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24 Ideas for Best Content for YouTube

24 Ideas for Best Content for YouTube
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YouTube is one of the most widely used platforms for sharing videos in online content creation. Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber or just starting your journey, coming up with fresh and engaging content ideas can be a challenge. To help you navigate the ever-evolving world of YouTube, here are 24 ideas for creating the best content for YouTube that will captivate your audience.

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What is YouTube Content?

YouTube content refers to videos uploaded and shared on the YouTube platform. It spans a vast range of topics, including tutorials, entertainment, vlogs, music, gaming, and educational content. Creators produce diverse videos to engage audiences worldwide. The content varies in format, from short clips to longer documentaries, promoting a dynamic online community. Users can explore, comment, like, and subscribe to channels, contributing to the platform’s interactive nature. YouTube serves as a global stage for individuals and organizations to express creativity, share information, and connect with a broad audience through the power of video content.

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Why Should You Be Interested in YouTube Content Creation?

Why Should You Be Interested in YouTube Content Creation?

Engaging in YouTube content creation can offer a range of benefits and opportunities, making it an appealing venture for various individuals or businesses. Here are several reasons why you might be interested in YouTube content creation:

  • Creative Outlet: Making videos lets you express your creativity, share your passions, and potentially monetize your talents. It can be fulfilling to create content and build an audience.
  • Connect with Community: YouTube allows you to connect with like-minded people who enjoy your niche. Building a community around shared interests can be rewarding. 
  • Potential Income Source: If your channel takes off, you may be able to generate ad revenue, crowdfund, sell merchandise and projects, or get brand sponsorships. Top YouTubers make a full-time living with their channels.
  • Build Your Personal Brand: A successful YouTube presence helps you establish yourself as an authority, influencer, or public figure in your field. This can lead to jobs, partnerships, or other opportunities.
  • Learn New Skills: Creating videos, promoting your content, and running a YouTube channel requires learning many valuable skills like editing, marketing, audience growth strategies, and more.
  • Freedom and Flexibility: As your own boss, you can set your own schedule, pursue your passion on your terms, and potentially work from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Make an Impact: Videos can educate, inspire, or entertain millions of people around the world. Content creation is a powerful way to positively affect others.

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Best Options for YouTube Content

The best options for YouTube content depend on various factors, including your interests, skills, target audience, and current trends on the platform. However, some popular and evergreen options for content that tend to perform well on YouTube include:

1. Tutorials and How-To Guides

Tutorials and how-to guides are concise, visual resources designed to educate viewers on specific topics. Ranging from tech solutions and DIY projects to creative skills and academic subjects, these videos offer step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, and valuable insights.

Creators use engaging visuals, clear narration, and real-time examples to simplify complex concepts, making learning accessible to diverse audiences. Viewers benefit from the convenience of on-demand learning, while creators leverage YouTube’s global reach to share knowledge, foster communities, and empower individuals to acquire new skills or solve problems effectively.


This video focuses on how to start a career in UI/UX design. Initially, participants will grasp UI/UX design, encompassing its definition, the categories of UI/UX designers, and the prerequisites for entering this field.

2. Product Reviews

Product reviews on YouTube offer consumers valuable insights before making purchasing decisions. These channels have become extremely popular in recent years. Creators make videos reviewing the latest gadgets, technology products, toys, beauty items, home goods, and more. They provide detailed demonstrations, comparisons, pros/cons analyses, and final verdicts on whether the products are worth the money.

Quality product review channels put effort into thorough, unbiased testing. Viewers appreciate getting clear advice before making purchases. The best channels focus on niches and have upbeat, engaging hosts that make videos fun and helpful for viewers.


CNET’s YouTube channel covers a wide range of tech-related content, including product reviews, news, and features. They provide insights into the latest gadgets and technology trends.

3. Gaming Videos

Gaming videos remain one of the most popular genres on YouTube. Uploading gameplay footage, walkthroughs, tips and tricks, reviews, and commentary around both old and new game releases can attract a huge audience. Highlighting less mainstream indie games also allows creators to carve out a niche. Enthusiastic reactions and humor, captured using a face cam, help videos stand out in an oversaturated market.

The key is to showcase gaming skills and knowledge while cultivating an engaging personality that keeps viewers coming back for more. With the right formula, gaming channels can gain millions of dedicated subscribers.


Evan Fong, known as VanossGaming, creates funny and entertaining gaming videos, often featuring collaborations with other YouTubers. He is particularly popular for his GTA V and Garry’s Mod videos.

4. Challenge Videos

Challenge videos invite viewers to watch creators take on silly, scary, embarrassing, or difficult challenges, making engaging content that can go viral. Popular challenges include trying weird food combinations, completing obstacle courses, doing stunts like cinnamon or chubby bunny challenges, or pushing personal boundaries with things like ghost pepper challenges or scary VR games. The best challenges have elements of humor, surprise, shock value, or viewer participation.


