How to become a Cyber Security Analyst
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Cyber Security is a popular field that has become a significant need for us to secure our privacy while using the Internet for various daily tasks. In this Cyber Security blog, we will discuss in detail Cyber Security, who Cyber Security professionals are, and more related concepts so that you understand why it is in high demand and learn how you can get into the field.

According to the jobs listed on LinkedIn, there are over 55,000 job vacancies available for Cyber Security professionals in the United States; whereas, in India, there are more than 5,000 jobs open for these experts.

So, if you are looking to build a successful career in the IT field, then Cyber Security is one of the best choices.

The topics that we will discuss in this ‘How to Become a Cyber Security Analyst?’ blog are listed below:

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Let’s start by briefly trying to figure out who Cyber Security Analysts are.

Who is a Cyber Security Analyst?

Cyber Security Analysts are professionals in Cyber Security who monitor computer networks, databases, computer infrastructure, etc. of an organization and make sure that they are safe and protected from malicious activities and external threats. These professionals are often referred to as Threat Intel Analysts or Information Security Analysts.

They identify and correct various flaws and anomalies in systems, applications, programs, networks, and more to keep them secure. Further, it is in their job description to suggest new and necessary measures that can help the overall security of the business and inform the key members of the steps that have to be taken.

Now that you have learned who Cyber Security Analysts are, let’s read about what they do and what their roles and responsibilities are in an organization.

Cyber Security Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

As a Cyber Security Analyst, you need to perform various responsibilities while working in an organization. Some of the significant and general responsibilities that you will have as a professional in this domain are mentioned below:

Network monitoring

You should keep a tab of all the activities that take place in the network and search for potential threats and security breaches in it.

Access monitoring

You must stay informed of the security and employee access to business data. To get into the company’s systems and check on these details, you can operate as an administrator.

Software management

You need to install, maintain, and update various software on the network and systems that you monitor to make sure that they are working as required and keeping the network secured. Also, you must audit system flaws to prevent possible attacks.


You need to compile reports regularly consisting of details regarding problems in the network and system security. The reports should also include the measures that are taken to resolve them.

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Development of security plans

You will be required to generate security plans and distribute the same among the members of the organization. To do so, you need to establish the required processes and research. The plans can contain small to large details concerning the security of the company.

Avoiding breaches

One of the main goals of any Cyber Security expert, including an Analyst, is to examine security clearances, architecture, etc., and prevent any possible security breaches.

Ensuring compliance

To protect data, the company needs to meet numerous regulatory standards. You need to ensure that your organization is compliant with the same.

Dealing with disaster recovery and incident response

You need to coordinate with the organization’s SOC team (Security Operations Center) in case of any data breach.

Research advancements and renewing skills

You should keep up with the latest technologies and advancements in the field of Cyber Security to meet the market demands.

After reading the long list of responsibilities that these analysts need to fulfill, you might be wondering, ‘How much does a Cyber Security Analyst make?’ You will get an answer to this question a little further in this blog. For now, let’s try and understand how you can get into this profession and what are the qualifications and skills required.

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Cyber Security Analysts: Key Requirements

To get into this profession, you need to follow a set of steps that are listed below:

  • Gain a bachelor’s degree in the required field
  • Attain the skills necessary to become a successful Cyber Security Analyst through a Cyber Security training course
  • Go for certifications in the respective Cyber Security sectors
  • Gain practical experience working with the security of an organization
  • Land a job in Cyber Security

Qualifications needed for Cyber Security Analyst role

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, Cyber Security, or any other similar domain, which should be a 4-year program
  • Certification in Cyber Security specialization after getting trained from a well-reputed institute, such as CCNA, CEH, etc.

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Skills required to become a Cyber Security Analyst:

Programming and scripting skills

You must have excellent skills in scripting and programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, etc., to be capable of understanding encrypted threats and making necessary changes in the software.

Skills in networking

You must be familiar with various networking protocols, along with their functionalities, working, use, etc. You must be able to identify how each element of the network can impact the company’s security.

Experience in risk analysis

You must have strong analytical skills to assess all the security requirements of the company and the clients to secure their networks, data, and systems.

