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What is ChatGPT 4? Working, New Features, Limitations

What is ChatGPT 4? Working, New Features, Limitations

In this blog, we will discuss what is ChatGPT4, its pricing, features, working and a lot more. So read the blog ahead.

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What is ChatGPT4? A Complete Guide

ChatGPT 4 is a creation of OpenAI, which is a pioneer in artificial intelligence research. It developed ChatGPT 4 to push the boundaries of generative AI models. ChatGPT 4 is designed to revolutionize the way we interact with machines. It’s like having a virtual conversation partner that understands and responds in a remarkably human-like manner.  

It is a super-smart chatbot that can engage in discussions, answer queries, and provide insights on a wide range of topics.  According to the internal evaluations, GPT-4 is 82% less likely to respond to sensitive and harmful content and 40% more likely to give accurate responses than GPT-3.5.

Pricing and Features of ChatGPT4

The ChatGPT pricing costs around $20 per month, which is around 1,664.51 INR. To meet the increasing demand for ChatGPT4 services, the team has introduced a waiting list that allows interested individuals to sign up for its premium services. Users who have signed up will be notified when the service is made available. Let us see the features of ChatGPT4. 

Features of ChatGPT4

Improved Capabilities

  • Chat-GPT 4 is better at providing accurate information.
  • It can manage more information at once and produce better results.
  • You can provide the information in text or images.
  • Chat-GPT 4 is good at doing difficult tasks.
  • Chat-GPT 4 offers advice and resources for managing mental health and self-care.
  • It can help you with big and complex problem statements effectively.
  • It can write code 10 times more efficiently than GPT3.

Helpful to Students

  • Students can use Chat-GPT 4 to get writing ideas to improve their skills.
  • It can also help translate words and sentences in your preferred language.
  • Students can test themselves, check their knowledge, and study using this AI model.
  • It can make schedules, remind students of tasks, and help them plan well.

Coding Made Easier

  • Even if you’ve never coded before, you can use GPT-4 to create games like Pong or Snake.
  • It writes code in different programming languages, opening up endless possibilities.

Game Development

  • GPT-4 can help make video games, from characters to content.
  • GPT4 has successfully recreated popular games like- flappy bird, pong and snake. It has the potential to build games from scratch in a single prompt.

App Creation

  • ChatGPT 4 has made it possible to create apps with ease. It has helped game developers immensely by reducing their time to create an app by 30%. There are a lot of apps that are powered by ChatGPT4. For example- ChatSonic.
    ChatSonic is like the power-packed version of Writesonic, both using GPT-4 technology to assist with writing. ChatSonic stands out from its peers by being more than just text generation. Its GPT-4 technology can search the web for up-to-date information, and generate images using AI and art models like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

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What is New in ChatGPT4?

The arrival of ChatGPT-4 brings exciting enhancements, including improved messaging limits, a built-in code interpreter for coding ease, and enhanced browsing experiences. These changes promise a more dynamic and versatile interaction with technology. Let us see how:

Browsing Updates: Expansions and Fixes

  • OpenAI prioritizes user experience 
  • GPT-4 has become increasingly popular with several companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon and IBM. It helps them improve machine translation systems, chatbots and digital assistants.


  • ChatGPT offers plugins to make the tasks efficient; these plugins can be used for creating stories, making reservations and giving image descriptions. Some of the popular ChatGPT plugins include- Stories, OpenTable and SceneXplain.

Image Insertion and Generation

With the help of GPT4, you can now provide images as input and ask to perform tasks on it, not only this, now ChatGPT4 is even capable of generating new images based on the prompts.

Files as Input

ChatGPT can now take file inputs such as Excel, Docs, or PDF and perform required operations on the same using prompts. You can simply click on ‘attachments’ option to access this feature.

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How Does ChatGPT4 Work?

The working of GPT-4 can be broken down into the following steps:

How Does ChatGPT4 Work
  • Gathering Text: At first, a wide range of text is collected from sources like websites, books, and social media. It also eliminates unnecessary content by retaining only relevant words.
  • Conversion: The collected words are then divided and converted into numeral representations.
  • Analyzing: ChatGPT 4 examines data, and artificial intelligence attempts to learn from it and identify patterns.
  • Acquiring Specific Skills: The model is then trained to perform specific tasks, such as responding to queries, simulating chatbot conversations, and writing concise summaries.
  • Optimized Answer Selection: Different answers are generated for a question, which are then evaluated by experts on the basis of quality.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The brain is enhanced by using the most popular answers as well as a method referred to as reinforcement learning.
  • Ready for Action: The system has been upgraded and is now equipped to help by answering questions and performing tasks related to language.

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Use Cases of ChatGPT4

Some of the popular use cases and benefits of ChatGPT 4 are listed below:

  • Virtual Assistant
    ChatGPT serves itself as a virtual assistant and excels at helping users schedule, set reminders, and perform basic tasks.
  • Customer Support
    Provides automated customer support that can answer frequently asked questions and troubleshoot common issues.
  • Digital ads
    It can design ads that are suited to the intended audience using natural language processing so that your message is engaging and informative. It can also create several variations of the ad copy to compare and test different strategies.

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Drawbacks of ChatGPT4

Some of the limitations of ChatGPT 4 are listed below:

Drawbacks of ChatGPT4
  • Managing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously: The model performs best when it is given a single task or a goal to focus on. If you request ChatGPT to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, it will have a hard time trying to determine which tasks to focus on, which can result in a decrease in efficiency and accuracy.
  • Knowledge Base Limitation: Like its predecessor, ChatGPT 4’s knowledge base is limited to September 2021 and does not reflect recent events that occurred after it. 
  • Need to Fine-Tune: If you need to use ChatGPT for specific scenarios, you might need to fine-tune the model to achieve the results you want. Fine-tuning is the process of training the model using certain data to maximize its performance in relation to a particular goal or task. It is Intensive and time-consuming.
  • Possibly Biased Responses: ChatGPT is based on an extensive amount of text data. Therefore, the data may have biased information; this means that the AI might produce responses that are not intentionally biased or discriminatory.

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Is ChatGPT4 Worth the Hype?

OpenAI defines GPT-4 in terms of being “10 times higher-level than its predecessor GPT-3.5. Moreover, GPT-4 is 40% more likely to generate a factual response than GPT-3.5. This improvement allows GPT-4 to more effectively comprehend the context and differentiate, which leads to more precise and consistent responses.” GPT-4 is truly outstanding, and its cost is well justified. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that it functions as a tool to enhance labour rather than a replacement for human workers. 

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ChatGPT 4 is a major leap forward in the field of smart computer chat. It has improved at allowing real-time chats as well as helping solve problems. It’s a cool example of how computers are getting better at communicating and helping us learn new things.

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Is ChatGPT superior to Google Bard?

Google Bard has the advantage of live data, while ChatGPT4 has more logical computational capabilities. However, Chatgpt vs. Bard comparison will depend more on the user’s particular preferences and needs.

What is the reason ChatGPT provided me with an irrelevant answer?

ChatGPT can sometimes fabricate information or “hallucinate” outputs. It is also restricted to the knowledge of the world before 2021 and, therefore can sometimes also produce dangerous instructions. If you think an answer is not related to your question, you can provide feedback by clicking the “Thumbs Down” button.

How do I gain access to ChatGPT 4?

Chat GPT-4 is accessible only for premium users. To access the website you’ll need to upgrade your GPT3.0 to GPT3.5 by making payment.

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