big financial transactions of an organization. It is an age-old profession chosen by most individuals who complete their 12th standard and are in the commerce stream. To put some light on the myth that says only commerce students are eligible to take up this profession, note that even those who have a background in science and arts can also easily take it up.

One of the perks of being a CA is job security because organizations do not replace them often. Companies also hire them to audit their finances. They are mainly responsible for keeping the company profitable and tax compliant even during changes in the government’s taxation policy. It is still among the top paid jobs in India.


Graduates with a commerce background have a cut-off of 55 percent, along with clearing the intermediate level of certification course from Institute of Company Secretaries and Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI). Even graduates from other disciplines can opt for the ICAI’s CA training, provided that they meet the requirement of obtaining at least 60 percent.


Chartered Accountants in India earn an average salary of ₹788,617 per year, and it may increase to ₹2,000,000 per year.

Average Salary of Chartered Accountants in India

Marketing Managers

Marketing has become a core part of all organizations, be it top MNCs or small companies and startups. With the rise in digitization and advancements in IT, this industry is leaping upward and creating new avenues, which is why it has achieved the status of one of the most sought-after career options in India.

It is a lucrative profession, and people from various backgrounds are opting for it. The marketing domain offers some of the best high paying jobs in India.


It will be useful for you to get into this field if you have a bachelor’s degree in any marketing domain, though it is not mandatory. You can also have a degree in economics, law, etc.

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Marketing Managers earn an average salary of ₹692,238 per annum in India, and depending on the sub-field and their skills, it can increase to ₹2,000,000 per annum.

Average Salary of Marketing Managers in India

Software Engineers

India churns out numerous IT professionals annually, but it is never enough. The demand for Software Engineers only increases even when the supply is huge. India doesn’t keep all its IT professionals but outsources them overseas to international IT organizations.

Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, is one of the fastest cities in the country that recruits these experts for various roles such as improving the quality of a company’s systems, understanding the patterns and problems, creating standard procedures of operating, etc. It is among the highest paying engineering jobs in the country.


You should have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or any related field to be a Software Engineer. Additionally, you must also have skills in at least one programming language like Java.

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Software Engineers are annually paid an average of ₹531,524, and you can get up to ₹1,000,000 per annum, depending on your work experience.

Average Salary of Software Engineers in India

Commercial Pilots

Commercial Pilot is also one of the highest salary jobs in India in the aviation sector and otherwise. They are professionals who possess a license to fly airplanes. To get into this profession, you need to go through intensive flying lessons for receiving the certification. The demand for these professionals is increasing at a steady slope in recent years because of the growth in the economy.


To pursue a career as a pilot, you need to have a degree in the field of science. You should also join a professional flying school and learn the skills to be a Commercial Pilot because it is mandatory to learn and take flying lessons for at least 2 years.


Commercial Pilots working in India earn an average salary of ₹1,770,760 per annum, which is higher compared to most other job roles. This salary amount can potentially rise to ₹7,000,000 per annum.

Average Salary of Commercial Pilots in India


Professionals in the legal department are among the most in-demand and highly paid professionals today. Lawyers are the most sought-after professionals among those. The job role of a lawyer is to work in a government or private firm to advise and represent clients based on their specialization. This profession is among the top 15 highest paid jobs in India and abroad.


If you wish to become a lawyer, you must get a BA LLB degree that is a course of 5 years. Also, you must get experience by working with law firms that will help you specialize to become the type of lawyer that you wish to be, such as corporate, criminal, etc.


The average income of lawyers or attorneys in India is about ₹438,501 per annum, and it can go up to ₹3,000,000 per annum based on the category, skill, experience, firm, etc.

Average Salary of Lawyers in India

Civil Servants

Civil Service is among the most prestigious jobs available, even today, and the civil service examination is one of the oldest entrance exams in India. This profession is also one of the highest paying jobs in India, and numerous individuals are competing for the same.

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To become a Civil Servant, you need to prepare for and clear the UPSC exam after completing your graduation.


The average income of the Department Head of Civil Services in India is ₹1,497,301 per year, which can increase to ₹2,000,000 per year.

Average Salary of the Department Head of Civil Services in India

Merchant Navy Professionals

Merchant Navy professionals are a part of the ship crew who manage commercial shipping operations. It is a demanding job and can be physically challenging as you will be required to go out in the sea for 6–9 months, making it one of the highest paying jobs in India.


If you want to get into this profession, you must take up science in the 12th standard. Further, you must take up and complete any Marine Engineering courses.


The average salary of a Ship Captain in India is about ₹4,449,133 per annum, and it can rise to ₹8,000,000 per annum.

Average Salary of Ship Captains in India

These are the top 15 highest paying jobs in India in 2021 that will help you gain an understanding of the salary ranges offered in various technological, financial, and other job sectors. So, check out these opportunities and opt for the career that is best suited for you.

Reach out to us in our Community if you have any doubts regarding the job opportunities and other details in the latest technologies.

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