Knowledge of security principles and protocols

You should be thorough with various security principles and protocols, such as access control, confidentiality, privacy, etc., to build less vulnerable systems.

Understanding of malicious codes

To get into this profession, you should most definitely have in-depth knowledge of malicious codes and their distinct risks, propagation techniques, etc.

Hacking skills

To be a good Security Analyst, you must have skills in hacking to foresee, identify, and prevent cyberattacks and protect the systems.

Expertise in operating systems

You should be familiar with different operating systems, such as Linux, iOS, Windows, and more.

You can easily acquire all these skills and become a certified professional in this domain by enrolling in our Cyber Security Training.

Further, you will read about various job roles available for you as a certified professional in Cyber Security.

Cyber Security Analyst Jobs

Depending on the certifications you have acquired, the knowledge and skills you have, and your working experience, you can apply for various job profiles in Cyber Security. Here is a list of a few of them based on your professional experience.

Cyber Security Job Roles

The Cyber Security job roles vary based on the years of experience, skillset, and other important parameters. The following are the three broad categories in which the cyber security job roles are divided:

Entry-level Cyber Security Job Roles

  • Cyber Security Technician
  • Cyber Crime Analyst/Investigator
  • Incident Responder
  • Incident Analyst

Mid-level Cyber Security Job Roles

Advanced-level Cyber Security Job Roles

Let’s now discuss the salary ranges of Cyber Security experts.

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Cyber Security Analyst Salary

The salary of Cyber Security professionals varies based on their experience in the field, job location, organization, job role, and more factors. We will discuss a few of these salaries based on three broad categories and the figures by Glassdoor and Payscale.

Based on Location

Below given are the approximate salary figures in various locations across the globe:

  • India: ₹492,000/year
  • The United States: US$78,334/year
  • Australia: AU$85,500/year
  • The United Kingdom: £38,534/year
  • Canada: CA$71,000/year

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Based on Organizations

Similar to the other Cyber Security roles, the salary of a Cyber Security Analyst varies with different organizations. We have listed some of the salary figures below:

  • Deloitte: US$75,541
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.: US$82,500
  • EY: US$70,000
  • Accenture: US$88,475
  • IBM: US$63,354
  • Cisco: US$80,000

Even though the salary figures vary according to the organizations, the median stands at $76,087 annual average. The following image shows the same:

Based on Experience

Below given is the description of salary structure for Cyber Security Analysts based on experience levels:

  • Entry-level professional (less than 1 year of experience): US$63,155/year
  • Early career professional (1–4 years of experience): US$71,369/year
  • Mid-career professional (5–9 years of experience): US$88,155/year
  • Experienced professional (10–19 years of experience): US$101,479/year
  • Late career professional (over 20 years of experience): US$113,593/year

Have a look at the graph in the image below:

Source: PayScale

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Cyber Security Analyst Job Description

As a part of their job, Cyber Security Analysts are expected to be well equipped with a strong skill set and updated knowledge in Cyber Security. A typical job description of a Cyber Security Analyst constitutes the following:

  • Regularly monitor the organization’s computer systems and networks for threats and vulnerabilities.
  • You should carefully Install, alter, and check for the relevant updates of security software and existing firewalls
  • A Cyber Security Analyst is expected to diligently test the computer and network systems for any security breaches.
  • An important part of the job description is to develop strategies and processes for ensuring the best possible security throughout the company.
  • A cyber security analyst is required to periodically prepare reports on security incidents and response status.

Have a look at the below image for a sample job description of a Cyber Security Analyst.

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Begin Your Career in Cyber Security

You are now familiar with the steps that are mandatory for you to take to become a certified Cyber Security expert. Here, you have learned about Cyber Security Analysts, their job description, the requirements to get into this profession, and so on. After reading in detail about all this, you also learned about the numerous opportunities available in this field and the intriguing salary packages.

To apply for similar job roles and get a high income, you must go for training in Cyber Security, complete it, and gain experience. So, without wasting time, take the first step toward taking off your career in Cyber Security!

In case of a query, you can get in touch with us through our Cyber Security Community!

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