Jimmy Donaldson, also named MrBeast, is known for his philanthropic stunts and creative challenges. His challenges often involve large sums of money.

5. A Day in My Life

A Day in the Life video on YouTube offers viewers a glimpse into a person’s daily routine, showcasing their activities, challenges, and unique experiences. These videos provide personal and relatable connections with the content creator, promoting a sense of authenticity. Whether it’s a day in the life of a professional, artist, software developer, student, or any other role, viewers gain insights into different lifestyles. These videos often blend entertainment with a touch of realism, creating engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences seeking a window into other people’s lives.


Lele Pons, a well-known social media influencer, occasionally shares vlogs and day-in-the-life content, giving viewers a glimpse into her activities and experiences.

6. Educational Videos

Educational videos provide engaging and informative content across diverse subjects, catering to learners of all ages. These videos aim to simplify complex topics, offering clear explanations. From academic subjects like science, math, and history to practical skills such as programming or language learning, educational content supports intellectual growth. Dynamic presentation styles, interactive elements, and collaboration with experts contribute to a varied learning experience. With a commitment to accessibility, these videos empower viewers to expand their knowledge, contributing to a global community of lifelong learners.


Khan Academy offers a vast library of educational content covering subjects like math, science, economics, and more. The lessons are structured and suitable for learners of all ages.

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7. Vlogs (Video Blogs)

Vlogging remains one of the most popular genres on YouTube. At its core, vlogging simply means video blogging, creating videos that capture an ongoing series documenting aspects of a person’s life. Today’s successful vloggers share their daily lives, experiences, and insights in a conversational manner that makes viewers feel like friends bonding over shared stories and moments. 

The informal and unplanned nature of vlogging accommodates a broad spectrum of subjects, appealing to diverse interests. Combining storytelling with authentic interactions, vlogs establish a space for authentic and unfiltered content.


Roman Atwood’s vlogs often feature his family, pranks, and daily life adventures. He has been known for his positive and family-friendly content.

8. Comedy and Sketches

Creating comedy and sketches for YouTube offers a delightful escape to viewers, providing laughter in bite-sized doses. These videos blend humor, wit, and relatable situations, connecting with diverse audiences. With concise storytelling and relatable scenarios, creators craft entertaining content that resonates across demographics. Comedy sketches often touch on universal themes, making them widely appealing.

The format allows for quick consumption, making it an ideal choice for viewers seeking light-hearted entertainment. From witty commentary to clever character portrayals, the genre thrives on creativity, inviting creators and viewers into a shared form of laughter and amusement.


Cody Ko creates comedic commentary videos, sketches, and vlogs. His content often involves humorous takes on internet trends and pop culture.

9. Travel Videos

From lush rainforests to bustling city streets, travel videos on YouTube showcase the planet’s incredible diversity. They provide an immersive look at various global destinations through stunning cinematic footage and interesting narratives told firsthand by the creators. Popular styles range from culinary content and luxury stays to cultural experiences of off-the-beaten-path locations, outdoor adventures, and budget trips.

Top creators in this space attract millions of viewers who crave eye-opening explorations to spark imagination and wonder. For vloggers, travel content represents an endless array of creative possibilities; for audiences, it is a temporary yet thrilling escape from everyday life.  


Kara and Nate are a travel couple who document their journey to visit 100 countries. They share travel guides, tips, and vlogs from their experiences around the world.

10. Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are an engaging and visually appealing video style often used on YouTube. The presenter draws illustrations by hand on a whiteboard while voicing an explanation of the topic. The informal, conversational style paired with simple sketches makes complex ideas easier to understand.

Whiteboard videos allow creators to connect more personally with their audience. They tend to perform well, as YouTube prefers longer watch times. For animators, doodlers, and explainer video makers, whiteboard-style videos provide an effective and efficient way to capture viewers’ interest and communicate information. Their versatility across many niches and subject matters makes them a valuable format to add to any YouTube content creator’s repertoire. 


The RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce) features whiteboard animations accompanying various talks and lectures on topics such as education, psychology, and social issues.

11. Interviews and Podcasts

Interviews and podcasts are engaging content formats that work well on YouTube. An interview featuring an interesting guest lets you have a conversation and draw out insights while also showcasing your skills as an interviewer. Podcasts adapted for YouTube allow you to engage in longer-form storytelling and discussions without being confined to a strict video structure.

Uploading audio or video episodes of your podcast to YouTube expands your audience reach. YouTube also provides analytics, so you can see how well your interviews and podcast clips are performing in terms of views, likes, comments, and more. Consider interviews and podcasts as ways to add variety and personality to your YouTube channel.


