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GPT3 Vs. GPT4: Top Differences that You Should Know

GPT3 Vs. GPT4: Top Differences that You Should Know

In this blog, we will take a close look at two models. These models are like smart tools that can help us with different tasks. We will see how they are different from each other and how they have gotten better. Learn about what these models can do, what makes GPT-4 different from GPT, and why this is important for your business in this post.

GPT-3 Vs. GPT-4: Overview

GPT-3 and GPT-4 are like large language models (LLMs) made by OpenAI. GPT-3 and GPT-4 are iterations of OpenAI’s language models. GPT-3, the predecessor, is celebrated for its text generation prowess. GPT-4, the successor, builds upon this by potentially improving context interpretation and response coherence. Understanding their roles in advancing natural language processing helps grasp the evolution of AI-driven communication tools, which impact sectors like content creation and automation.

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What are GPT-3 and GPT-4?

GPT-3 is like the third version of a special computer program that understands and uses human language. It’s really big, like having 175 billion parameters. This makes it the biggest and smartest AI program made so far. GPT-3 can do many language tasks like translating, summarizing, and answering questions without needing much extra teaching.

gpt3 vs gpt4

Open AI provided an example that demonstrated this. They asked both an older version of Chat GPT and Chat GPT-4 the same question. Chat GPT-4 provided a more accurate and concise solution compared to the other AI. This suggests that Chat GPT-4 will consistently offer fact-based solutions.

GPT-4 is the fourth and latest version of this smart language program. It excels at understanding context and generating human-like text. Its architecture, training data, and scale contribute to enhanced language comprehension and coherent responses. This technology enables users to use it across content creation and virtual assistants, demonstrating continued progress in natural language processing.

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What is the Difference Between GPT-3 and GPT-4?

What is the Difference Between GPT-3 and GPT-4?

Both GPT-3 and GPT-4 are types of tools that deploy NLG, which stands for “Natural Language Generation,” to make computers write sentences like humans. Here are most important differences between GPT3 and GPT4:

Size175 billion parameters170 trillion parameters
CapabilitiesChanging words from one language to another, summarizing content, and answering questionsCan create video transcript, data analysis, text to image plus all GPT-3 capabilities.
Training Data17 gigabytes45 gigabytes
Multimodal CapabilitiesNoYes
SubscriptionFreeUSD$20/ month ($23 included taxes), ₹ 1,911.95 for Indian Users .

Because GPT-3 and GPT-4 have different abilities, they work well for different purposes. Here are some more fundamentals that set them apart from each other:

  1. Scale and Parameters:
    One big difference between GPT-3 and GPT-4 is their size. GPT-4 has more parameters than GPT-3. These big parameters help GPT-4 understand language better, including all the little details and situations. This might make GPT-4’s answers make more sense and fit the situation better.
  2. Enhanced Contextual Understanding:
    GPT-4 understands things better.  This means that GPT-4 better comprehend longer and more complex contexts, leading to more accurate and meaningful outputs. This improvement makes it less likely to create sentences that don’t fit or that don’t make sense.
  3. Improved Few-shot and Zero-shot Learning:
    GPT-3 has shown it’s good at learning with just a little bit of information, and GPT-4 makes this even better. When we talk about learning with a little information, it means the model can do things even if it only sees a few examples. And it can also do things it hasn’t seen before, even if it hasn’t been trained on them.
  4. Fine-tuning and Adaptation:
    GPT-4 is an upgraded version that has improved ways to adjust and change how it works. This helps developers and users have more power to make the model behave the way they want, especially for certain jobs, areas, or situations. This ability to change makes GPT-4 more flexible and useful for many different things.
  5. Improved Performance in Specific Domains:
    GPT-3 showed that it’s good at many things, but GPT-4 is better in certain areas. This is because GPT-4 understands specific topics and situations better, which makes it really useful for particular jobs.
  6. Human-Level Performance on Various Benchmarks:
    GPT-4 is a smart computer program. It acts like humans on tests like the Bar Exam, LSAT, and SAT. This is good for companies that need strong language and thinking abilities. These companies include those in education, law, and consulting.

