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10 Best Programming Courses to learn in 2024

10 Best Programming Courses to learn in 2024

As a student or professional in programming and development, you must keep yourself updated with the latest, in-demand programming languages. If you wish to get into the professional world of technology, the courses discussed in this blog will be beneficial for you.

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Top 10 Online Computer Programming Courses

Computer programming helps programmers write instructions in the form of code so that they can be executed by computer systems. The code can be written using any programming language of your choice so that the computer system can comprehend it to perform the required task. In computer programming, you need to analyze problems and create a logical sequence of code.

Now, we will come across some of the best online computer programming courses.

1. Python Programming Course

Python is among the latest and most popular object-oriented, multifunctional programming languages. It is easy to learn, and you can use several operating systems, such as UNIX, to interpret it. While using Python, it is easy to debug the code as there are no developing steps, and the cycle to test debugging is fast as well. Python is one of the most preferred languages because it can easily be integrated with Machine Learning systems.

As per Glassdoor, Python developers earn an average salary of US$76,526 p.a. and it can go up to US$107,000 p.a.

Intellipaat’s Python Programming Course aims to make you an expert in this coding language.

2. R Programming Course

R programming plays a significant role in data science and data analytics. R allows you to work with complex data, develop packages, and create your customized data visualizations. It is the best software environment for processes such as statistical analysis, visual and graphical representation, and creating reports, making it the best language for analytical purposes. If you wish to pursue a career in the domain of data analytics, R is the perfect language for you to learn.

As per PayScale, the annual income of an R programmer is about US$68,153.

To understand the fundamentals of R Programming, you can read through our immersive R Tutorial!

3. SAS Programming Course

SAS was earlier known as the Statistical Analysis System. Created by SAS Institute, this software suite is for processes such as advanced analytics, business intelligence, multivariate analysis, data management, predictive analytics, criminal investigation, and more. It is an easy language to learn, especially for those familiar with SQL.

A SAS professional earns an average income of US$78,399 p.a. and it can go up to US$120,000 p.a.

Sign up for the best R and SAS Programming courses to become proficient in these in-demand analytical tools.

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4. Java Programming Course

Java is among the most secure and powerful languages in the world. There are millions of apps across cell phones, smartphones, etc., that run on this platform. If you had opted for computer applications in your school, you might have studied the basics of this language at a young age. Most schools have started to teach Java so that those who wish to learn this language have a good foundation of the basics of the language. Java is portable, robust, and secure, making it one of the most used object-oriented programming languages in the software development industry. Java is highly in demand when it comes to developing new applications and maintaining old applications that were built on Java.

According to Indeed, the average income of a Java developer is US$105,250 p.a.

With the help of our Java Programming Course, you will acquire skills in Java and become capable of designing algorithms, debugging, solving real-time issues, etc.

5. JavaScript Course

If you want to work in the field of web development, irrespective of the specialization, you need to begin by learning JavaScript and gaining working experience in it. In this domain, recruiters expect you to know the working of JavaScript and its core concepts. To become a Full Stack Developer or get any other job role in web development, you must start by taking up one of the best online programming courses on JavaScript.

JavaScript will help you gain in-depth knowledge of IIFE, inheritances, closures, and more. Besides, working on JavaScript-based projects will make you an expert in debugging codes without any external help.

JavaScript developers, as per Indeed, are among the highest-paid developers with an average annual income of US$117,437.

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6. AngularJS Course

Angular 6 is the latest version of AngularJS. Learning Angular 6 will help you enhance your skills and develop interactive web applications. This popular language will make you gain knowledge of the components of AngularJS, directives, access to HTTP, routings, and more.

As per the salaries posted on PayScale, developers with proficient skills in Angular are paid an average of US$84,370 p.a.

Sign up for one of the best Angular Course to learn to design web applications by deploying CLI, TypeScript, and other significant elements of Angular.

7. C Programming Course

C programming is among the most used computer languages. It is an easy structured language to learn. It allows you to create efficient programs, work on low-level activities, compile code on a range of platforms, and more. This programming language is used in language compilers, text editors, assemblers, databases, etc. C is also the middle-level language that supports both lower-level and upper-level languages.

As per Indeed, C developers are paid about US$105,328 p.a. on average.

Build your career in the field of Software Development by learning from the best C Programming Course!

8. Linux Programming Course

Linux is an open-source operating system kernel, which is the predecessor of UNIX. The kernel is the core component of any operating system as it handles the communication between the system’s hardware and software components. Linux is compatible with a varied range of programming languages including C++, Java, Perl, etc. Linux allows developers to build applications, programs, software, and interfaces. Linux code is often used in real-time programs, desktops, and embedded systems.

According to Glassdoor, Linux developers earn about US$82,713 p.a. and it may increase up to US$111,000 p.a. with experience.

If you want to pursue a career in Linux, sign up for one of the most comprehensive Linux Administration courses that will help you master basic- to advanced-level concepts of Linux.

9. Node.js Course

If you are interested in building real-world applications by using a network, Node.js is the perfect way to go about it. By gaining expert knowledge in software such as Mocha, Express, and MongoDB, you will have the ability to create, test, and deploy several real-time production applications. Before becoming a Node.js developer, you need to become an expert in the required platforms.

As per PayScale, Node.js developers earn an average salary of US$104,964 p.a.

With the help of Intellipaat’s Node.js Training, you will be able to acquire all the necessary skills to become a certified Node.js professional.

10. C++ Programming Course

C++ is an extension of C that, gives developers high-level control over memory and resources. It is a cross-platform language that allows developers to build high-performance applications. It offers a clear structure to the code created by the developers. Moreover, the code can be reused, which reduces the cost of development. C++ is portable and allows developers to create applications that can be adopted by various platforms. If you wish to become an expert in this popular technology, take up one of the best C++ programming courses.

C++ developers’ annual income, on average, is about US$105,318.

To learn about the trending and most popular programming languages, head on to Top Programming Languages to Learn.

Learn from Computer Programming Online Courses

If you want to fast-track your career and get ahead in the game of technology, you should update your skills in the relevant domain and learn from the latest computer programming course of your choice. This “10 Best Programming Courses to learn in 2024” has offered you a list of languages that you can learn. So, make the most of it and get into the field of development.

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