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12. Animation and Motion Graphics

Animations and motion graphics are engaging forms of visual content that bring videos to life. From 2D animations to 3D models and kinetic typography, motion designs make complex ideas easier to understand and more fun to watch. On YouTube, creators use animations as explainer videos to visualize data, showcase products or technology, and make entertaining shorts.

With stylized graphics and dynamic movement tailored to digital platforms, motion design grabs attention, boosts retention, and helps build an authentic brand style. For YouTubers looking to explain or entertain, experimenting with animations and motion graphics allows endless creativity.


School of Motion is an online learning platform that also shares free tutorials on motion graphics, animation, and visual effects. The channel covers both the technical and creative aspects of motion design.

13. Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a popular YouTube content format that explains a product, service, or idea in an engaging way. Using a combination of video, graphics, animations, text overlays, and narration, explainer videos aim to simplify complex topics for viewers in 5 minutes or less. They often adopt an informal, conversational tone and use visual metaphors to communicate information and benefits.

As a content option, explainer videos can help brands increase awareness and interest in what they offer. With their short length and focused content tailored to a specific goal, explainer videos present information in a memorable and shareable way on YouTube.


Powtoon is a platform for creating animated videos and presentations. Their YouTube channel offers tutorials on using their platform as well as general tips on creating engaging explainer videos.

14. Motivational and Inspirational Content

Motivational and inspirational content on YouTube aims to uplift viewers’ spirits, help them overcome challenges, and become the best version of themselves. These videos feature influential thought leaders, public figures, authors, and speakers sharing their perspectives, personal stories, and advice. Covering topics like personal growth, mindfulness, self-help, career success, health, and more, the videos provide empowering messages about resilience, purpose, and unlocking one’s true potential.

As a content option, motivational videos can help brands make emotional connections, highlight social causes, or convey uplifting messages. With their powerful ability to inspire audiences, motivational YouTube videos can have a profound impact on viewers seeking encouragement, inspiration, or simply a spark of optimism.


Fearless Soul provides motivational speeches and music designed to inspire and uplift. The channel covers topics like self-love, resilience, and achieving goals.

15. Language Learning

Language learning content includes vocabulary building, grammar explanations, pronunciation guidance, and dialogue demonstrations across languages like Spanish, French, German, and more. Short video lessons allow viewers to absorb information in digestible chunks, studying at their own pace. Creators often highlight common phrases for travel abroad or business interactions. Visual aids, subtitles, and speech repetition maximize retention for auditory learners. As global interconnectivity progresses, the popularity of language learning content continues to expand. With flexible self-teaching tools, YouTube enables language channels to effectively meet demand while opening up cross-cultural connections and comprehension worldwide. 


Babbel’s YouTube channel provides language lessons and insights into different aspects of language learning. They cover various languages and proficiency levels.

16. Reaction Videos

Reaction videos have become a hugely popular genre on YouTube over the last decade. They typically involve a YouTuber recording themselves reacting in real-time to some form of media like a music video, movie trailer, viral video, or news clip. The YouTuber will display genuine reactions like laughter, shock, and commentary. Viewers enjoy living vicariously through the YouTuber’s first-time experience and seeing if their reaction matches up.

Creating reaction videos requires minimal equipment, allows wide content variety, and taps into communities built around shared interests and personalities. With strong thumbnails and search optimization, an authentic reactor can build a sizeable audience and channel. 


The Reel Rejects react to movie trailers, TV show episodes, and other entertainment-related content. They often provide commentary and engage with their audience.

17. Pranks

Pranking friends and family has become a popular genre of entertainment content on YouTube. Pranks involve catching people off guard in harmless, humorous ways, like jump scares, silly tricks, or practical jokes. The best pranks startle someone without actually upsetting them once the surprise wears off.

Great prank channels feature creative ideas, good-natured people as targets, and lots of surprise reactions and laughter. Going too far or pranking strangers is risky and can backfire. Overall, prank content works well when kept lighthearted and focused more on eliciting smiles than shock value. 


Just For Laughs is a comedy brand known for its hidden-camera pranks. The “Gags” series features a variety of light-hearted and humorous pranks played on unsuspecting people.

18. Cooking and Recipe Videos

Cooking and recipe videos are immensely popular on YouTube. From quick weeknight meals to decadent desserts and comforting casseroles, food content covers all types of cuisine, attracting viewers who love to cook at home. These videos showcase each step of the recipe in an easy-to-follow format, allowing home cooks to recreate dishes with confidence. Upbeat hosts, high-quality filming, and mouthwatering final results make cooking videos fun and engaging content.

As an evergreen niche, food and recipe videos boost dedicated audiences who tune in for reliable inspiration night after night. With its universal appeal and visual format, cooking content is poised to gain views and subscribers on YouTube.


Tasty, a part of BuzzFeed, creates visually appealing and easy-to-follow recipe videos. They cover a wide range of cuisines and cooking styles.