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Hot Differences : GPT3 Vs. GPT4

Advanced Reasoning Capability: 

GPT-4 was trained on a big dataset of text and code. This helps it learn complex relationships between words and phrases. GPT-4 can give better answers to your questions because it knows more things. As an example, OpenAI tested the large language models in a simulated bar exam. GPT-4 did very well on the bar exam, scoring in the top 10%. In contrast, GPT-3.5 scored in the bottom 10%. Overall, GPT-4 performed better than GPT-3.5 on professional exams.

Advanced Reasoning Capability gpt3 vs gpt4

Advanced Creativity: 

GPT-4 can create various types of creative text, such as poems, code, scripts, and music. These texts are more original and interesting than what GPT-3 generates. For example, if you ask GPT-4 to write a poem about love, it can generate a poem that is both beautiful and meaningful. GPT-4 can handle difficult tasks that need expertise and creativity.

Advanced Creativity gpt3 vs gpt4

Adjustment for Inappropriate Requests: 

GPT-4 was trained to prevent creating harmful, unsafe, biased, or unfair responses. You can trust that GPT-4 won’t create offensive or discriminatory responses. OpenAI reports that GPT-4 has a 82% lower chance of responding to forbidden and sensitive requests.

Adjustment for Inappropriate Requests gpt3 vs gpt4

Increase in Fact-Based Responses: 

GPT-4 has been trained on a dataset that includes a lot of factual information. This means that GPT-4 is more likely to generate responses that are based on facts and evidence. The major difference between GPT-3 and GPT-4 is that GPT-4 is better at answering questions than GPT-3. GPT-4 is 40% more likely than GPT-3.5 to produce factual responses, according to OpenAI.


“Steerability” is a concept in AI  refers that it is easier to control the output of GPT-4. You can give GPT-4 instructions or prompts, and it will likely follow them. GPT-4 is better at steering than GPT-3.5. It lets users change ChatGPT’s default personality to fit their needs.

Steerability gpt3 vs gpt4

Overall, GPT-4 is a more powerful and versatile language model than GPT-3. The language understanding is improved. It gives better responses that are creative and informative. It is less likely to produce harmful or inappropriate content.

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How to Switch From GPT-3 to GPT-4

Getting started with GPT-4 is simple but requires some preparation and patience. There are two ways to switch from GPT3 to GPT4 in ChatGPT:

  • API access (waitlist)
  • ChatGPT Plus subscription

Here’s a step-by-step guide to accessing the latest AI model from OpenAI:

1. Use ChatGPT-4 via API Access (waitlist)

Step 1: To use ChatGPT 4, first go to the OpenAI website. Find the “Products” link at the top and choose GPT-4 from the list.


Step 2: On the GPT-4 page, click “Join API waitlist.”


Step 3: Get ready to explain how you want to use GPT-4. Fill in your company name, email, and contact info. Write about your plans for using GPT-4.

Step 4: OpenAI will look at your request after you fill out the form. It might take a few days because they look at each request carefully.


Step 5: If OpenAI says yes, they’ll send you an email. This email will tell you how to make an API account and use ChatGPT 4.

2. Use ChatGPT-4 via ChatGPT Plus Subscription

Step 1: Make one if you don’t have a ChatGPT account yet. You can sign up on the ChatGPT website if you’re new or login if you already have an account.

Step 2: Pay US$20 per month to get ChatGPT Plus. This lets you use GPT-4 and change how good the writing is (like using GPT-3, GPT-3.5, or GPT-4).

GPT4 Subscription

Step 3: After you pay, you can start writing with GPT-4. But remember, you can only use it 25 times in 3 hours. This might change later.

GPT-4 Model

Step 4: Have fun using GPT-4 to make really good writing for your projects and tasks!