19. Parodies

Parody videos offer a fun, engaging format for YouTube creators. By piggybacking off popular songs, movies, or other viral content, parodies humorously recreate recognizable references while injecting satire and wit. The best parody content capitalizes on the peaks of trends and pop culture. Creative lyrics, costumes, editing, and performance allow talented creators to put a comedic spin on mainstream hits.

Viewers seeking lighthearted entertainment and comic relief have fueled the massive popularity of parody sensations like Weird AI and Studio C. While production quality matters, parody acts win big when the writing is smart and current. Offering comedy through a lens viewers already love, parodies have proven to attract loyal, expanding niche audiences on YouTube looking to laugh.


Studio C is a comedy sketch channel that occasionally produces parodies of popular movies, TV shows, and songs. Their content is family-friendly and often includes a humorous twist.

20. Behind the Scenes

The Behind the Scenes content option on YouTube allows creators to give viewers a glimpse of what goes on behind the camera. Getting a peek behind the curtain can help audiences better understand the effort and process that go into producing videos and other content. Behind-the-scenes footage may include things like bloopers/outtakes, planning sessions, equipment setup, discussions with collaborators, traveling to shoot locations, early brainstorming, editing, feedback sessions, and more. It pulls back the veil on the work beyond just the final polished content that audiences normally get to see. Overall, it allows creators to provide extra value and build rapport with their community.


CineFix provides behind-the-scenes looks at the filmmaking process, often featuring interviews with directors, producers, and other professionals. The channel also covers film analysis and top movie lists.

21. Fitness and Wellness

Getting and staying fit improves physical and mental health. A fitness and wellness YouTube channel focuses on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle habits, and mindfulness practices to help viewers achieve their health goals. Content could include workout videos, healthy recipes, interviews with experts about physical and mental self-care, stress reduction techniques, sleep hygiene, goal setting, and more. The aim is to provide actionable and entertaining advice to inspire viewers to move, nourish their bodies, reduce anxiety, and develop a positive mindset and healthy routine. Fitness and wellness promote strength, energy, resilience, and an overall sense of well-being.


PsycheTruth covers fitness, massage, and wellness. The channel features a variety of workouts, yoga sessions, and informative videos on health-related topics.

22. DIY and Crafting

A DIY and crafting YouTube channel features fun, creative videos that teach viewers new skills and inspire them to make things themselves. Content ranges from simple, budget-friendly crafts like making scented candles or upcycling thrift store finds to more complex tutorials on woodworking, sewing, jewelry making, painting, papercrafts, and more. Videos walk step-by-step through each project, supplying lists of materials needed while offering tips, tricks, and hacks along the way. DIY and crafting channels not only foster creativity through hands-on activities but also empower viewers to become makers themselves, unlocking their imagination to design beautiful and useful objects. 


Amanda Formaro shares a variety of crafts and DIY projects suitable for different ages. The channel features detailed tutorials for home decor, seasonal crafts, and more.

23. Fashion and Beauty

A fashion and beauty YouTube channel provides style inspiration, makeup tutorials, skincare advice, and more. Content features haul videos showing off new clothing purchases, outfit ideas that demonstrate how to mix and match key wardrobe pieces, step-by-step makeup applications for different looks, product reviews and recommendations for hair, makeup, and skincare items, DIY recipes for homemade masks and treatments, interviews with celebrity stylists and makeup artists, and shopping tips to find deals. Guiding viewers on how to enhance natural beauty, elegantly dress for different occasions, and confidently present themselves to the world, a fashion and beauty channel both entertains and empowers the community.


Patrick Starrr is a makeup artist who creates glamorous makeup looks and provides beauty tips on his channel. He also collaborates with other beauty influencers.

24. Tech Reviews and Unboxing

A tech review and unboxing YouTube channel features videos that provide in-depth information and analysis on the latest consumer electronics and gadgets to help viewers make informed shopping choices. Through hands-on testing and objective commentary, the host shares the pros and cons of everything from laptops, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles to smart home devices, accessories, and more. Unboxing videos capture the excitement of opening up new tech purchases. Side-by-side comparisons pit products against top competitors so audiences can determine which device best fits their needs and budget. Offering both entertainment and practical purchasing advice, this channel serves the tech fan community.


Unbox Therapy, hosted by Lewis Hilsenteger, features unboxings and reviews of the latest gadgets, smartphones, and tech accessories. The channel often explores unique and unusual tech products.


As you start your YouTube content creation journey, remember that these 24 ideas are the best content for YouTube and serve as a launchpad for your creativity. Authenticity, consistency, and adaptability are the pillars of a successful YouTube channel. Experiment with various formats, actively listen to audience feedback, and, above all, enjoy the creative process. By exploring these content ideas, you’ll uncover what resonates most with your viewers, helping your channel flourish in the dynamic world of YouTube.

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