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Use of GPT-3 and GPT-4 in Real-World

First, we’ll discuss the practical ways that people commonly use ChatGPT3 in real life, which are quite popular in the market.

Use  Cases of GPT-3

  • Chatbots: GPT-3 is being used to power chatbots for a variety of companies, including OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google. These chatbots are able to hold conversations that are more realistic and engaging than chatbots powered by previous language models.
  • Content Generation: GPT-3 is being used to generate content for a variety of websites and blogs. This content can be used to inform and entertain readers, and it can also be used to promote products and services.
  • Medical Research: GPT-3 is being used to analyze medical data and identify patterns that human researchers may miss. This is being used to accelerate the pace of medical research and improve the accuracy of diagnoses. For example, GPT-3 is being used by the University of California, San Francisco, to analyze medical images to identify potential cancers.
  • Customer Service: GPT-3 is being used to create more efficient and effective customer service chatbots. These chatbots are able to understand the needs of customers and provide them with accurate and helpful information. To provide an instance, Drift, a software company, employs GPT-3 to develop chatbots capable of responding to customer inquiries regarding their offerings and solutions.

Use  Cases of GPT-4


Now, we’ll delve into the practical applications of GPT-4. The primary distinction between GPT-4 and GPT-3 lies in the noteworthy introduction of plugins within GPT-4. Let us understand the pivotal role these plugins play in real-life situations:

  • WebDev Plugin: You can use the WebDev plugin for ChatGPT to make website previews while using ChatGPT. Developers can upload HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to make a live website in the chat. For testing and debugging, the plugin creates a temporary server to host the files.
  • Serpstat SEO Tool Plugin: The Serpstat SEO plugin for ChatGPT is an extension. It lets you get real SEO data from Serpstat in ChatGPT. You can use ChatGPT to work with this data.
  • Image Editor Plugin: Plugin for editing images like resize, crop, blur, rotate and many more features. To interpret the API response, you will receive an image URL. Render it in line with![alt text](image_url).
  • Kayak Plugin: Discover flights, accommodations, and rental cars that fit your budget. Find recommendations for all the destinations you can visit.

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How Can Businesses Benefit from GPT-3 and GPT-4?

GPT-3 is smart at understanding the text’s meaning, details, and feelings. This can help businesses have better conversations with customers that feel more like talking to a real person. Meanwhile, GPT-4 gives better and more exact answers. This could help industries that need accurate information, like law, medicine, and technology. Some of the major business benefits that companies are using are the following:

  • Content Creation: GPT-3 and GPT-4 can assist businesses by generating content like blog posts, articles, and social media posts. They can also write product descriptions. This can help businesses to attract new customers and increase brand awareness.
  • Product Recommendations: You can use GPT-3 and GPT-4 to recommend products and services to customers. The recommendations are based on their past purchases, interests, and browsing history. This can help businesses to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Idea Generation: GPT-3 and GPT-4 can generate fresh ideas for products, services, campaigns, and strategies. This can help businesses to stay ahead of the competition and grow their business.
  • Language Translation: GPT-3 and GPT-4 can translate text between different languages. This can be helpful for businesses that want to reach a global audience.
  • Data Analysis and Insight Extraction: GPT-3 and GPT-4 can analyze data and get valuable insights from it. This can help businesses to make better decisions about their business operations.
  • Market Analysis and Trend Prediction: GPT-3 and GPT-4 can analyze market trends and predict future demand in market analysis and trend prediction. Businesses can use this information to improve their product development, pricing, and marketing.

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Wrapping UP

OpenAI has changed how people see AI chatbots. These chatbots are like computer helpers that can be used 24*7. OpenAI has made these helpers better with GPT-4. But some problems with GPT-4 still need to be fixed. On the other hand, Microsoft is working with OpenAI to make GPT even better.

ChatGPT is getting better and better. It will change how companies advertise and talk to people using computers. It’s an important tool for groups and people in the digital age.

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